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  1. link to ebay auction
  2. "time break" Daniele... I replaced one capacitor only. It's the C170 on the service manual diagram: it has a value of 3300 pF/600 v DC This capacitor works no more when it's about 20 years old. Due to this failure the GS1200 doesn't record well (or doesn't record totally) in "normal rec" and it doesn't erase. After the replacement I regulate the bias output by the trimmer and the coils on the circuit, until to get a good quality sound on both channels.
  3. Perfect. they are perfect! and Mr. Draser personally answered to my mails!
  4. We have to start a petition to Kodak to have the 100D in 50' super8 cartridges like official Kodak stock!!! By this way the price will cheaper!
  5. Dwayne's in USA. The only one ables to process by the K14 chemistry (that's for the Kodachrome)
  6. "my" laboratory is fotocinema. www.fotocinema.com http://www.trinityweb.it/fotocinema/super8.htm Their work is great! One of the best processing I never saw of the 64T.
  7. That's an "old" idea. Ruedi Muster did it! http://www.super8site.com/fanzine/aktuell/r_muster.shtml
  8. At 24 ft/s the sharpness is better because you send more "informations" to your eyes for second. Don't forget the image informations are in "random" position in every frame. It means: more frame for second more information to your eyes. The random position of the grain is the reason of the higher quality of chemical image versus the digital cinema.
  9. The most important thing for the 64T is the processing. I saw the 64t processed by a lot of European laboratories and the best result (really great) comes from Fotocinema in Rome. http://www.fotocinema.com http://www.trinityweb.it/fotocinema/super8.htm (clik on "pellicole" - bottom - to see the prices) By the processing of this laboratory, sharpness, colors and gamma are better than the K40. Expecially the sharpness is better. The grain is a little bit more than the K40, but less than the processing by others. I suggest to try the processing by Fotocinema.
  10. Leicina: the frame is steady like a rock (by the Beaulieu, no); easy to get the focus by the loop; no need of the film pressure plate; exposimeter very precise; the Schneider 6-66 is better the Scheneider 6-70 of the Beaulieu. The only vantage of the Beaulieu is the chance to mount the wonderful Angenieux 6-90 Schneider 6-66 vote= 9,5 Angenieux 6-90 vote= 10 cum laude
  11. Some years ago I shot a 30 mt. double super8 spool of Kahchhrome 50. I sent them the film for the processing too. The result was a disaster. Nice color but the grain was big like ping-pong balls... I don't know if that disaster came from the emulsion or from the processing. I think both the factors...
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...bayphotohosting
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