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ELVIS - Mandy Walker cinematography

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Saw it last night on the big screen.....superb....I predict it will win awards for Editing if nothing else.....the editing was outstanding in my view.....highly recommended

(see, I can wax lyrical about a film shot in digital too haha)

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Apparently,  it was both digital and film. I thought it was shot on 65mm film. How much film for what sequences, I'm not sure. If I were to guess, day time exteriors were shot on film and the rest was on digital. 

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8 hours ago, Giray Izcan said:

Never mind.. wrong information on imdb. It was digital. 

Yes, we (Panavision) supplied the gear here in Australia - Alexa 65s and LFs with custom tuned Sphero 65s and anamorphic T series. All digital.

Due to Deluxe wilfully destroying the last of our professional lab infrastructure a decade ago we don’t have the ability to service major film productions here anymore, so no big movies have shot film here since. The last one I think was Tracks, coincidentally also shot by Mandy Walker.

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very interesting information Dom and thanks for coming in on the thread......

hope you enjoyed the film as much as I did.....

I'm a lifelong Elvis fan...my first LP was Elvis Golden Records Vol II which belonged to my aunt and ended up as my one and only record on my plastic red/cream suitcase record player....so this film was of interest on other levels too

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