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  1. I just finished my interview with Stephen Lighthill and a former student and overall I think it went fairly well. It was a very informal conversation and the main questions they asked were what my inspirations are, how I intended to pay for AFI, and why AFI over other filmschools. The entire interview was around 20 minutes long. On my way out I asked Stephen when we would know and he said by the end of the month.
  2. I saw this today and I really enjoyed the photography. Richardson did such a great job creating a film noir look inside the hospital, it really made things feel claustrophobic as the film went on. The heavy neutral toned top and back lighting paid off here again, as I think it did in The Good Shepherd for Richardson, for the interior scenes. It also really made the dream sequences stand out due to the sudden punch in color. Has anyone else seen it yet?
  3. Thank you. I used this commercial http://mattcfrank.com/videos/cancer-clinic and a recolor corrected version of http://mattcfrank.com/videos/5-conversations that feature. I have not had a chance to put the new color corrected version online yet. I thought it would be better to send in completed work, or at least large chunks of works rather than just cutting a beauty real together. I hope you hear soon.
  4. Well I take that back. I just got the call from them and I have an interview in early March. I am very excited.
  5. Well I have not heard back about getting an interview so far, but I know the calls are going out. I hope they are just hitting local people last. I am getting pretty nervous, but hopefully I hear something soon.
  6. Got my application in for fall 2010! I will be keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. Hello all. I am working on putting together my application materials for AFI fall 2010 and I am having some trouble deciding which two work examples I should include. If anyone has some time to kill would you mind going to http://www.mattcfrank.com/videos and letting me know which 2 videos you think are the best strictly from a cinematography perspective? Mindfield (the one with the guy holding the newspaper) is out since I was not the cinematographer on it. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.
  8. Jayson this stuff looks great. Thanks for the journal.
  9. I really enjoyed it as well. I thought it looked great, the FX were perfect, and the camera movement really enhanced the action rather than obscuring it. I love flares too so any film with that many is going to be a winner in my book.
  10. I will try to make it. That is at the same time as the LAFCPUG supermeet also at MGM Grand. I am going to go to that since they have some great raffle prizes.
  11. Thanks for the tips guys. I am staying at Paris so I will just take the monorail out to the convention center. Good tips on packing water as I was planning on carrying a bag with me for swag and lit. I am planning on going to the promax party, are there any other events like that after hours?
  12. I will be there. It is my first NAB. Any tips besides wear comfortable shoes?
  13. Looks pretty sweet. I use an LTR-7 and I love its form factor and ergonomics so I am glad to see how similar this looks.
  14. Matt Frank

    TEXAS 16mm

    I was just looking at an Aaton XTRProd at Texcam in Houston. They were trying to sell it but I think they are still renting it out. Aaton XTRprod camera package camera body crystal speed control (5-75FPS) sliding base plate PL lens mount hand grip 2 power cables 2, 12v on-board battery and charger 350.00 That is the package they have. Where are you going to be shooting at?
  15. I just want to add my thanks to Mr. Mullen and Mr. Fong for their amazing insights into this art form. They are doing a great service for the up & coming generation of young cinematographers. Much appreciated gentleman.
  16. Matt Frank

    Apple TV

    My Xbox 360 can do the same thing as well. This product seems very un-apple like to me in that it is not filling a void. It is like they are a little late to the media center party. I was surprised by the announcement of AppleTV since so many other things already do basically the same function.
  17. It is only 15 FPS if it is in progressive mode. I have worked with it when we were doing a waking life style animated short and shot it 15FPS progressive which worked perfect for our needs.
  18. I love the show Heroes but I am getting kind annoyed at the half the face out of focus look they have been going for in the last few episodes. It is cool for effect in a couple of shots but they are almost using it on every close up of claire and her father. I thought the first 7 or so episodes looked great but now it is becoming a little grating. Is anyone else bothered by this?
  19. You could just use disc copy as well. Go to Applications > Utiilites > Disc Copy
  20. I have done behind the scenes work on "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" and shot a lot under these lights with BetaSP. I usually balanced to 5600k on the camera shooting under them and did a little color correction in post. They read as a magenta, which was ok for the work I was doing since I was not trying to make them look like natural light. They can definitely be used. I am a little busy right now but I will try to post some stills a little later on today. Good luck with your shoot.
  21. Ok that link worked for me. Now hopefully my computer will play it. I cant go past 10.2.6 or my version of avid dies so i am on an old quicktime. :blink:
  22. The video will not download for me. It says cannot find host. I know the quality is bad but can you put it on youtube?
  23. A diffustion filter such as a Tiffen SoftFX also helps take away the video look.
  24. Getting accepted it doesn't matter what format it is in, but once you are in you will need to show it in whatever format they use at that particular fesitval. Most fesivals should be able to show 35mm and HD. HD is different from DVD since DVDs are standard def. Some fesivals may be able to show on a DVD but the quality will not be good when blown up to a large screen. I would reccomend shooting on Super 16 since the film costs would be the same as regular and that way you will have a little more information on the neg when you transer to DVD or HD and you can always do a 35mm blow up if you get accepted and dont want to go HD.
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