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  1. Im looking to build a machine that can process 1080p video smoothly and up to 4k moderately well. are there any things i need to keep in mind? minimum requirements? whats a decent graphics card currently? should i consider overclocking or would it be overkill?
  2. i dont think anyone would argue that less choices for artists is ever a good thing. yes, film does have a certain nice something to it that digital can never recreate and yes it's terrible that soon there will be no more film manufactured. it will be a sad day when the last stock manufacturer closes its doors, but its not that much were loosing, take any great classic film and subtract the "magic" quality of film; the grain, the jitter, the characteristic color rendition, etc; you still have a great film. those qualities aren't in themselves cinema. The loss of film sucks BIG time, but life goes on.
  3. have you tried restarting the computer?
  4. this technology was already invented a year or so ago. there have been a few videos floating around the web. http://www.wearepopslags.com/interactive-360%C2%B0-video-professor-green-teams-up-with-doritos-coming-to-get-me/
  5. i think it should depend on the color of your background. if its a lighter color, clear; darker, black
  6. since the one half image is just going to be the ceiling, couldn't you do them separately then merge in post (which you'd be doing anyway). thatd simplify the rig substantially, require one camera/lens, and not need performers for the top half. fewer variables
  7. cinestyle looks terrible untouched, its designed to be used for a post workflow. i wouldnt have used that knowing i wasnt doing post. digital is not film, if you want the most control of digital images you shoot raw and do post, using anything else is just letting the camera decide the post-processing itself imo. every digital image goes through a post-process wether you do it or not.
  8. all of them, what i think looks off the actual animation. it looks a little stuttery.
  9. were those timelapse moves done in post then? i think its really good, but the timelapses have an odd motion or cadence to them. i mightve used a longer exposure, it couldve just been some export setting tho.
  10. if you have a Canon dslr, that isnt a 7D the new magic lantern firmware allows you to control and program focus pulls with the arrow buttons. unless you arent using canon ef lenses
  11. i was just referring to what you said about it being a mistake that the muppets dont seem real. I saw the film and not once did i question their reality because of the cinematography or any other reason. It's clear that the creators understand and love the muppets. imo the fact that they look like toys is unavoidable and honestly at the end of the day you have to just suspend your disbelief since theyre really just felt sacks.
  12. you should see the movie first if you plan criticizing it...
  13. wouldnt it make more sense to lock the mirror up and use live view?
  14. a certain portion of the population is blind or deaf, should we stop making movies, music, paintings and so on because some people are unable to experience it?
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