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    Sony PMW-F3, Odyssey 7Q+, Alphatron, Ronford&Baker, Nikon and Lomo lenses, Arri and Dedolight tungstens, just stuff really.
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    I am a greenhorn film maker, a type designer by trade and passionate about both.

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  1. I think he was referring to the two lights behind the ones you are describing. I am stumped as well.
  2. I am finally selling my F3. I hope it is ok to post this link to the eBay page? Please let me know if there is a preferred format: https://www.ebay.com/itm/154939074773
  3. I am looking for the anamorphic rear adapter for my Lomo Foton zoom. Any pointers would be very welcome. Thanks!
  4. I ended up going with the Tilta focus grip on the left and a wooden KinoGrip with start/stop trigger for the Odyssey recorder on the right. I will need a lot of practice to make all this feel natural but I can already tell that this will really work for me. Thanks everybody for your advice! Much appreciated.
  5. Very late follow up: I finally bought an Odyssey 7Q+ and boy am I a happy camper. Thanks everybody for all your expert advice!
  6. I recently had the opportunity to directly compare the Dana dolly to a Dutti Dolly. There is no contest, the Dutti is large heavy and runs smoooooooth! It is small enough to fit in any trunk, seems pretty indestructible and you can run it with or without tracks. It will accept a whole range of different kinds of track and if memory serves it's priced lower than Proaim's doorway dolly. As Mark noted Proaim products are a bit hit and miss. In my experience they are great if you want things to be solid but not so great if you need refined engineering. Like Phil I have been working on DIY-ing my own dolly. It's too early to share pictures but I am very excited how it is shaping up. In that context: if anybody has a recommendation, I am looking for someone in NYC who would weld two parts together for me on the cheap.
  7. Check out this DIY rig I spotted on eBay a while ago. I like the concept and I am sure with a couple of bungies attached to a low-hat on a pancake box, suspended from the car's hand grips this could be easily emulated or even improved upon. Source: https://pin.it/2Ah0f2T
  8. Hey Duncan, if it hasn't found a new home yet, I am interested in the quick release plate!
  9. Oh wow, clearly I need to do a better job looking… Thanks Aapo!
  10. Does anybody make these safety cables but encased in a protective layer of clear plastic? I think I remember seeing it somewhere. The unprotected cables keep scratching up my gear. Thanks!
  11. I just purchased a used Odyssey Q7+. Can anybody advise from experience what firmware I should install to best work with my Sony PMW-F3?
  12. Joseph, you are blowing my mind. This is exactly what I had hoped was out there. So much to learn now…
  13. Hello Joseph, would you mind expanding a little on the second option possibly with examples of products you mention for the Edison dimmer pack that has dmx as well as the wireless dmx dongle? This is all super interesting yet completely new to me. Would this solution work for dimmers that go up to 1500W for larger tungsten globes? Third follow up question: Could I run those DMX dongles from my iPad? Thanks so much.
  14. I am thinking about a scene where everything is supposed to be bathed in warm morning light or immersed in sodium vapor yellow, like a strong stylistic slant to a scene's light temperature: What are some of the deciding factors wether to gel the lights or put a filter on the camera. Thanks for any input!
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