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Vehicle Interior

Tyler Fukuda

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Attempting to pull off a vehicle interior rig for a personal project.

Would prefer to be in the back seat, OTS. I've seen mentioned here about simply using sticks and a few sandbags. Though i've not tried that yet, it seems unlikely as we'd be shooting w/in a Prius. Another option would be to set-up some speed rail and maybe cheese plate the camera (BMPCC 4K) to it.

Does anyone have clever solutions that confine to minimal budgets? Photos would be great as to get an idea– Would like to avoid going handheld AMAP here.

(side note: I also read this article on Noam Krolls website: https://noamkroll.com/how-to-shoot-a-moving-car-scene-with-no-process-trailer-rigging-or-budget/) Seems clever but i'd like to pull off the real thing as we'd be seeing the front windshield in the background.


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The other thing about this is to consider what lens you might use. Even quite wide lenses may look tremendously juddery with a hard mount, depending heavily what you're driving on. Perhaps evaluate gimbal options, which can take the curse off handheld in a situation like this.

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On 1/8/2022 at 12:30 PM, Hannes Famira said:

Check out this DIY rig I spotted on eBay a while ago. I like the concept and I am sure with a couple of bungies attached to a low-hat on a pancake box, suspended from the car's hand grips this could be easily emulated or even improved upon. Source: https://pin.it/2Ah0f2T


This setup looks insane to try and build without some experienced folks to help you out. On the other hand, I absolutely love these kind of builds, and will be stealing it.

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