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The wide angle lens used in Fallen Angels (1995)

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I came across this video recently, a guy investigating what lens was used by Christopher Doyle and Wong kar wai to create the unique look that Hong Kong has in the movie.

He quoted some long time members of this forum on it.

Long story short, it appears to be a Century Tégéa 9.8mm with a wide angle attachment that gave it a 6.8mm depth of field.

Very good research and entertaining.


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forgot the link
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This is so cool, thanks. I had no idea this existed. What's the widest lens available for S35? Is this it?

I believe Century rehoused the Tegea with no other changes and by the look of things the adapter (0.7x presumably) this is bespoke for their rehousing? Or would it work with a regular Tegea?

In my experience the Tegea is a dreadful performer wide open, almost like it has a Classic Soft filter on it, and with blue/yellow axial chromatic aberration similar to a Super Baltar. However it keeps lines remarkably straight for an ultra wide angle lens. 

This looks like a really fun lens. And of course it's not just the depth of field of an 6.8mm lens but the field of view too.

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On 7/12/2022 at 1:15 AM, Duncan Brown said:

Fascinating video, but I kept thinking "instead of acting like googling is investigating something, why not redirect all that effort into trying to reach Christopher Doyle and just ASK him?"


Ah but that doesn't get you views and clicks, I suppose.

I remember waiting for Kubrick pictures in the 70s, 80s and 90s, every so often gleaning a tiny snippet of info from the press or TV, whilst waiting years for the film to arrive. Things are a bit different now. We know everything, instantly.

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