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  1. Title says it all. Now that I have a camera I've been looking in to utilizing the mount. Keep in mind, I am not expecting anything close to the quality of a Zeiss or Cooke, only want the functionality (aperture ring, metal casing, etc). Thanks in advance.
  2. Something that's been interesting to me is how cinema grade cameras are cheaper than ever. Maybe write about various releases of the digital age and how they've shaped the prices on the market today. How we went from an HD 4:4:4 camera costing a house to the RED One costing a used car. Could even throw in the impact the 2008 recession had on this progress. Would love to read something like that.
  3. You could try getting in contact with a Gobelins student https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6ZmMjMdrqs
  4. Was looking around old Pokemon promos and saw many shots like this How exactly is this wide angle dollhouse look achieved? I was going to say just a wide angle lens but everything looks so close together like a long zoom lens. Are they putting a fisheye at the end of a telephoto or something? As always, thanks for reading.
  5. Those images are VERY helpful, thank you. Would you happen to have 16-18mm shots? for Super35, sorry for not mentioning earlier.
  6. Cannot make up my mind so I thought you guys would have some nice input. I already have a 35/50/85 set of prime cine lenses. I want to get wider but not sure HOW wide I need. Is 16mm TOO wide or 24mm too close to 35mm to make a difference? Does anyone have any sample pictures? Thanks. I was considering a 135mm cine prime but the majority of my shoots are in small indoor areas where space is somewhat scarce.
  7. Wasn't exactly sure where something like this goes but I went with general. So with audio, vinyl has been having a resurgence because of its lossless sound quality in contrast to MP3. While not technically superior, Super 8mm has found its place due to various elements that give it a distinctive "look" To you, does VHS tape quality (shooting or viewing) have any elements that makes it stand out in a positive way from DVD or Blu Ray? Whether it be coloration of the sound, color tones, anything? Love to hear your thoughts, thanks.
  8. If you'd like someone to skype/screenshare about it, you can PM me and I'll give you my 2 cents. Have color graded a couple small award winning shorts.
  9. Tuning things up so stuff like this doesn't happen for categories, this was for the Animation selections of 2014: There's opinions and then there's laziness
  10. Just saw Creed, def snubbed for either best director or screenplay
  11. What do you recommend for scanning the film to work in digital?
  12. Do you recommend waiting for USB3.1? I heard USB3 is still a bit too slow in contrast to thunderbolt.
  13. Do you have any narrative samples of your work?
  14. Call me an "audiophile" (even though people constantly misuse that term) but never concern yourself with a camera's audio quality. Buy a Zoom H6 and you're good to go.
  15. The 4K version was a dud. Worse than DSLR in low light. The 4.6k remains to be seen since they said a new sensor will be in it.
  16. I'm guessing you didn't grasp the sarcasm. The Oscars were started in a time of very scarce political correctness, the actor/actress separation that exists today is purely out of tradition, not necessity. As in, using "separate gender awards" doesn't work as an argument in this scenario.
  17. Because those award distinctions weren't established back when slavery still existed in rural parts of the south or anything.
  18. A7sii is cool for the price but I'm personally not a fan of it's size/weight and feel it could break in an instant if not careful. I will say it's the most impressive still camera out there as far as video is concerned. BMPC4K's touchscreen controls had me hesitant when I was looking to upgrade from DSLR. When shooting video, I want a camcorder, not an iPad. It sounds like for what you're doing, no one will be demanding 4K, and with that I'd recommend either a C100 or Sony F3. Both similar in form factor, the F3's S-Log output, when turning off the sharpness enhancements, has a very nice look to it. End of the day though, If you're primarily starting as a hobby, a Canon DSLR will work just fine. What Canon do you currently have?
  19. Yeah I considered the C100 out of a fear that I wouldn't know what the hell I was doing with a more complex body, but looked at the image and shooting specs and wasn't feeling it either. And yes eBay is the only way I go for anything, but if you have personal marketplace connections don't listen to me on that. I'm not so sure about the RED One, but the RED Scarlett allows you to entirely replace the front mount with 4 screws and put in another one.
  20. I would recommend the C100 if you're concerned with buying extra gear to accommodate a new body, It'll be good to go with all the EF lenses you currently have (assuming you aren't already adapting the 5d to work with PL lenses), toted as a solid camera for run and gun documentary. If you're just going off of best image for the price, skip the RED Epic and Raven and look to the RED One MX. RED's first release will be price dropping to to low $2k this summer. Not as "future proof" as the raven, but if 4k and 120p shooting sounds like it'll help your needs for a while, go with it. Drawbacks to the RED from a DSLR shooter's perspective would be the stuff (external recorder or CF reader, monitor, lens adapter) you need to make it work. Even with that stuff, still under $5k. I would also agree with LaVoie's comment on skipping the FS5 for the FS7 if you choose to go with Sony. Has better shooting options. ARRI is WAY out of my price range so I cannot comment.
  21. Just bought a Sony F3, plan on doing either Prores422 or Prores4444 at 1080p. Later on, after the Raven's release causes price drops, I plan on upgrading to a RED One MX, recording in the same Prores formats but trying my hand at 4k footage. Would like to work with all of this footage in Sony Vegas.
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