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Moviecam SL power supply/power cable problems

Marian Gabriel Weber

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Side note, if you're trying to get 24V batteries for a Moviecam SL to get up to 40FPS without breaking the bank, I can confirm this combo "Box store" works:

5 or 6.3 amp fuse
Kobalt 24V battery Holder
Seatight Inline Fuse holder

Kobalt dual 24V 4amp batteries + charger

The above totals less than $175 all in.

Wouldn't hurt to put a 24V regulator in there but I have shot 4 rolls in the last 2 weeks with no failures or voltage errors yet.



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For a follow up for everyone interested 


I bought the camera and had it sent to Tyler Purcell in LA. He was able to repair the body to working condition. 

there were a myriad of issue, missing and loose screws and timing shifts in addition to the wiring problems. 

however the camera is operational and will soon be on its way back to me !

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Thanks for the kind words, 

Yea the 12v error on the display was down to the motor wired wrong. How do you wire the motor wrong? It's so confusing. The electronic aspect was the easier part to fix honestly, few minutes with a multimeter and I found the problem. 

Anyway, going to collimate it right now! 🙂

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