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  1. For sell. Original Arri bay mount for super 16 format will cover many digital cameras (Red 2K, Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex...). Mint condition with original caps!! Great deal: only 990 $ For questions or pictures: lluiscl@telefonica.net
  2. I have tried several times to load... but always appear "Error This upload failed"... http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/9468/cooket.jpg
  3. For sell. One of the best super 16 zooms ever made. Very good condition with caps, follow focus gear, zoom level and bag!! Great deal: 1500 € Lluís (Spain) lluiscl@telefonica.net
  4. For sell. Mint condition with original caps!! Great deal: 1000 € Lluís (Spain) lluiscl@telefonica.net
  5. Sure. I have tried it but "upload failed"... Please write me with your email and I'll send you privately. Of course lens was centered. Thanks, lluiscl@telefonica.net
  6. Sure. I have tried it but "upload failed"... Please write me with your email and I'll send you privately. Thanks, lluiscl@telefonica.net
  7. Covers plenty super 16 format. Very sharp lens from 1" video format was adapted to Aaton mount. Internally all the guides were rebuilt to perfect performance. Comes with original sunshade and caps. Min focus 1.5m. Asking $700 plus shipment. Thanks, lluiscl@telefonica.net
  8. Probably the only that you'll find it. Externally with some used marks (some in the lens) but in perfect working condition. Original Macro Canon Zoom 12.5-75, T2.5 (covers 16/9 projected frame all focals). Original speeds 16-64 and ff. Adapted Aaton fiberoptic screen. Adapted battery (internal consumer 8x elements 1.5v) and external cable XLR power. Adapted Sunshade with series 9 filters (plus 3 glass and 3 wratten filters). Remote cable. Original case and manuals. Email me for pictures (if you are really interested). Asking $1000 plus shipment. Thanks, lluiscl@telefonica.net
  9. Marc: it's imposible to answer you: your recipient's inbox is full...
  10. lluis

    Urgent Bolex Question

    1/60th if you use Switar RX lens. 1/80th if not. Best,
  11. Mine is with the front completely flat, but I am sure that you can't thread anything in front of this (picture) lens. These lenses cover super 16, condition to putting a 70mm slip-on external housing, if not will vignette...
  12. Mark: I come from very far from Visual Products... I wrote the link because I haved to double check if these wide angles have or don't have front threads: mine lenses, the similar from the pictures, don't have it. As I wrote, the original front diameter is 70mm. The others 16 /25mm mk1's have a 58mm internal thread. All the best,
  13. Mine don't have it. Check the pictures http://www.visualproducts.com/storeProduct...;Cat3=25#bigPic
  14. These lenses don't have front thread. The external diameter is 70mm. You will need clip-on system rings...
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