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Can you help me date this camera / movie equipment store photo?

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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All I can go off are the movie cameras in the cabinet of photo 2:

Revere model 70 Magazine Cine 8: 1947

Revere Model 77 Magazine Cine 8: 1949

Cine-Kodak Reliant: 1949-1954

Magazine Cine-Kodak 8 model 90: 1940-1946

Bell & Howell 134?: 1951

So, I’d say early 1950s.

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Some of those books were available in 1946. Formulas:

lot of vintage Kodak photography & darkroom photo developing books


Vintage Kodak Papers Data 1946 Book  A How To Reference image 0

Kodak Data Book on Slides, 4th edition, 1949.


Date visible at the bottom here:

Image 11 - Vintage Kodak Data Book On Slides Fourth Edition Manual

Also seems to have been available in green, possibly different date. Durn monochrome.

KODAK DATA BOOK on Slides 4th Edition 1952 E-JPS - English - USED B102 -  $6.95 | PicClick

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I would lean more toward the late 1940's over the late 1950's.

That woman peeking out from the curtain behind the counter in the second photo... looks like a hostage situation...

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Thanks again for all the help!

I posted the same question at a photo forum. I got a lot of replies, but mostly just off the cuff guesses.

This was the best detailed answer...

1949-1952 is my best guess, possibly to 1954 or slightly later depending on inventory turnover.
In the second image:
a) On the back wall there's a Brownie Hawkeye poster.  The Hawkeye was introduced in 1949 (discontinued in 1961).
b) There's a hanging shop fixture for Verichrome film, which was discontinued in 1956 (replaced by Verichrome Pan).
In the first image:
a) Kodak Slides booklet:  I have a copy of the fourth edition.  The cover photo is the same, but the version shown in the photo has many (unreadable) words beneath the title; mine just says "Fourth Edition".  The fourth edition copyright is 1952, mine is the 1953 printing.  Earlier copyrights are listed from 1941 through 1949.  The typeface is different, too.  The booklet shown in the photo has a 1940s deco-style typeface, while my copy has a condensed Scotch-like serif.
b) Kodak Lenses booklet: The cover illustration shown in the photo is completely different from the one I have, and appears to feature a Medalist, which was discontinued ca. 1953.  My copy of the Lenses booklet is the fifth edition, copyright 1955; earlier copyright dates range from 1942 to 1952.  The fifth edition has a generic sans typeface instead of the deco style shown in the photo


So my initial timeline of '48-'52 seems fair from polling both forums. I don't need to be exact, just a rough estimate. You know now people are nowadays if you screw up, better to have some leeway and 'estimate.'


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I’d say 1950 or 1951. Craig editors were sold by Kalart from January 1st, 1951 on and the ones here are a tad older. All Bell & Howell Filmo Eights had the D-mount thread since 1951. The two 134 lying there, to my eye, have the older black clip-on mount TTH lenses. Also, the cardboard stands’ rounded cloud style would disappear in 1952.

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