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  1. If anyone is interested in it, please make an offer. My price is not firm. Thanks
  2. I am located at New York City. I am asking for around 9000. Thanks
  3. · ARRI 235 Kit - Retired from production company. It is in great c 4 PERF FILM MOVEMENT IVS Color Video Assist Assorted Masks-super 35 1.78 Ext View Finder Leveling Rod 4 Original Batteries. They still work, but they are of the age that need recalled. Dual Charger Shoulder Pad Power Cable and other cables. Manual ARRI Kit of ARRIFLEX Right-Hand Handgrip & Long Handgrip Extension--B&H sells fo $1160 plus tax. Open box. Almost New. 
 And Tools come with the camera. Pelican Case Please contact me for
  4. I need 235 should mag 60/200. Do you have spare to sell? Thanks Andy
  5. Hi, Isaac! I am interested in Arriflex 235 400ft dolphin mag x1 (v good) -Arriflex 235 200ft dolphin mag x2 (excellent) I am located at New York City. please let me know if it is still available and the price of them. Thanks Please email me. andypatala@yahoo.com
  6. Dear Martin Sacha I have a similar lens that needs to be cleaned completely. Do you know any repair shop in USA or elsewhere. Thanks
  7. I have a super 8 camera and it is not running. The camera is in great condition. It comes with a battery. I would like to know if you can repair it and the price. I am located at NYC.  




    1. Simon Wyss

      Simon Wyss

      Hi, Andy, please excuse for the long delay! I haven’t been here for a while and the messenger was down. My bad

      For Super-8 I am not the person to talk to. No Super-8, no Single-8 here.

      Many thanks nonetheless for the asking!


      Simon Wyss, https://www.film-mechanik.ch

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