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  1. I have an Audio Technica AT-835b shotgun mic for sale. In excellent condition, only used a few times. Comes with foam wind-screen, stand clip and case. $150 plus $10 to ship in USA only. PM or email me through the forum or email to colorfulweapon~@~gmail.com (remove the ~)
  2. Selling one of my K-3's. DP owned and in Good condition, bought new from Mother Russia and I put only six rolls through it. It has been modified and made "scratch-proof" by the removal of all the autoload features and pinch roller plates. The light meter has also been removed and the front trim plate modified for quick removal (you won't have to pry it up and glue it back down to gain access to the viewfinder and shutter. You get M-42 camera body standard zoom w/sunshade Sears Auto 28mm f/2.8 prime w/sunshade in good condition, lens cap short cable release, wrist strap, hand grip, shoulder stock, several empty spools, 1- light yellow filter Russian, 1- dark yellow filter Russian, 1- UV filterRussian 1- Diopter Russian, 1- .6 ND Russian, The original leather case it came in which is a bit warped from not using it. This camera is located in Texas. I will ship to the contiguous 48 states only. $250, message me through the forum or email to colorfulweapon~at~gmail.com.
  3. You can get a digital Spectra IV-A for around $370.
  4. I always burn DVD-R. I've only ever had one complaint that it didn't play. But I had them try it in a different player and all was fine. If this is for a reel I wouldn't worry too much about it because the sad fact is, your reel usually gets played on a computer in a tiny box on an il-adjusted screen. The computer will certainly play it though.
  5. Make sure you know what you're buying is worth. They are way expensive on most of their stuff. However, I've been in their shop and when they say something is very clean they're not kidding.
  6. Mine have never jammed. One of my friends K-3's did and it was that cord on the back of the baffle plate that was the culprit. I removed the cord and all that stuff from mine.
  7. You know I've only ever had one problem with that and that is when a hot bulb touched the lantern. I always use a ceramic socket affixed to a length of threaded lamp rod that goes into the grip head. That prevents the bulb from touching the lantern.
  8. You should be able to go into one of the menu's, "Recording Setup" I think, and go to "Initialize" and select yes. This should return the camera back to normal settings for that Scene File.
  9. I always get mine at; http://www.worldmarket.com/costplus/findstorelocation
  10. That's normal. It is part of the camera mechanism. Your only real hope is to disassemble the camera and see if something is jamming it.
  11. I won't say his name but he wears glasses and loves to abuse Fuji film stock.
  12. Also, don't forget if you are going to get a genny and some big HMI's (which I hope you are) you'll also need an electric on the genny. The grip truck driver might also double as that guy but it's better to have two seperate guys. Both usually come from the rental company and you pay their day rates.
  13. Someone take a picture of him. I have it on good authority that he's a tall guy with blonde hair and looks as if he might just as well say "Hey, dude!" as "Cheerio!"
  14. "Yojimbo" is an awesome film. Have you seen it's companion piece "Sanjuro" yet? I think it is just as good and has some of the best framing of any Kurosawa film, perhaps any widescreen film, ever.
  15. Cooke has also added a 9.5 and 12mm to the S4 line. I love the Cookes, very sharp and they have great contrast.
  16. What's wrong with just using the Ultras on a 16mm camera? Do you need to go wider than 10mm?
  17. Now that the commercial has officially played on-air, I can give you a link to watch it. You should be able to stream it here; Easter Commercial You better have broadband, it barely plays on dial-up. Looks like they've got it playing in the wrong aspect ratio but you get the idea anyway. 4x3 letterbox people! :rolleyes:
  18. What was the Fuji stock Izzie Mankofsky used for the period scenes in "Somewhere in Time?"
  19. Ouch! Hate to hear that. On bigger budget (to me) films like this do they have re-shoot or pick-up days scheduled for sometime later if they need them anyway? Like a week later or something? Or is it a scramble to to pull it all together with peoples schedules etc? One thing about this film though, is it sounds so darned interesting. I would buy a ticket already if I could.
  20. Here is a typical example of using a large flag as negative fill in a close-up. You can see it's overcast outside so I'm using a 1.2K HMI, visable above my head, on one side through a diffusion frame and a solid on the other to build up some contrast.
  21. Marc, I sent you a Private Message.
  22. What days are you shooting Josh? Is it during SXSW? If I'm in town I'd be willing to help ya. I've got a fresh short end of 7205 you can have too. You should consider how many day versus night scenes you have. If it is a lot of Day int and ext you might just try shooting everything on 250D. The 7212 is a great stock and very sharp. I haven't shot the '17 yet. Whatever stock you use, you will be able to make it as contrasty as you need in telecine. With any tungsten stock if you don't use the 85 it will be very blue. Not anything uncorrectable in telecine.
  23. Well I've shot tons of 16 in my years but if Kodak is letting me shoot it free, I'm there. Plus hopefully I can shoot one of the new stocks I haven't shot yet. Which would be 7217. BTW, it doesn't cost anything to get into the trade show this year. Go to the sight and click on "Tradeshow" and there will be a link to get a free pass.
  24. LOL, actually they send out a DVD. Seems like it's a good way for people who've never shot film to give it a go. I'm planning on inviting a good director friend of mine who's not experienced with actual film. It should be a good way for him to learn its merits and go to bat for film with more producers.
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