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Unusual Arri magazine?

Rasmus Dahl-Sorensen

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For those interested in historic Arri items, see this listing on eBay


Does anyone recognize this particular magazine advertised as 16 mm? I've never seen one of those before. Given the color / enamel-like coat, I would have thought that it was an special Arritechno compatible magazine (but Arritechno was 35 mm). It looks heavy.

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I don't know for sure but to me the first impression is it might be some kind of optical printer/animation camera magazine or similar or for some data recording use. high speed possible too but the first impression is that it might not be meant for field use at all. the old school belt drive would not be optimal for high speed which is why I suspect it might be meant for other stuff

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Interesting.  With those Micarta flanges, I doubt it would be for high speed use, as they generate a lot of static when wound with film at higher speeds.  We use Micarta flanges in the lab and they zap you when the air gets dry and you wind the film even moderately fast.

Could be for an optical printer or even a step printer like the Debrie Matipo. 


I seem to recall seeing a photo somewhere in the past of an Arri step contact printer that looked a lot like the Matipo, but I couldn't provide a concrete reference...


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This will either be a swing and a miss, or a bunt leading to an inside the park home run.

My first thought was that it was used to load film processors, because it reminded me of what I loaded all those years ago, when I ran a a 16mm processor for TVnews.

That possibility was reinforced by the last lines shown on the advert: "Arri processing equipment."

However,  I could be wrong. (The core adaptor argues against it belonging to a processor, but I never saw an Arri processor, so who knows)?

Our machine was, if I remember correctly, a Houston Fearless and the loading mag appeared simpler but as a memory of something I really didn't think much about, the mag pictured on eBay sure rang that bell: "Processor loading mag."

Someone with more experience will no doubt weigh in with the correct answer.


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