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  1. I just took an HDR masterclass last week at AbelCine LA with Dado Valentic, who does an amazing job explaining science and workflow while keeping a refreshing enthusiasm about color. Though the class was HDR Grading and focused strongly on specific workflows, we spent a great deal of time talking theory, color spaces, and general color science. We've come a long way from Rec709 and he does a great job explaining how to "future proof" the work we shoot, grade, and deliver. Including ACES, P3, etc etc. It was a 2day course and walked out with a notebook filled with notes and a better understanding of my work. I was fortunate enough to have the company I'm working with put me up for it but I'd say it was well worth it.
  2. Figured I'd just mention I'm looking to sell my Arriflex SR2 out of Los Angeles, CA. Arriflex SR2 w/CrystalSync (x2) 400ft Magazines w/ ANGENIEUX Lens 12-120MM 1:2.2 PM if interested. Thanks!
  3. Preston Micro Force V+F pics attached. $800 USD PM if interested.
  4. Selling the body with original box for $1800 in Los Angeles.
  5. In Hollywood, everything works perfectly. RED One Camera with Mysterium Sensor (not the Mysterium-X) w/ PL Mount (3) 500gb RED Hard Drive (3) RED Battery Bricks (1) Monitor (1) Dual Battery Charger Card reader on camera, comes with top handles, rails with handles, and cables All comes secure in a pelican case. email invokan@gmail.com for details.
  6. Hi there, Selling a brand new Blackmagic URSA 4K PL Willing to ship. Asking 4000. Would sell it for 3600 if you care to give me the Resolve USB Dongle : ) Bought the camera for a production that ended up changing recording mediums.
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