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  1. Hello from Spain.

    I am a young Camera repair Man here in Mallorca, Spain. More specialized in analogue photography equipment like Leica, Hasselblad, Plaubel67,etc etc.

    A few years ago i found passion for the Bolex 16 cameras and could service some of them. Since now I managed to repair them correctly, like replacing spring-motor, Governor mantainance, conversion from double to single rollers, conversion to S16, etc etc.

    But now i found twice the same problem on two REX4.

    -When motor is fully charged and I press the trigger, all speeds run inicialy ok, but then they slow down more and more coming to the end and it does not make the abrupt stop at the end.

    what could that be? clutch issue? spring issue? or is it the Governor?. As I said, by switching the speeds, they respond inicialy fine.

    Any opinion or help would be appreciated.


    greetings from Mallorca,


    Anthony Neitzke



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