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  1. around here they are road legal without any paperwork / license plates when they are limited to 10km/h, because they then somehow count as bycicles. i heeeeeeaaaaaaard however from a friend of a friend of a friend that it miiiiiiiiiiiiight be possible to very easily deactivate that limiter. :)
  2. oh, and feel free to like us on facebook, theres also some videos of above stuff on there... https://www.facebook.com/lichtdezernat (dont worry, we are not a company, just some dudes building stuff) :) curious about your feedback, cheerio !
  3. our biggest build so far is the "quick attack set cart 3000" being fed up with bulky and heavy set carts that dont fit into small locations we decided to built a light little aluminium cart with a width of under 80cm so that it fits through every standard door and into most elevators. this is still being built, but here are couple of pictures.... cad plans in the foreground, wooden dummy in the background: current state: ..it will hold only a very basic amount of equipment in order to stay small and nimble but feature a couple of nifty features like a lockable drawer for valuables like exposure meters, a little built in battery for usb charging stuff and its own led-worklights, a little 800g self-retracting 6meter built in cable drum for charging its battery and various other little details that we missed in existing set carts ....
  4. another thing we built for a previous season of the same series is the "inspekta reflekta 3000" ... when simulating police car emergency lights but with more output one used to do this with bouncing big lights gelled blue into manually rotated mirrors... but since this needed one man cranking each mirror we built motorized rotating mirrors: speed can of course be adjusted and direction can be switched:
  5. hi everyone... i am suprised that my account is still active, it has been years since i last posted here since my worklife shifted from DPing small corporate stuff to G&E'ing / Bestboying / Gaffing bigger stuff over the last couple of years.... Anyways, 2 of my buddies and i built some stuff over the years to make our worklives easier so i thought i might just share some of it. First off, the Setscooter 3000.... As we are currently shooting a TV series that involves tons of urban on location shooting where the truck sometimes has to park a littler further away and as i am not getting any younger i bought a litte electric scooter and did some welding: and since we are currently shooting a cop series it also received a light and police paint: the setscooter can easily carry a m18, ballast some cables, and stands at once: at first even i thought it was just a funny little gimmick but it has proven to be really enormously practical and really sped us up on urban locations where the parking situation isnt always optimal. we also used it to simulate car lights passing by:
  6. ..some stills: and here's some setphotos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.341164439330297.76891.339043536209054 it's a facebook album, i hope it's public ... edit: and here's a very nice before/after thingy showing the great set design: :)
  7. ...about a year ago is now online. (make sure to watch in HD and fullscreen) :) looking forward to your feedback! cheers, alex
  8. nevermind, already answered. should have refreshed the page :)
  9. put a dwarf in it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4je71Tz_9IE sorry, couldn`t resist.
  10. "Living in oblivion" - everyone who's ever been to a low budget indy set will feel with steve buscemi's character .. this movie also is full of little jokes and situations that your non-film business friends won't laugh about. "Lost in la mancha" - not sure if a documentary counts as movie, but it sure is big drama! seing terry gilliam up close and personal while his close-to-his-heart-project goes down the toilet always makes want to quit amd get a normal job. still i can enjoy this docu. cant thing of a nr. 3 right now. maybe later.
  11. from an indie feature that buddy and forum member alex pĆ¼ringer dop'ed and i b-cam operated and 2nd unit dp'd..... unfinished, during prep: one of the finished versions: we were fortunate to be allowed to drill some holes and mount some of those to the bottom of the car: dont know what theyre called in your language. .. ground clearance obviously wasnt much of an issue, as we just drove on nice asphalt. and our keygrip had that thing on top built, to have anchorpoints on the roof without having to do any visible damage to the car.
  12. theres 12 to 220v converters that can be plugged directly to the battery. on my last feature we often powered a 200w hmi with it, enough for an overcast day. good converters should also be able to handle a jokerbug or some other 400w hmi.
  13. a shot i did some time ago asked for the lights of a car turning around swooshing over an actor. we achieved this by rigging 2 little pars (i felt that fresnels would be a bit too even) on a short speedrail about 1,5meters apart from each other, for that little double shadow effect, and had a grip carry it by hand... the shot can actually be seen in my showreel.. www.alex.haspel.at ..at roughly the beginning of the last third on another instance, where i gaffed, we put a 1,2kW hmi par on a dolly and went past a window, while panning... in order to actually have the light move over the set, instead of just coming and going like it would be when only panning of course.. havent got that clip online, sadly
  14. anamorphic lenses produce the effect you described.
  15. smashing pumkins - ava adore fantastic (almost)-oneshot video lucas - lucas with the lid off another gondry masterpiece, steadicam oneshot i'm sure there's more, i just can't seem to think well at this early early hour.
  16. you might load already developed film, it is not sensitive to light anymore. another advantage is that you will surely end up with SOMETHING on it! to answer your question in all seriousness, all film has this "light problem", thats how film works.
  17. Alex Haspel


    yeah, i know, it is not SLR, but i feel like it... i got a rollei35, it is hardly bigger than a pack of smokes and is fed with normal 35mm cartridges. (image from google)
  18. my everyday car is also my first, it is a 20year old volvo 740 estate with currently 320thousand km on the clock. it's pretty (by my standards), build like a tank, easy to fix, has lots of room (for european standards), and probably is even good on gas for american standards. the back seats fold completely flat, giving you either a two meter long king sized bedside, or if you only fold down half of the back seat, space for 3 and a tutti completti moviecam SL package all in cases plus sticks and head plus a magliner! especialy when starting out and doing low/no-budget stuff you don't want transportation to be a limiting factor too... i'd suggest getting some kind of estate. i'd even go a step further and suggest buying what i have! if that whole film deal ain't working out, i'm gonna be a used car salesman.
  19. for the windscreen reflection the common practice is to rig a floppy above it. should kill any reflections from the sky. and as for the side shot, you might just a tape a piece of cardboard or something to that extend to where the window would be. (with a hole cut in for the lens, to improve image quality)
  20. even tho the the riddle was solved rather quickly, i hope some more of you will watch this, as i'd love to hear some more feedback! all the best, alex
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