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  1. I am not sad at all. Most people who get ripped off are victims of their own greed. Take the analogy above a step further. What if you found someone who would trade you $100 bills for $20 bills? You would immediately KNOW something is wrong correct? If you went ahead and did it, it is your own greed taking over. I feel sorry for the people who get screwed over for legit looking deals but with the internet at your fingertips, that should be very rare. I mean, just type the store name into Google! Within the first couple links you will see that the store selling you the bogus HVX has a lifetime consumer rating of 0.26 OUT OF 10.00!! The thing that is mindblowing is that people still see this and "roll the dice" looking for a deal. A fool and his money are soon parted. ash =o)
  2. A mountain of misinformation here. I have used a Brevis, after testing every sub $2000 adapter EXTENSIVELY, for about 6 months. The FD mount, currently being improved, works but is not real solid but other than that, it is built quite well. If you are losing focus on the edges it is either off center camera optics or user error. Both can be corrected. I really wish people would stop blaming their gear for their lack of operational experience. ash =o)
  3. Thanks Paul... It was borrowed, I have a bad back and dont do Steadicam stuff anymore. I had one guy that was pretty skilled but I didnt like it looking so smooth (accentuated by shooting in 60P) so I had a guy strap it on that has never even used a Glidecam. The only stuff I wish was better was the full on running stuff but he was in a full sprint in the sand...so... sans a much more expensive rig, it wasnt going to get better. It didnt end up exactly as I wanted either but this was a thrown together last minute low budget thing so, while not perfect, it works. The video was shot with a stock HVX at full wide (for all but one shot of the piano) and the color is a combo of in camera settings and some tweaking in FCP with the 3 way CC. The youngest one is actually the singer in this vid... man I am getting old! ash =o)
  4. I have the Duel Systems adapter. Yesterday I dumped all the drivers and reinstalled JUST Panny's new driver and NONE of the Duel drivers and it seems to be working fine. P2Genie has a different developer on the Mac side and the software is just not as good. That is likely the only issues I am left with. I will stick with Windows for P2 backup for now, I am spoiled by my workflow. It is bullet proof and super easy. ash =o)
  5. I am not a fan of the RR HD achromat, replacing it solved the issues you are noting. It was replaced with a Cinevate achromat. ash =o)
  6. The Canon Manual 16X is F1.6 thru the entire zoom range. It may appear a little sharper as it tends to be a little more contrasty and poppy. On the long end, it can show lots of CA. I love the lens though. ash =o)
  7. Ash Greyson

    Cooking Video

    I agree with most the sentiment here. Check the rentals on SDX900s, they have gotten pretty reasonable with the recent price drops. If it is a to the camera show, ditch the 24P. You can do 30P but be aware that it will limit you in PAL territories as 30P to PAL looks TERRIBLE. If you are stuck in DVX world, I have found the 100B to be better than the A in regards to noise and color rendition, try to snag a couple of those. ash =o)
  8. I love the extra rez but it is a PAIN to use, I personally wont ever use one again. Good call. ash =o)
  9. The problem with the DVX100a is that without a lot of light it gets noisy really fast, especially in squeeze mode which makes it worse. The 100b actually is a noticeable improvement. My solution is to give use more light and then crush it down by turning the master pedestal down some. I think the main issue in these grabs is that I am missing the edges of people, a little kicker light would make the soft fill more bearable. ash =o)
  10. I have found the P2 backing up on Mac more buggy and the P2Genie software does not cure the problem. Manually copying seems to work most the time however I have found that you have to restart several times a day do to issues. I got the express card adapter and it works fine on the PC end (I run dual boot XP and OSX) but it still a little buggy on the Mac end. Works MOST the time but gives you the spinning wheel too often for my tastes. Pretty bizarre problem... I cannot for the life of me understand why Panny made all the P2 utilities PC only... ash =o)
  11. Here is a video all shot with a Glidecam (with vest) and an HVX. I wanted it "floaty" not perfectly smooth for much of the video so dont be too harsh on the balancing... http://mh.tilted.com/bio/go_final.mov ash =o)
  12. This is not going to be a popular answer but... the best solution is a PC laptop. Mac stuff just does not play as well with P2, especially ingesting/backing up. I have a rock-solid workflow that is cheaper than a P2 store and gives 3X as much storage. Get yourself a cheap PC laptop with a PCMCIA slot ($600), buy a copy of P2Genie ($30), get yourself 2 battery powered 2.5" USB enclosures ($30 each) and 2 160GB 2.5" laptop HDDs ($100 each). You set the P2Genie software to automatically back-up any P2 card you insert to BOTH 160GB drives, it will confirm the back-up and erase the card for you. So far, this workflow has been rock solid for me and everyone I have helped with it. You format the HDDs as Fat32 and they work with any Mac or PC. For under $1000 you have a 160GB REDUNDANT P2 back-up system and with the free (PC only) Panny software, you can play back clips on set, alter the metadata, etc. If you add a copy of DVrack, you can now use your laptop as an HD monitor as well. ALL THIS TOGETHER is less than a 60GB P2 Store and has 10 times the functionality. I have performed this workflow on over 100 shooting days and have no problems to date. I have an extended battery on my laptop and the batteries on the HDDs last for a full day easily... ash =o)
  13. This is the kind of statement that is causing problems. Of course RED is a money making venture. If not, what would Jim have proved? That you can lose money and make great tech? Yah, that will really show SONY. As far as flops go? Again, another silly statement. Pick a flop, any flop... now, let's pretend it was shot on RED. Uhh... yeah... I say again, technology has not been the limiting factor in Hollywood for a LONG time. There are greedy producers, politics, etc. that are the main obstacles. It is a gross misconception that some new technology will cause the gates of Hollywood to swing open. Producers, promotion, actors, marketing, etc. are each about 1,000,000 times as important as resolution or any tech... ash =o)
  14. Search my name in the XL2 forum over on dvinfo.net, I have a lot of tips and settings... ash =o)
  15. I dont care so much for Tony Scott stuff... style over substance in many cases. It often feels unmotivated. I guess the thing I really hate about it is that somehow, that "look" of his seems to DEFINE the film look with most of the indie people. For me, there is one film that visually stands out so far there is no close second. That would be Metropolis. Still mesmerizing to watch.... ash =o)
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