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  1. Film will be around for a long, long time. I love HD, but I love film too.
  2. Emanuel, Don't sweat it. It's the usual cinematography.com BS. Obviously the guy goes by one name and is pretty well known by that one name. It's too much for some people 'round here to handle.
  3. Stephen; I meant the guy probably legally only has one name. Look at his IMDb. Maybe he should get a last name to satisfy the draconians around here.
  4. I thought he only has one name. I think he's on IMDb. Is there a problem with a person only having one name here?
  5. Out of town features usually work 6 day weeks, so 1 day off, but large features are usually 5 day weeks. There is no time off as far as I know unless there is a major disaster, in which case you'll probably have all the time you want....unemployed. Don't take out of town gigs if you want to see your family.
  6. It soooooooooo depends, man. My next feature is 16 days all in LA. The average low budget indie feature is a 30 day shoot. The more money you have, the longer your shoots get. A $50 Million movie might have a 90 day shoot schedule. An epic like Lord of the rings took over 6 months to shoot. It really, really depends.
  7. What a broad question. Lots of features are filmed outside socal as well as lots of episodic TV. New York and North Carolina come to mind. As to shoot lengths it varies so much. Be more specific in your question and I'll try and answer it.
  8. John Sprung - "prewar" was my attempt at humor that was obviously lost on you. We need not identify which conflict I was speaking of when I meant"war". May Jacoby - Fugghedaboutit. Go home, open up a fresh can of Kodak Vision 3, throw it on your bed, and roll around in it, savoring the odor. There's nothing like film.
  9. Hey Max - that ONE shot is what makes Bond......Bond. I'm going to turn it around for you and say that if they could have pulled that one, simple shot off with film they would have. Richard - I don't know a thing about your feature or that you even filmed a feature. I wasn't trying to dig anything.
  10. What do you mean subtle? I don't know what you're talking about. My point was my point - I don't follow you. Look man, I'm not anti film. I LOVE film. My next feature will be on film. But bashing video just for the fact that it's video is not cool.
  11. More features are shot on film than video, no question. As far as shooting 2008 35mm film stock - says you it's superior. There are many, many productions every year shooting phantoms, F900s, genesis, REDs, Panasonics, Dalsas, Arri D-20s - you name it. Do you think they all want the "video" look? Have you shot high end video lately? Your statement strikes me as ignorant. Look at the new Bond. When it gets too hot in the kitchen for film and someone needs some visual effects, they call in the Dalsas to get the shot. Do that with your BL4. They both have their functions and uses - nothing is replacing anything. One is not better than the other. I'm personally kind of tired of some of these terrible indie flicks with an awful story and no name actors going around saying "at least we shot on 35mm" as if it's going to make up for every other flaw in the picture. If you're so anti video, why bother posting in the HD section.....or even browsing it?
  12. Richard, The phantom is an amazing camera. The stuff it's capable of an old, stinky prewar BL4 couldn't do in it's wildest, wettest dreams. Have you ever stopped to consider that some people actually choose to shoot on video? And don't give me that old "distributors want things shot on 35mm" BS because it's patently false. My movie has distribution and is shot on video. I've shot both 35 and video and like them both. They both have their own looks and feels. To me, one is not better than the other. I'd love to do some 1000 fps stuff on my next movie.
  13. Dressing up to go to a trade show. Hilarious. Not only do I not own a tie, I barely wear any shoes but flip flops. Maybe it's a California thing.
  14. What does it typically rent for per day?
  15. Dude, very hard. I'm a nobody director and even I wouldn't be super receptive to a cold call. I get like 20 of them a day. But you have to try - I would.
  16. Sure, we need to all live more responsibly. Having said that, I think Global Warming is one of the biggest myths ever perpetrated on humanity. It's utter absurdity and alarmism is on par with other life changing events like Y2K.
  17. I was going to say the same thing about you :P
  18. I have the Panny 17" and it is absolutely magnificent. You get what you pay for. This isn't some cheapo LCD - this is a $2600 17" broadcast quality monitor in a steel housing that feels like it weighs about 150 pounds!
  19. ....Says the man from Ontario, Canada. Can we leave the politics out of it?
  20. If I was Jim I'd do exactly the same thing. When you build something you're proud of, nurture, love, and see it take it's first steps, and then you see probably the biggest nobody losers on the planet shamelessly cut it up - it has to hurt. I don't blame him one bit for being defensive. The things people have been saying while hiding behind their IPs and keyboards would probably evoke fisticuffs in person.
  21. Jannard throws down! poop! Good on you Jim. The bashing this cam has received is terrible. And I'm not a fanboy - look at my post history and tell me how many pro (or anti, for that matter) RED posts I've made. Don't take Phil seriously. The closest he got to a RED was driving by in his car. He's a hater. If I was you, I'd just respond by stating: "Yes, but I'm a billionaire"
  22. What matters more than format is a great story with name talent. If you don't have this, you will be reduced to "it was shot on 35" as your sole advantage.
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