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  1. Thanks for the advice! I appreciate it!
  2. Maybe a dumb question but I inherited a small pile of scrims recently, many of which are pretty rusty. Or were. I sprayed them down with WD40 and it largely seemed to do the trick. But then I started to think it was maybe not such a great idea since these would be going on hot lights. A little after-the-fact research shows me that WD40 is still combustible when dry. So I guess my questions are, are these salvageable? Would a water rinse help? How does one clean a rusty scrim? Thanks all.
  3. I think the underexposed look marries really well with the trend toward inaudible dialogue.
  4. Would this be your approach even when not shooting raw? If so, can you please explain the reasons? Thanks!
  5. I shot a 2 minute film for Roger Corman's Quaratine Film Challenge. That was actually about a month ago now but the results aren't in yet and it's probably the most exciting thing I've done. Hacking away at a screenplay. Spending far too much time looking at facebook and playing word games on my phone. Long walks with my wife and the dog. Now that the days are nicer we're doing a fair amount of gardening. Watched "Paper Moon" again two nights ago and "Sanjuro" for the first time last night.
  6. Hi Brad. To be honest, I don't really remember because I shot that like six years ago. I will say that it's likely that I did because I tend to get a little wound up trying do things the "right" way. I know I read a number of posts about how Super 8 cameras interpret modern cartridges and things like that. So there's a good chance I read about the current notch system and used the compensation dial but I can't swear to it. I do remember that I used an external daylight filter. I also remember that I had to bribe my nephews with ice cream to do a second day of shooting. Little kids have no work ethic.
  7. So I recently picked up a Bolex 551 that has a broken battery holder. I'm wondering if either someone here has a spare holder from a similar model that I could purchase or if anyone has some suggestions on how to power it. I was able to test it with the holder from another Bolex so I know that it works but I don't have access to that holder anymore. I picked up a 6AA holder from a hobby shop with the thought that I might solder the leads to the contacts inside the camera which are in the handle. Unfortunately the holder is slightly too big to allow the handle latch to close. I was thinking maybe I could stick the holder on the outside of the camera but the handle is made of plastic so I'm reticent to try drilling a hole through it the feed the wires through. Has anyone tried something like this? My other thought is that 6AA batteries produce 9 volts so maybe I could buy a holder for a single 9v battery which might have a better chance of fitting inside the handle. Might that work? Is there any reason not to try that? Sorry for a lengthy post on what is kind of a dull subject but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Mark, that was my first thought. And I'm still tempted to do it too although now that Simon has identified the date of manufacture as 1944 it doesn't seem like a horrible idea to have it serviced. It's possible it hasn't been been lubricated since WWII :o (Although it did work pretty darn flawlessly back around 1998 or so which is a testament to the great build quality of these cameras)
  9. That's some good info, Simon. Thanks! I pulled that 1966 date off another website…maybe I misunderstood the table they had. 1944 puts it closer to what I originally thought the date might be.
  10. The serial number is 23081 so I think that makes it a 1966 model. It's hard not to love a Bolex, even the humble H-16. They're just beautiful little machines.
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