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  1. Beautiful images. Very good video. Thanks for the link. Best
  2. Wow. That's very cool. What a beautiful idea to have super 8 films projected on the white walls of Santorini. I was there in '97. A magical island, especially when you're hopped up on uzo. Best Victor
  3. I stopped shooting Velvia Super 8 because of problems with jitter AND scratching. It seems to be an overly sensitive stock?not very robust in the small format although the images are superfreaking gorgeous. I've shot all of Kodak's stock in super 8 and have NEVER had a problem with scratches or jitter. Velvia on the other hand... The problem is in the cart and the way the film is loaded?at least that's my suspicion.
  4. Get a Canon 518 Auto Zoom. It shoots 18 fps and 36fps (slow motion) and will expose any stock including 64T and 200 Negative film. You can probably buy one for 40$-60$ on eBay. Its big brother, 518 SV, is also a great camera. It has a few more features including 24fps. Best, Victor
  5. Great movie. Very clean footage. Nice editing and soundtrack. Well done. Thanks for sharing. Best Victor
  6. I'm with you. This "new" camera is actually closer to $900 with tax. I think I'll stick to my trusty Nizo S800, my trusty Zeiss Ikon Moviflex MS8, and my trusty Canon 518 AZ--all of which cost me less than $400 combined. Victor
  7. [quote Victor, what about the last few Velvia cartridges you shot, how long ago was it and did the stability issue still remain? The super-8 cartridges are now treated with a lubricant and that seems to make a big difference in how easily the velvia film will go through the Super-8 cartridge. The last three rolls I shot were mixed results. Two rolls were perfect. Very clean and well exposed with no stratches (all three were lubricated rolls). But the third roll was wacky--random scratches here and there. I've always had a problem with stratches with Velvia--something inherit the emulsi
  8. Don't know if this has been posted already, but this month's issue of AC is free online. Check it out; http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/ac/ac0607/index.php Victor
  9. Shoot B&W and Color. Buy some Kodak Tri-X or Plus-X and a 64T roll. I'd order from Spectra Film and Video (www.spectrafilmandvideo.com) Best Victor
  10. Velvia 50D was my stock of choice until Spectra ran out (I've shot 35 rolls of Velvia.) It's an extraordinary stock. The best reversal film in my view. But I agree with the stability issue. The 100D looks promising. I bought a test roll but haven't exposed it yet. Victor
  11. The Barcelona film brought back some great memories. I travelled there in 1997 and have been itching to go back. I'd like to own a home there. I'm surprised the film didn't include Park Guell and Gaudi's architecture--but I suppose the filmmaker wanted to avoid the tourist traps and show another side to the city. The narration was a bit somber--seemed to match the dreary, overcast sky in the footage. I have nothing but great memories of Barcelona. Thanks for posting it.
  12. Alfredo, This is absolutely right. Film is dying; moreover, it's expensive. Super8 film is truly a foolish luxury when you consider that you'll get more bang out of your buck shooting HD. And now with Canon's recent release of a consumer $1000 HD camera with 24p, it makes even LESS sense to shoot super8 film. Yeah, super8 has beautiful colors, and grain, and blah,blah, blah--nobody cares, especially the audience. Old, crappy cameras, risk of scratches, expensive telecine! An HD 24p camera for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost of shooting super8 film sounds good to me. Don't
  13. Nice stills. Thanks for sharing. I may have to re-try 64T. Had a bad experience first time I shot it--looked like crap. But maybe there's hope.
  14. The carts are silicone coated--inside and out, so the film runs very smoothly. Moreover, it dramatically reduces the risk of scratches, dents, etc., on the film. It's helped make the film more consistent, cleaner. They really do a great job over at Spectra.
  15. It don't think it will expose 200T or 500T, but still a great camera. Victor
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