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  1. I meant to say "hoping" not "hopping" MOY
  2. I also received the email from Kodak with a subject line that read: "Sci-Fi meets Super 8 with Cara Delevingne" I was very disappointed with the film that I reply right away letting them know my feelings, and hopping they change the way they use and promote this camera. Here is what I said in my email: Hello, My name is Moises Perez, a.k.a. MOY. I'm a Super 8 filmmaker. I just want to say that I'm very disappointed with all the footage I've seen so far from this "NEW CAMERA" And specially with this Cara Delevingne's Sci-Fi footage because it looks just OUT OF FOCUS. I hope this was an artistic choice rather than the lack of cinematography skills, or even worst, I hope this is not the camera's inability to focus an image correctly. If so, you guys need to correct this issue before the release of the camera to the public. This problem, in my opinion, would kill the Super 8mm film market and specially this great opportunity of developing a brand new camera for this great film format. I also hope to get an answer from you. Sincerely, MOY I must say that they haven't yet responded to me.
  3. Hello everybody, I was hoping to find the Kodak Super 8 film camera at the NAB2017, but I haven't have any luck. Does anyone knows what happened to that project? MOY
  4. David, Thank you for your response, please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. Best, MOY
  5. Hi David, I would suggest you do more research and consider the use of an interchangeable mount module. A removable square module that could be screwed in with four simple screws. For example, you could design a C-mount, Pl, and MFT (Micro Four Thirds) mounts modules. There would be different options and those who buy the camera. We, as I would be one of the first to buy one of these cameras as I did with the Logmar, could choose what mount we want and we could also purchase the other modules for other lenses if they we wish. To get sold on a single mount would not be the best option in my humble opinion. And of course, make it silent please. So far, it has been the major draw back for both, the Logmar and the Kodak cameras alike. A 200ft and even 400ft film magazine would also be necessary for professional work. Keep up with the good work.
  6. Andries, Very interesting sites, and yes, it's crazy to know that more languages other than English are also very active when it comes to talk and discuss topics about the true universal language, film. MOY
  7. Could you guys share your favorite Super 8mm film internet websites? MOY
  8. I found this site by accident. It’s full of interesting facts and personal opinions. Check it out. MOY https://www.facebook.com/groups/27648968851/
  9. I'll second you on this Anthony. I think we all need to contact Kodak and let them know what is what we think about current prices. MOY
  10. Does it work? Has anybody used it? Is it worth the investment? Thanks, MOY
  11. I must say that I miss an optical viewfinder in my Logmar. In my opinion, the new Logmar Mini "professional version" should include: an optical viewfinder, an LCD screen, SDI as well as HDMI outputs. I know... I'm dreaming. MOY
  12. Let alone the hot models, I'm also bugging them about designing a Super 8mm film gate for it as an option. But of course as we all know this will represent a big problem for the current design since the scanner is sprocket driven. I had the opportunity to see it in action at the SMPTE 2015 in Hollywood back in October, but again I haven't heard anything since then. I just sent them an email two days ago but there's been no answer yet. MOY
  13. Hi Nicholas, I can't see the reason for that, but anything is possible now. MOY
  14. I couldn't agree more with you Carl, being myself a proud owner of the original Logmar Super 8 Film Camera. MOY
  15. Hi Andries, The reason I didn’t disclose any technical information is simple. Stereoscopic 3D cinema is very complex to produce. Nevertheless, I tell you that I was very lucky to participate in the first, and only one, 3D workshop ever offered by two very important universities, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, UNAM and La Universidad de Chile. In the summer of 2014 I traveled to Mexico City to be part of such an incredible experience. I met the rest of the group at the UNAM’s facilities. This 3D class was a very intensive workshop that lasted for two weeks. An hybrid class with classroom-style lectures and heavy hands-on activities. We spend up to 12 hours every day for this class, some days even more, specially when we produced the final project. We had four