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  1. Posted January 6, 2013 On this post you  had a diagram of the front cover of a filmo 70. I could not get the diagrams to load(Blue question marks where the pics were)  If you still have those available I could use them. I just disassembled a Filmo D and straightened out the flimsy 180 shutter. Thanks Mike Leake

    1. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      Sorry to bother you, again.  I disassembled my Filmo 70 DA, without the help of a service manual.  It is not quite a disaster.  NOT knowing the minimal amount of screws  needed to be removed I removed them all. Well now I know what the clock mechanism looks like in pieces.  Any thoughts on where I might get hold of a service manual?? I am sure I can get the gear box re-assembled, but a manual would help.


      Michael Leake




    2. Michael Leake

      Michael Leake

      Well, I did a little research and found your cinetinker blog. I found the Eyemo 35mm (?) teardown, and It looks very similar to the filmo70 16mm.  This may help me get my filmo 70 DA back together. Thanks


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