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Bolex h16 take up reel not spinning

Adam Page

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Hey there, 

I recently purchased a bolex h16. Upon going to load some film I have found that the take up reel does not spin. I'm pretty sure I am doing everything correctly, but would like to ask the forum if someone has some knowledge of if I am doing something wrong, or how I can fix this. 

I have, what I believe is one of the 1st released of the h16 reflexes. 

Any advice would be appreciated. 

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What Todd said.

The take up spindle should automatically turn when you run the camera, but it has a clutch that allows it to slip as the film winds on and the diameter of the take up increases. If the lubricants in the spindle have dried out or gone gummy the spindle clutch will just slip constantly without turning. I’ve also come across cameras where graphite flakes from the motor have leaked into the mechanism and caused the drive belts to slip too easily. Either way, the camera needs a service.

Sometimes a drop of oil around the spindle base can help a little, but it’s much better to pull the camera apart, clean it and relubricate it properly.

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2 hours ago, Simon Wyss said:

One of the most important functions of the camera. Call for an overhaul after 64 years

It's amazing isn't it, that these Bolex's still work at all after so many years.  I had one once with a feed spool that wouldn't take up in backwind mode, and happily carried on using it, but take-up spool is rather more serious ?

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