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  1. I bet you a dollar it's just something from his couch. :P
  2. I'm really curious, can anyone explain to me how Doyle makes some things so colourful? Like the very green shots in Chungking Express or 2046/In the mood for love. Is this a chemical thing?
  3. looks nice! I'm surprised it actually looks like a party. It's too bad you're graduating, I'm gonna have to find somebody else to grip for :P .
  4. for a moment i was about to be surprised. And then the video loaded :P
  5. Yea that makes good sense. But do they teach you about the business, in film school?
  6. fantastic. Great story, good cinematography. Nice job.
  7. I've heard of Full Sail and, as far as I know people like it. Personally though, I don't think school is worth it. If you have a 3ccd camera now make some films get good and work on some indie projects. That's what I hope to do after I finish my degree in web design. Don't take my opinions to heart though, I'm only a student and I have no industry experience.
  8. I can't help you out with labs, but if your in Shanghai, go to Club DKD near the TV tower, its one hell of a time :-). Good luck finding what you need.
  9. I was not too thrilled. The action and visuals as every one has said, amazing. I was curious about how they severed limbs in this movie. As I've never done anything like that I'm curious as to how it was done. Were those particular men cg? or was it live action with cg painted in. Or better yet did they actually cut off these peoples legs, arms, heads, etc. :-P.
  10. I think the cuts on the first three shots should be tightened up, they last way too long and don't get the reel of to a good start. The shot at 48s is really nice, nice color I'm not a big fan of the bike sequence. It might just be the zooming into the wheel that irks me Overall I like it. As for the encoding and the video looking bright: I viewed it in the browser with quicktime and it looked washed out, however I saved it and viewed it with VLC and the brightness went way down. Some of the shots that had looked blown out now look really good. Maybe that helps you out I don't know. Good Luck.
  11. 17. Left Handed. At the moment im 19 and a New Media student, working as much as possible on video and photo projects. Damn does this profession cost a lot of money :-P
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