full-time professors for the entire length of workshop, to teach us the secrets of 3D cinema. And although we had two professors from México and one from Chile, the class was mainly taught in English because or French professor did’t speak Spanish. In addition to our professors, we also had 3D experts from a company called City 3D. This company provided all the necessary 3D rig that included two sophisticated Alexa cameras for the final project. These cameras were dressed with the best and lates attachments to control wireless focus, aperture and the like. The rest of the equipment, lighting and gripping, was provided by two of the best film schools in Latin America, UNAM and El Centro de Capacitacíon Cinematográfica, CCC. We studied the advantages and disadvantages of all the different techniques used to create 3D films. That included side by side, mirror, and virtual techniques. All of these are very complex topics that it’s hard to explain in a few words. Cameras alignment, focal-length, and cameras synchronization are, in fact, very important factors to produce 3D. Not to mention, aperture, color rendition and film stock. Those were my major concerns I addressed to all my four professors when I explained I wanted to experiment with Super 8 3D filmmaking. Fortunately, I was directed to the right direction. The link below shows you those of us who were lucky to participate in such an amazing experience. You will also find pictures of the rigging we were using. There’s a bigger photograph at bottom of the page. I’m in the back, wearing an orange cap. Two of my professors are holding the slate while the other, with grey hair, smiles at the camera. My fourth professor is the one who took the quick snapshot. Let’s keep pushing Super 8 to places never even dreamed before. Cheers, MOY http://www.portaluchile.uchile.cl/noticias/105075/academico-de-la-u-de-chile-dicto-taller-pionero-en-cine-3d-en-mexico
  16. Hi Anthony, They had small booklets with the same specifications found on their website. But they din't disclose the release dates, specific features, or any other information that is not already on the internet. Never the less, the two prototypes they had on display are beautiful. http://www.kodak.com/ek/us/en/Consumer/Products/Super8/default.htm?CID=go&idhbx=super8 MOY
  17. I had the privilege to attend CES to witness the new Kodak's Super 8 Film Camera. Most important, they kindly allowed me to hold it in my hands. I couldn’t help myself falling in love with it at first sight. MOY
  18. Ted, Thank you for your kind words. I hope I didn't disappoint you with my other projects in the Kodak Challenge. Here are the links in case you haven’t checked them out. MOY http://theaudienceawards.com/films/4k-super-8-sync-sound-1-by-moy51613 http://theaudienceawards.com/films/4k-super-8-sync-sound-2-by-moy51613 http://theaudienceawards.com/films/time-lapse-super-8-film-by-moy51613 http://theaudienceawards.com/films/the-last-minute-by-moy51613
  19. Carl, Thank you very much for your comments. This is the reason why some of us show what we do without worrying about being criticized. All criticism is welcome. It only inspires me to work harder and harder, and to continue developing ideas for our beloved film format, and to test old and new technologies, either in existence and/or in development. More surprises to come, stay tuned. MOY
  20. Hello everybody, I’d like to share with you the first 4K SUPER 8 FILM IN 3D. It’s one of my 5 submissions to the KODAK SUPER 8 FILMMAKING CHALLENGE. Click on the link below to go to the Audience Awards website to watch the film. FAIR WARNING: You MUST use anaglyph (Red / Cyan) 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect, otherwise the image looks just blurred. Headphones are also recommended. Don’t forget to vote please. Thank you, MOY Link: http://theaudienceawards.com/films/4k-super-8-in-3d-by-moy51613#
  21. Film stock kodak 7203 50D. Processed and scanned to a 4K Log by Pro8mm. This film has been downres to 1080p for Vimeo purposes. It has not been edited or processed in any form other than the color change to B&W, the sound is the wild production track with no processing. This sound test was performed in a single take using double system, the Logmar Super 8 film camera and the Sennheiser MKH 416 directional shotgun microphone. The audio was recorded with the Tascam DR-70 Linear PCM recorder. https://vimeo.com/136780122 Enjoy, MOY
  22. Hi Bill, I love the camera! It's not the greatest, but I think it's worth the price.
  23. My first test with the Blackmagic pocket cinema camera. Copy and paste: vimeo.com/86776681
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