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  1. How about Sigma FP. It has a dedicated mode for that. https://www.fdtimes.com/2019/10/20/sigma-fp-as-directors-viewfinder/ https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2020/the-sigma-fp-as-a-directors-viewfinder/
  2. I think the light falling on the desk, with the chair casting a shadow on it, adds depth and creates realism. The reason why I remembered this shot is because I paused to look at it, it was lit so beautifully. And then I had to try and figure out how it was actually lit. It's effective way of creating two looks. And even if the room didn't get warmer as the door opens, that might work for a story or for a character as well, keeping the room cold.
  3. This reminded me a shot in "Mrs Maisel" since I just watched it (I'm not sure it's ok to post screenshots so here's link to some website showing it: https://recapguide.com/recap/567/The-Marvelous-Mrs-Maisel/season-1/episode-4/#50). Here the shot was cool and got warm as the door was opened (warm lights on dimmers I assume) and then back to cool as it was closed again.
  4. :) Two books to read: "Modern Optical Engineering" by Warren J. Smith and "Modern Lens Design" by same author. Both available from Amazon.
  5. I don't know if it can be fitted. I am not aware of such adapters. Of course if you can go so far as to modify the lens and/or the camera it sure can be fitted. It might not be possible with adapter, as finding Leica to _insert something here_ adapters are also hard to find (though there are few for other range finder cameras and some SLRs). I think the resolving power of the Leica is better than the Canon. The problem with that particular Leica lens I think is the vignetting and the coma. This probably can be attributed to the fact that leica had to design the lens as small as possib
  6. Are they any kind of a rare item, or worth anything ? Curious, saw one on my travels not long ago. -Sam I would say so. Any super fast lense, let it be f/1.0 or faster can be considered rare. Even the Leica f/1.0, that you can buy pretty easily as it is produced as of today by Leica would still be considered to be pretty rare. They don't make many of those and it will soon become a collector item (some in the Leica world think this is enough to buy it ;)). If you want that kind of lense, find one, _need one_, and the price isn't too much then go ahead and buy it. I forgo
  7. The following link may help to find more information about super fast lenses: http://www.abex.co.uk/sales/optical/fast_lenses/fast.htm Also, practical experience and photographs here with Rodenstock 50mm f/0.75: http://www.naturfotograf.com/need_speed00.html For practical and high quality use as of today, Leica is of course still manufacturing the infamous 50mm f/1.0 Noctilux that goes for about $3000 (instead of $4500 like I said earlier, actually). The lense is specificly designed to be high quality wide open without fear for soft images. I don't know about Leica to PL or s
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