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  1. Hi there, I've sent you a PM. kind regards, sinisa dragin
  2. Hello Enrique, I don't see your email?
  3. Hi there, I would like to buy Zeiss Super Speed MK3 50mm lens. sdragin (at) gmail.com
  4. Bonus very nice Cooke Speed Panchro 28mm lens (optical block).
  5. Hi there, I have a nice Cooke Speed Panchro 50mm serial II lens in PL mount. Rehousing made be Dima Turaev; never used after that. No scratches, fungus, haze, lens separation, oil on iris blades, yellowing; focus and iris works fine. It produces very nice pictures. The picture made with it done with Fujifilm X-T20 (super 35mm sensor size); wide open, 5.6K. 3700 euros I can send good quality pictures. You can contact me on sdragin(at)gmail.com
  6. Hi there, I have very nice Cooke Speed Panchro serial I lens set: 18, 35, 50, 75mm in arri standard mount. 8500 euros I can send good quality pictures. You can contact me on sdragin (at) gmail.com
  7. Hello Piero, The set is no more available. But I have a very nice set of 6 Cooke Speed Panchro lenses ready for rehousing. I can help for rehousing with PS Technik. Here you have my mail address: sdragin (at) gmail.com regards, sinisa
  8. bump. difficult to find a set like this - both optically and mechanically mint. serious offers welcomed.
  9. ... price set 6 lenses (without 100) 35.000 euro. Serious offers welcomed. sinisa dragin writer, director Mrakonia film
  10. Hello, I'm selling a very nice set of S2/3 Cooke Speed Panchro leses (18, 25, 32, 40. 50, 75, 100), rehoused by PS Technik. Never used after rehousing, all lenses are 7xxx serial numbers (I can sennd serial numbers by mail), excellent condition, all original glass, no scratches, cleaning marks, haze, fungus, yellowing, perfectly collimated - very difficult to find a set like this. I intended to keep it for myself, but now I have other priorities. Lenses are coming in PS Technik case and two rings for macro (for 50 and 75mm lenses). The lenses have metric focus ring, but I can arrange to replace it in ft. Price: 44.000 euro We can arrange video call via Whatsup/Vimeo/Facetime in idea to check the leses; also who is interesting in is welcomed to come to Bucharest to check them personally. regards, sinisa dragin writer/director Mrakonia film ps cat is not for sale
  11. thanks Richard. It looks like one of release buttons is missing (second picture); is it correct? kind regards, sinisa
  12. Hello Richard, If you don't sell it to Blaise, I'm also interesting in. Does it work with Red cameras? regards, sinisa
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