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  1. Hey Max, I am going down the route you mention with the Sony PMW-F3. I am recording on a Atomos Ninja Assassin, which has trouble with the format it receives over HDMI. Can you recommend a box that will convert the unusual data format coming from the F3 into something the Atomos recorder can handle?
  2. AJ Young, I think you nailed it. It comes down to this: How can I test the variables of my image acquisition?
  3. Hey everybody, I heard somewhere in the Youtube universe that when recording externally with Sony cameras there is an undocumented difference in quality (maybe it was the bit depth?) wether you hit record on the camera itself or only on the recorder. Can you confirm this and is this only true for mirrorless and DSLR or also for CineAlta cameras? Would it make a difference if I went via BNC or HDMI cable? Would it make a difference if I triggered record via LANC? I am a newbie with a Sony PMW-F3, recording to an Atomos Ninja Assassin and I am not sure how I would go about testing the above assertion myself. Thanks so much and have a very happy new year! Hannes
  4. Hello everybody, I am wondering if anyone has successfully sent a start/stop Lanc command from the Tilta lens control system Nucleus-M to an Atomos recorder. In my case that would specifically be the Ninja Assassin. I reached out to both companies by email and Twitter and neither seems to have run a test, which seems short sighted if you consider the Venn diagram of both markets. Atomos writes: "[…]They are LANC, but it needs a dedicated trigger like this one from Gentles gentles.ltd.uk/lancstudio/lan… Maybe you can ask them about your specific application" Tilta writes: "Thank you for contacting Tilta. We have a lanc cable but we have not tested it with the Atomos. If I hear of more updates I will let you know." So I am curious, do any of you have experience with this specific combo? Thanks!
  5. I was also quite excited when I discovered the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera but this very thorough review actually made me change my mind. I hope you get something out of this too: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/147563325274578853/
  6. clamp a wooden plank to any of the steps of a ladder, put your fluid head on the protruding side and put this on top of your fluid head: http://a.co/jjOzGQk
  7. Hey there, I am interested. I am new to the forum. What's the next step? Thanks, Hannes
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