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  1. Hey everybody. I just ordered a xMac mini Server, Thunderbolt 3 Edition (https://www.sonnetstore.com/collections/thunderbolt-expansion-systems/products/xmac-mini-server-thunderbolt-3-edition?variant=28533878587426) intending to turn my 2018 MacMini into a powerful Davinci Resolve editing workstation. Can anyone advise me as to what GPU card would be compatible with Mac OS and currently offer the most effective speed-up for Resolve? Any pointers are appreciated.
  2. I am just working my way through the Film Simplified online courses and I am very happy about the way things are explained: https://deals.filmsimplified.com/home They have a bunch of free classes that will give you a good idea of the level of detail and the pace of the classes. I am a total beginner and from my vantage point I highly recommend it!
  3. How about a eyepiece cup heater unit? There is a Denz heated eye cup on eBay https://ebay.us/YmBWKC I wonder if I could somehow have that fitted to my (more budget friendly) Alphatron. Or is there a lens it these?
  4. I have no experience with these. Are they somehow standardized? I am interested to learn more.
  5. Thank you Robin, while this looks like a great product I am not sure it will work in my Alphatron. Has anyone tried anti-fog sprays? I am reading wildly different reviews on Amazon and I am reluctant to spray any of this stuff on my EVF without having someone here confirm that I won't ruin the diopter and that it actually works.
  6. I am using an Alphatron EVF. When I am operating shoulder mount and break into sweat the diopter fogs up and it's basically impossible to work that way. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  7. I have the Tilta EVF mount and extension that use standard Arri connectors. For behind the camera I am combining this with Arri eyepiece leveler support. Works like a charm. No wiggling: https://tilta.com/product-category/tilta/support-systems/evf-support/
  8. Operator work out: https://video.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.9040-2/62386936_463407177768609_6728038940307095552_n.mp4?_nc_cat=103&_nc_sid=985c63&efg=eyJ2ZW5jb2RlX3RhZyI6InN2ZV9zZCJ9&_nc_ohc=sMVG93THOIkAX-eT4cT&_nc_ht=video-lga3-1.xx&oh=71cd39e8035d7c8bda8b694ec57d794c&oe=5EF60465
  9. Thank you everybody. This is really good guidance. I know now what to do and I even understand why. 😄
  10. So I shot my first short and I started poking around in Resolve and now I want to get the basic set-up right. My question for you is: What size should I choose for editing my project. The obvious question is what is the intended use for this film, how would I deliver it? I do not expect to ever show it to anyone besides the participants and "friends 'n family". So it really doesn't matter. But it seems a good moment to learn about the considerations going into this decision. The footage was captured on a Super 35 sensor at 1080p with an anamorphic 2x squeeze. So if I keep the 1080 vertical lines and apply the 2.39:1 formula it gives me a resolution of 2581x1080. That means that once the picture is de-squeezed I'd be chopping off a lot of pixels that extend horizontally beyond the CinemaScope frame: 1920 x 2 = 3840. So I would be giving up 1259 pixels per line. Wow. Still, I have no problem with this as it means that I can even adjust my framing horizontally and I am keeping every single pixel of the vertical resolution. Cool. Now I am reading that 2560x1080 wide is actually the maximum width for DVI dual link and a standard Scope film on a BluRay is just 1920x800. The last contestant for this game is the 2k Cinema DCP at 2048x858. And now I am at a loss which way to go. I hesitate to reduce the vertical size for the edit. While it would allow me to tweak the frame in all 4 directions, I would be surrendering resolution. I am thinking that if it became necessary for the delivery format I might as well just scale down the finished edit, right? Can you sway me in any of these directions? Do you have a personal preference or any experience what film makers prefer and why? Any input is appreciated. Thanks guys!
  11. Much appreciated. Thanks guys! That old thread answers half of my question. I realize now that I was mixing extension tubes (that simply add space between the rear element and the focal plane) with extenders, which add essentially a "magnifying glass" behind the lens that doubles the image in size). It makes sense to me now that extension tubes will not work. Wouldn't a 2x optical extender keep things in focus as it adds an optical element? I have the Century 2x Extender with PL mount that works on zoom lenses but I lack an anamorphic lens to conduct the experiment myself.
  12. Hey everybody, I am not in the position to test this myself but the curiosity is killing me: Why will a 2x extender not work with with 2x anamorphic lens? I have read multiple times in forums that it won't work and even the Duclos website notes that their extension tubes won't work with anamorphic lenses: https://www.ducloslenses.com/collections/adapter/products/exttubekit The physics prohibiting it escape me. Does anybody have actual experience trying this and can explain?
  13. I think this confirms it: https://cinescopophilia.com/sony-pmw-f3-camera-v1-10-optional-slog-rgb-firmware-updates/ And here Alister Chapman details it in the comment section of his own blog in April 2012: (http://www.alisterchapman.com/2012/04/15/pmw-f3-firmware-v1-4-to-include-s-log-in-picture-profiles/😞 "You will NOT get LUT’s or 444 or RGB unless you have a new F3 with S-Log pre-installed or you have the paid CBK-RGB option. You WILL be able to output 10 bit 422."
  14. Yes, single or dual link. I wasn't aware that Dual-Link is a mod. I thought the F3 did that out of the box.
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