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  1. Sorry I think I'm missing something, why can't you just manually sync the audio by dragging the video clips around the master audio? I understand it might take a little longer, but for me, that's all I can trust.
  2. Let's say I have an Atomos Samurai Blade, Set of Rokinon primes, or whatever else that isn't listed that could also interest you, could I mail those items to you to lower the price of that RED package for example? Thank you for reading.
  3. The Lego of cameras, great invention here. Promotes the best innovation of the industrial revolution; interchangeable parts. Once people start demanding 6K, you can upgrade parts rather than entire cameras. Also less than $3000 for 4K is head-turning regardless of the previous factor. If the image quality checks out with dynamic range and anti-aliasing (way easier said than done), this should definitely generate some noise in the market.
  4. Trying to gather as much info as possible before I get the funds for a new Windows desktop machine. The criteria is; you have either ProRes or REDcode footage placed on this given drive. Taking into account stability, longevity, preview frame rate, and render speed, how would you rank them from best to worst? We're assuming all of the other hardware in each theoretical Windows machine is identical and the storage space is 4TB. The workload is rendering only 3gb a week. Your considerations will ignore cost for the moment. Options: - 10,000rpm HDD - Internal SSD (read/write speed of 550mb/s) - External HDD RAID connected via usb3.1 - Internal HDD RAID array Thanks for your input, whatever it may be.
  5. Are any of these prices negotiable? Or discounted if we exchange in certain pieces of gear that may not be listed? Thank you for your time.
  6. Great selection, man. What do you have the Red One MX (and what does it come with) and Sony A7S priced at? Thanks.
  7. Has the 8mm or 16mm become passe for skate shoots? The only tape of it I've watched recently was Rodney Mullen in the early 2000's. Is an auto focus lens encouraged or just a really high f-stop?
  8. Just looked this up, nice piece of gear. I already own an Atomos Blade for my F3, but I know there will be times where I just need a quicker, less cumbersome, setup. That's where the SxS cards came in for me in the first place.
  9. Is a card reader just around $150 or am I missing something? I can afford it, I just don't feel like tacking on another hundred dollar purchase for a camera that could've easily had an SD slot. Does SxS make 8-bit 4:2:0 look better or something?
  10. A 50mm Rokinon cine prime with an MFT mount would be a good place to start.
  11. I assume that harshly caps the data transfer rate?
  12. Your horror stories have pretty much directed me otherwise. Any recommendations for an SxS card dock to USB? The price of those was the main factor that went into my consideration for the adapter.
  13. On eBay, I've seen Sony SxS cards that have SD slots so you can plug an SD card straight into an F3. Unfortunately, I'm always a prisoner of the "too good to be true" adage. Does this actually work with zero digital blunders (given the card is 40mb/s or higher), or is there a catch I'm not seeing it to. I understand internally recording with most cameras just gives you 4:2:0 sub-sampling so I've come to grips with that, but if that's the only catch I'm excited to get one of these. As always, thanks.
  14. This is like bending my brain. A lens that reverses common perspective physics is an interesting piece for 25k.
  15. Yeah seamless whip pans were used a few times to give Birdman its "shot in one take" illusion.
  16. I've seen forums that've had their UI destroyed by dozens of endless quote chains.
  17. Posting here is a bit polarizing for me. I've been on forums that encourage verbal harassment lol. Much more important to be civil on places like this dealing with actual crafts and not the Simpsons Forums or whatever.
  18. Anyone who thinks this movie will be anything short of passable is a bit too cynical. WB knows what they're doing. Not saying this will be great, but the formula for stuff like this has been figured out years ago. Look at Marvel, I personally find the newest hero movies boring as hell, but that doesn't make them anything less than 6/10. You can't trick the modern day masses with objectively bad movies.
  19. Sorry. I always assume everyone is looking to purchase for some reason lol.
  20. RED One can shoot 120fps at 2k. From what I've seen it's not bad in low light, also getting cheaper and cheaper as the months go by.
  21. This is a great educational piece, production on point. With that said, I need to buy you some new sneakers.
  22. Needed to get any opinions at all on this vintage zoom lens, been shopping around. To anyone who's even used it just once, how does it handle and how did you like the image it produced? Thank you. pic for context:
  23. I love the future. $5500 will be killing the current competition.
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