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Can you fly with sandbags?

Paul Tackett

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I'm doing a travel job with a tight schedule and am considering flying with about 4 or 5 x 15lb sandbags or shotbags. I understand that I could bring empty bags and fill them, but the schedule is very tight & I'd rather have them ready to go. Has anyone had any trouble with this? A friend of mine actually did this on another job but that was only one instance, on one airline. Thanks in advance.

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I could never bring myself to check heavy sandbags on a plane.

I'd either bring empty sand bags, hire a local PA with sandbags, bring cloth shopping bags and fill them with something from the location (books/rocks), or bring some straps and use my empty equipment cases to weigh the stands down.

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You should be able to bring what you want in checked luggage. Maybe even carry some on.

Or get water bags...

Westcott HurleyPro H2Pro Weight Bags (6-Pack) HP-WB6 B&H Photo (bhphotovideo.com)

You can fill anywhere, even at the airport before you get a rental car. To fill, get a hose adapter that slips on the faucet.

You have to check with the airlines to see their weight limits. You can always exceed it for $$.

Good luck!

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As long as your willing to pack accordingly. 

A few times around Australia I flew with a shot bag for my monitor stand. A friend of mine would travel with one as well while we waited for either freight or for the truck arriving with the rest of our gear. 

I always kept it in one of the pelican's though. I'm not sure if traveling with them loose would be the greatest idea. It'd be an interesting check in experience. 

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