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Found 86 results

  1. dear fellow(more experienced) cinematographers if you had the choice between buying the fs7 or fs5 with the Atmos for external 4k what would be your choice(price would be about the same at least here in Switzerland) I mean for just hd the fs5 is perfect when it comes to size(I own a ronin and a drone) and the picture is stunning but 4k is not acceptable. Fs7 is the whole package fot its price range. What would you recommend for someone that wants to be able to deliver very good 4k but also has to consider size and shoots a lot of project in HD? fs5 with Atmos, Fs7 with GH4 or... Thanks for your input Dan
  2. Blackmagic Production Camera 4k ef mount Like new with original box. Only 1 day of use. Perfect condition MAKE AN OFFER (usd) 4K Super 35mm Sensor with Global Shutter Records 4K (3840x2160) & HD (1920x1080) ProRes 422 Codecs (HQ, 422, LT, & Proxy) Compressed CinemaDNG RAW (4000x2160) Canon EF Lens Mount Built-In SSD Recorder 6G-SDI Output for Ultra HD via One Cable 5" Touchscreen LCD (800x480 Resolution) In the box: Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K (EF Mount) Sun Shield Camera Strap Turret Dust Cap 12V AC Adapter Possibility of buying a Kingston HyperX Savage - Solid state drive - 240 GB with the camera. Buyer pay shipping cost. I live in Montreal Canada. email me @ js.francoeur@hotmail.com
  3. https://vimeo.com/155044768 Few shots from California, Arizona & Nevada take with DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Editing: FCPX + Color finale. Cinematographer - Oleg Zayanov Season: January - February 2016.
  4. PHANTOM Flex 4K Package For Sale (Pre-Owned) 1x AstroDesign Electronic Colour Viewfinder 2x 1TB Vision Research CineMags 1x CineStation Mag Reader 240v Power Supply 1x Travel Case email sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and details.
  5. hello guys! I've got a question, it might be a stupid question for some of us, still it bothers me right now! I was browsing some Canon Cinema Prime lenses, and I read: "they offer brilliant 4K image quality" my question is: what does that mean? I mean, how do they calculate that the lens offers a 4K image quality and not for instance a 2K? thank you so much :)
  6. Hello everybody, I’d like to share with you the first 4K SUPER 8 FILM IN 3D. It’s one of my 5 submissions to the KODAK SUPER 8 FILMMAKING CHALLENGE. Click on the link below to go to the Audience Awards website to watch the film. FAIR WARNING: You MUST use anaglyph (Red / Cyan) 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect, otherwise the image looks just blurred. Headphones are also recommended. Don’t forget to vote please. Thank you, MOY Link: http://theaudienceawards.com/films/4k-super-8-in-3d-by-moy51613#
  7. Just found this gorgeous video on Vimeo and I thought I'd share it. Maybe we could use an "Online" sub-forum within this one?... Anyway, enjoy. https://vimeo.com/146534283
  8. I'm thinking about buying a camera at the end of the year. I've been assessing what I can afford and what's available. So far, I've narrowed it down to either the Panasonic GH4 or the Sony A7s. I like the GH4's native ability to shoot 4k but I'm concerned about the 4/3" sensor size. I'm impressed with the Sony A7s' shooting capability especially in low light but disappointed that shooting 4k requires an expensive peripheral. I'd appreciate any advice, opinions and first hand intel anyone can give me. If there's another camera system that anyone would recommend, by all means. Mind you I cannot afford anything that's over $5000. Thanks.
  9. With the advent of the 4/3 mount system a wide variety of lenses are now availble for use in HD and 4K acquisition. Lenses produced prior to the digital era may provide a specific look but for general production may not provide adequate resolution for HD or 4K production. Is there a standard suggested minimum resolution for lenses used for 4K acquisition? Are lower end lenses such as the Bower series and still lenses such as the Canon EF series of significant resolution to meet the requirements of 4K?
  10. With the advent of the 4/3 mount system a wide variety of lenses are now availble for use in HD and 4K acquisition. Lenses produced prior to the digital era may provide a specific look but for general production may not provide adequate resolution for HD or 4K production. Is there a standard suggested minimum resolution for lenses used for 4K acquisition? Are lower end lenses such as the Bower series and still lenses such as the Canon EF series of significant resolution to meet the requirements of 4K?
