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  1. The old arri HMI fresnells are great lights. I used to have 4 6ks, 6 4ks, and 3 or 4 2500s. The magnetic ballasts work just fine as far as you play by the rules as far as frame rates go. They are also really, really reliable. I did a shoot in Europe for 6 months. We shipped a container of these old HMIs over there and ran them nonstop in the sleet and rain, and they never missed a beat. Light quality is excellent. They are quite happy to run on modern electronic ballasts as well. They are big and heavy, but a 4k can be put up on a stand by one guy if you do it right. Put the light on the
  2. Look at the Z cams. They tick almost all of your boxes and make lovely pictures. Cheep too. Nick
  3. Price reduction to $5k. An excellent deal just got better. Nick
  4. Sure you can buy them, or have the electricians make them up, but all of the ones that are for sale from amazon, HF etc are LED bulbs. They are hanging outside all over my neighborhood. They have little leds inside that look like filaments. Just saying clarify before you buy. That said, the ones from home depot sure look like the real thing. Nick
  5. All of these I have seen are LEDs. Nick
  6. I have for sale an as new Varizoom Cinema pro Jr head. This is the Talon's slightly younger brother. A little lighter and a little less payload. Fantastic head, I just don't need two. Camera capacity is 35lbs. Comes with jibstick pro controller with soft stops for pan and tilt, zoom and focus controller for jib operation, 100' control cable, 30' power cable, power supply and case. Head is 100mm ball, but it is easily adapted to mitchel and there is a mitchel option from the manufacturer. Works with all of the same control systems for the talon, Advanced controller for motion control, hand whee
  7. Hi there, thanks for the interest, but unfortunately this head sold right about the same time of your inquiry. If you are still looking for a head, PM me, I have another head available. Nick
  8. Selling my Hot Head Remote head. Everything works as it should. very responsive and precise head. Comes with hand wheel controls, spare cables, and custom light weight tilt axis to lower the weight of the head. Pick up in Baltimore, ship via freight, or can deliver within 100 miles. Great if you want to learn wheels, also a good candidate for a motion control conversion. Ask any questions. Lots of pics listed here - http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?180546-Hot-Head-remote-head
  9. Hmm. That is unusual. What's your serial number? Nick
  10. I am sure it locks the head in place when it's in gear, what about when it's in neutral? The locks at the handwheels lock the transmission drive shafts. if in neutral the head should still move. The other two locks physically apply pressure to pads locking the axis in place. I looked at my head today, the tilt lock should compress a pad against the side of the tilt carriage. If you look in through the front of the head with a flash light, you should be able to see it clearly. If the pas is in place, and the knob still does nothing, check to see if the pad is moving when you tighten the kn
  11. The part missing from your head is the pan lock. Basically there are two sets of locks. One locks the wheels in place, the other set actually locks the head in place like brakes on a car. Your wheel lock are certainly unique. If I had to guess by looking at them, it looks like you could engage the locks while keeping your hands on the wheels which could be handy. I'll be at my studio today and take a look at my head. Cheers, Nick
  12. Oh, and regarding the dovetail plate that comes with it, mounting an RBQ on it is pretty handy. Then you just pop off from whatever your other head is and back and forth, camera cart etc. Nick
  13. The issue with the modern bridge plate is annoying. I solved that problem by filling in the cut outs on the bottom of the bridge plate. I Just made inserts that fit into the voids and were flush with the underside to keep the pin down until the plate slides all the way over. If I recall I made them out of 1/4" aluminum bar stock. Any local machinist should be able to modify the plate for around $100. B is as was previously stated, Eyepiece leveling bracket. Pretty much a necessity with a gear head. That knob is the tilt brake. If tightening it does nothing, it needs to be adjusted.
  14. Howdy, I was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head what an Elemack 3 way leveling head was rated for weight wise. I want to make a mitchell adapter for a Jimmy Jib base. The elemack cricket could certainly handle the weight, it took a full on riding crane. I have put the jimmy jib base on a chapman before, and in general I think it will be fine, just trying to track down an actual number for the elemack mount to mitchell 3 way leveling head. Thanks, Nick
  15. Hi, I know all of the theory, I have a long history of shooting at high speeds, both on film and digitally. I am interested in peoples real world experience working with flicker free ballasts. I had a job today where we intended to shoot with the studios Hive plasma lights. On a test day it was determined that they didn't have enough oomph to get an exposure at 930 fps (Phantomflex 4k). I had previously tested a modified ETC source 4 par with a 575 HMI globe and a german electronic ballast and found it to bee flicker free. Going tungsten was not an option, so on short notice we
  16. Hi, I have an Elemack cricket in great shape, but I could top off the hydraulic fluid if i wanted to. It's a little low (not much). Should I just use standard hydraulic jack oil or is there a better alternative? Thanks. Nick
  17. Hi Olex, I am waiting on the lens to arrive, i'll send you some picture when it gets here. Thanks for the help ;-) Nick
  18. Howdy, I recently purchased a front element lomo 500mm anamorphic 35BAS14-1. Just wondering if anybody here has experience with it and any info. It seems like there are more than a few rental houses with this lens and there would appear to be a half dozen or so in private hands. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers, Nick
  19. The russian 25-80 is a great doc lens for 35mm sized sensor cameras. It was made by Ekran, then there was an optar version, and now I believe it is sold by Elite. 2 pounds, t3ish and very sharp. Nick Gardner
  20. I have for sale a set of K-35 super speed lenses. 18mm t2.8 24mm t1.6, 35mm t1.4, 50mm t1.4 These lenses are in BNCR mount. There is a dent in the filter threads on the 24mm. There are coating rub marks on the rear element of the 18mm. Asking $7000 please contact me at arrinick@hotmail.com with any questions. I'd be happy to email you photos. Thanks, Nick Gardner
  21. don't think that's what he's referring to. I think this is. And this. I think the episode was called "Triangle". Yup that was it. I actually spent all day today rehearsing a really long steadicam shot. We shoot it tomorrow. Was pretty surprised when I showed up today and found out we weren't goinf to roll today. I think you could handle the power issue fine for Red. My Mk-V d-box has four battery inputs, and really I think 3 90wh lions would be plenty. Cheers, Nick
  22. The question is why? It's been done, and it's very limiting. The famous X files that was 1 steadicam shot act to act hid I think 2 cuts. Hiding cuts is easy to do, and opens up many more options. From what camera you use, to using locations that are not actually next to each other, the ability to redo one part instead of the whole shot. Plus, your operator will do a much better job. It can be done, but I don't know why you would. Nick
  23. Reduser post with frame grabs from myster german quality lenses. http://reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?t=27624 Nick
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