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FS: ZOOM Lens Arri Zeiss 11-110mm T2.2 Super16 w Macro


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I am selling an ARRI ZEISS 11-110mm T2.2 Super16 Zoom Lens with macro function. It is in absolute great shape both glass and cosmetic. The lens covers S16 and is very sharp. This is one of my favourite zooms for shooting on 16mm, it is small and built really well. Sharp all the way through! The lens was just serviced by Martin Rodensjö who is a well known lens tech in Sweden and works like new. No scratches or fungus!

The lens is located in Sweden, Europe but can be shipped. I can also bring it to Miami from the 8th of January if that helps any potential buyers.

Price is 6500 USD




at 16mm Arri-Zeiss-11-110mm-T2-2-7154689-4-16mm.jpg

at 25mm Arri-Zeiss-11-110mm-T2-2-7154689-3-25mm.jpg

at 35mm Arri-Zeiss-11-110mm-T2-2-7154689-2-35mm.jpg

at 50mm Arri-Zeiss-11-110mm-T2-2-7154689-1-50mm.jpg

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Sold. I still have an Angenieux 5.9 T1.8, Zeiss 12-120 T2.4 and a Canon 11-165 for sale!


On 1/10/2023 at 5:49 PM, Jake Price said:

Hello, I am interested in this lens.  It's a bit on the high range of price, would you be willing to take an offer.  I'm located in Oregon USA.

I sent you a dm but you did not get back to me. 

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