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  1. Amen brother, can't help but feel like the people who "love" LA just haven't experienced someplace better. Moving to LA from Europe is insane, car-centric city planning is an actual nightmare.
  2. CORRECTIONS: - Pinprick blemish on rear element is actually on the 12mm, NOT the 9.5mm - 9.5mm has a blemish on the coating of the front element that also has no effect on the image. Pictures can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ZsO2baFia05zwkk54DdNA03yX1XP4sWj?usp=share_link Photos are annotated where there are blemishes or dust/reflections that appear as blemishes but aren't. Lenses will come with the case if purchased as a full set.
  3. Full set serviced less than a year ago by Charles Pickel at Serious Gear. The glass is pristine aside from a tiny pinprick on the rear element coating of the 9.5mm, has absolutely no effect on the image whatsoever. Message me if you're interested and want photos of the individual lenses, they really are absolutely pristine! Markings are in feet, NOT metric. Here are a couple projects I shot with these lenses, they produce some really beautiful images: https://www.fiokarpenko.com/thick-and-heavy https://www.fiokarpenko.com/howl Looking to get $14,000 for the full set.
  4. Yeah same experience here, got it the day of the announcement and didn't see NC400 available. Maybe it was a regional thing??
  5. Just to confirm this is actually NC400 and not NC500 right? I don't think I ever saw NC400 available in 16mm or 35mm rolls, only the photography stuff. Your test does seem to make sense though because from looking at various test from photographers it looks like NC400 has a way cooler look and NC500 is much warmer.
  6. Actually looks pretty nice! What did you rate it at? 400?
  7. Anyone looking to sell theirs?
  8. Yeesh I can't imagine they were unaware of these QC issues.
  9. I'll double check, although I'm pretty sure there's no tilt. I checked the FFD with a depth gauge and it was pretty spot on across the entire gate, I'm guessing if there was a tile then the depth gauge would give me different readings in different edges of the frame, right?
  10. Hey everyone! Want to double check something with you guys: I got a new front for my K3 that has a PL mount on it. The centering is a little off so my s16 lenses end up having some vignetting. (If you're looking at the ultra 16 image area then the vignetting is pretty bad, but in terms of the s16 image area it's not that horrible) I'm able to get a new front for the camera with adjusted mount placement. From my understanding, the mount would actually need to move upwards a bit, not downwards, right? I created this flipped version of the image to see the way the image lands on the film out of the rear of the lens, along with an approximate image circle of the lens based on the vignette: I estimated that the mount would need to move upwards by about 1mm to get it centered up on the Y axis. If you're just looking at the s16 area, it seems like the X-axis centering is actually quite solid. (not perfect, but probably not worth tweaking since I'm only going to use the s16 area) Would really appreciate some input!
  11. Tent 100%. Never seen anyone use a bag on set for anything serious.
  12. Yes definitely looks to be the same lens, they all have the ability to fully close the aperture.
  13. Sheesh it's like every time a 416 is listed the price goes up $10k 😅 Beautiful camera!
  14. Hey everyone! I have the BP-7 15mm studio baseplate for my SR3 and am looking to trade it for the 19mm version - the BP-6. Anyone out there interested in that trade? I just accidentally bought 19mm accessories for my SR3 thinking that the baseplate takes 19mm rods and just realized that I made a big mistake 😅
  15. Just arrived from B&H today. Project got cancelled so trying to get rid of these ;( $200/ea. Pickup in LA
  16. Not at all an expert but maybe the same reason halation is red? When light is intense enough it bounces off the film backing back up to the red layer causing it to be red.
  17. Beauty 😍 Would buy in a heartbeat if I had the cash for it
  18. Set of 6 actually 😎 8, 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50. Yeah super happy with the deal we got!
  19. At Serious Gear in Seattle! Charles worked for Lumatech for a very long time so he knows all of their lenses super well. There have been different versions of the super 16 Illuminas, I think the older version has the "Optar" engraving on the lens and the newer version has the "Illumina" engraving. Although you should speak to Charles, he can answer basically any question you could possibly have about those lenses.
  20. I think some of them are defeinitely pretty good wide open! The 8mm was pretty soft wode open though so probably will do T2 maximum. Blue shift might be from the eyepiece being open and flaring the shot 😅 My friend and I paid $5000 for the full set, we're also probably going to end up paying just over $1000 to service them so somewhere arpund $6k total for a fully serviced set 🙂
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