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  1. Joss Whedon did a top job pulling all these elements together as he did. He is cinematic gold right now.
  2. He used to have a reputation of taking no shite from studios and getting his own way. Maybe he is getting mellow in his old age.
  3. Blu-ray is continuing to rise. Whilst I personally think Digital copies are a waste, they can be helpful to mothers with kids who have an Ipod or computer. DVD's is a mixed point. It's obviously there to appease the die hard DVD fans but it merely adds cost to a Blu-ray set. I am purposefully trying to get rid of my DVD collection (700) and replace with Blu-ray (500 so far) yet they keep putting in DVD's that I really don't need or want.
  4. Seriously impressed Gregory. what type of movie is his new one, action I take it.
  5. I look forward to seeing that, at home. homefully I will be 3D ready by the time it comes out on Blu-ray.
  6. I definitely think it's worth watching.
  7. Well the good news is that The game is coming out in Blu-ray at the end of September. So you can get more of your Fincher fix.
  8. My friend who lives in East London was initially very pleased and proud that London won the Olympic bid for 2012, that was until he realized just how much each Londoner was going to foot the bill (transport, police, security etc) all that with little chance of actually being able to afford to see any of the events. Now he is very annoyed by the whole thing.
  9. I must say I have never had any problems with any of the shakeycam footage I have seen, Cloverfield, Bourne Trilogy and Hunger Games and never had any issues.
  10. I'm glad the writing has gotten a lot better. Some of the 70's stuff was atrocious.
  11. Some places allow you to P/X your old DVDs for the equivalent Blu-ray. Kill 2 birds with one stone.
  12. Well, Ridley Scott has indicated that a director's cut will soon be available on Blu-ray. I'm hoping that the November BD release will have that cut and not have to wait down the line for it.
  13. Watched it Wednesday night. Thoroughly enjoyed it, though it was lacking in the scare factor. The 3D was not in your face like the New Spider-Man trailer. Just there when needed. Well worth watching. Make sure you don't get up when the trailers begin.
  14. I've been a bit lukewarm towards 3D in cinemas, however I have decided when I do upgrade my projector (in 6-8 months) I will opt for a 3D model. Will probably go for an Epson or possibly a Panasonic. Maybe 3D will be more satisfying at home. I already have quite a few 3D movies at home from combo packs.
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