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Securing an Arri Standard lens to Arriflex 16BL

Diego Collado

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Hello everyone!

I've been lurking this forum for ages, but it's the first time I ever post!


I recently acquired an Arriflex 16BL and it's been a lot of fun to figure out how it works. I've learnt a lot! I also recently purchased a Schneider 25mm f/1.4 Cine Xenon, which is listed in the manual as a compatible lens, but I've so far been unable to mount it on the camera. Although I can slot it in, it doesn't lock in place and I don't want to force it too much. I'm also afraid of it sliding off if I tilt the camera slightly. Is there a trick to how it's done? I've checked the lens and compared it with other listings on eBay, and it doesn't seem like it's missing anything on the back part. I've attached a picture of it to this thread.

Thank you very much for your help!



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Doesn't the 16BL have a whole housing around each lens?  As you can tell I'm not that familiar with it, or if you can change lenses within a housing, or anything.  I know the 16S and 16M both take those lenses.

...but the way you generally mount an Arri Standard Mount lens (ARRI-S), which is what you have pictured, is to first line up the tab inside the mount with the slot around the perimeter of the back of the lens... then push the lens in until it stops... then squeeze together two little levers at the lens mount hole, which will allow you to shove the lens in a little bit farther... then release your squeeze on the little levers, and the lens will be locked in place.  The levers pull away little pins, which allow the lens to push into the mount farther, and when you release the levers the pins extend back into place, landing in that groove that goes all around the outside back of the lens mount, securing it in the mount.

(Now does any of that match up with anything on your camera?)


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As Duncan says the lens is expected to go inside a special blimp fitted on the outer larger bayonet mount on the camera- without it the noise level will be higher. But it works perfectly well without one.

There's a single locking button on the left (door) side of the camera behind the blimp mount- fig 1 (12) in the manual here- just ignore the references to the lens blimp which we're assuming you don't have.


but it should click in automatically when mounting the lens- you should only have to press it to remove the lens.

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yes the camera body has a standard arri bayonet mount and works without the lens blimp if needed.

the lens blimp is usually mounted using the much larger outer special bayonet lock... just like a lens mount but much much larger. it makes it easy to take off the blimp when needed though one needs to be careful with the tabs which connect the taking lens to the blimp's focus-iris (-zoom) controls.

have shot couple of times with the 16bl years ago, it had the kit angenieux zoom with blimp and it was easiest to remove the blimp and the lens together as a one unit when needed to take the lens off. The blimp's bayonet mount made it very easy. Probably different with primes

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