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Processing old reversal

Adriano Cimino

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The question is a routine one on this forum. Nevertheless I've found no straight answers to my case, so I submit it here.

I've exposed S8 carts of Kahl UT18, namely expired back in 2013 (9 years now). I metered them at normal speed (50 ASA) in a mixed sun/shadow open-air situation (the main subject - the humans - were in shadow, mostly). Slightly overexposed, maybe (the camera meter pointer on the "+" side of the right-exposure interval). 

Should I develop them normally, or I better ask the lab for a +1 push process?

Is there a general rule on developing old stock by pushing it?

Thanks for suggestions.

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Hi Adriano,
As KAHL UT-18 is process E-6, it should not be pushed or pulled to 'compensate' for age.
Unlike negative film, there is nothing you can do to improve old colour reversal films, so it should be processed normally.
However a specialist lab like Film Rescue International may use special formula developers to help improve results ( worth asking ).

I process a lot of old colour reversal film - usually from people who buy old stock off eBay ! ... and results can be very poor indeed.

Hope that helps,
John S

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