  11. Please email for pricing @ sales@broadcastsolutions.com Includes : 1 - Sony PMW-F55 Hours: 487 1 - DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder 1 - Microphone Holder 1 - Sony Stereo Microphone for the F5/F55 1 - Switronix S-JP-A-Base 3-Stud Jetpack for F5/F55 1 - FOS-100 Compact 100W 14.4VPower Supply 2 - 64GB SxS Pro Plus Cards 2 - 128GB SxS Pro Plus Cards 1 - SBAC-U20 USB SxS Memory Card Reader 1 - AXS-R5 RAW Recorder for F5/F55 Hours: 36 1 - AXS-CR1 Card Reader for AXS-R5 Memory Recorder 2 - AXS-512S24 512GB Memory Cards 1 - Anton Bauer 2702 4 Position Battery Charger 4 - Dionic HC Batteries 1 - Arri Pro Set For Sony PMW-F5/F55 (Top Plate, Base Plate, Shoulder Pad, Viewfinder Adapter, Plug Protector) 2 - Arri Handgrips with extensions 1 - Innerspace case For F5/F55 w/Desipack
  12. Film stock kodak 7203 50D. Processed and scanned to a 4K Log by Pro8mm. This film has been downres to 1080p for Vimeo purposes. It has not been edited or processed in any form other than the color change to B&W, the sound is the wild production track with no processing. This sound test was performed in a single take using double system, the Logmar Super 8 film camera and the Sennheiser MKH 416 directional shotgun microphone. The audio was recorded with the Tascam DR-70 Linear PCM recorder. https://vimeo.com/136780122 Enjoy, MOY
  13. Hi guys, Selling my F55 kit. Hours are around 1050. I'm looking for £20,500 (+ 20% vat if applicable) for the list below. All beautifully boxed by Case Design. Photos attached, although I don't have the Arri Pro Support set that you see in the photos anymore. Sony F55 + DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder 4 x Sony Olivine Batteries Sony BC-L90 Battery Charger Sony SxS Pro+ Card128GB R5 Raw Recorder (Hours: 370) 2 x Sony AXS Card 512GB AXS Card Reader Rigidised Aluminium Camera & Accessories Case with lazer-cut interior Rigidised Aluminium Battery and Charger Case (can accommodate 6 Olivine batteries) Cheers, Jamie Kennerley jamiekennerley@hotmail.com 07863 180 802
  14. Sony F65 Camera Package with Media. Please see the list below. Serious inquires only. If you know about the camera, but you are not totally familiar with all of the items below please email me. Sony F65 Body 1 F65 EVF and EVF Mounting Plate 1 Sony Riser Plate 1 Shoulder Pad 1 Sony F65 R4 Recorder 1 AB Battery Plate 1 V-Mount Shoe 1 Control Panel 1 2x 9pL to 9pL Cable 1 Accessory Bracket 1 Solid Camera 1/20 and 3/8” Side Mounted Cheese Plate 1 V-lock Connectors 2 4 2-pin, 4 3-pin accessory breakout box for 24V and 12V Power 1 (3-pin Fisher 24volt – 2-pin Lemo 12 Volt Connectors) Arri BP-9 1 Arri 12-Inch Dovetail 1 512 High Speed SR Memory Card (Black) 3 256 High Speed SR Memory Card (Black) 1 AC Adapter/ Power Cable 1 Frezzi Universal Juice Box 1 2x 10' 8pL(m) to 8pL(f) Power Cable 1 Anton Bauer Hytron 140w Battery 4 Anton Bauer Quad Charger 1 Sony PC4 Downloading Station with 10GigE Option 1 AC Adapter/ Power Cable 1 Sony SRD-1 1 **All Equipment is provided with hard cases or Pelicans System Hours: 697 Continuous 145 Periodic Please see images of the camera package with the link below: http://bit.ly/1FDvexT sean@3riveproductions.com
  15. As it looks like I will be getting either a 2K or 4K scan for my 16mm short film (and not doing a traditional A/B negative cut,) my main concern now is preserving the grain structure that I achieved in-camera. I went for a specific look with this film and pushed 7219 2 stops, creating a nice amount of grain. As I read and look online and different clips on Vimeo & YouTube, I see a lot of 2K scans that look too pristine. Not all, but a lot. So my question is will I still be able to retain that kind of gritty look with a 2K scan, or will it defeat the purpose of the original look I was going for?...
  16. We have several of the new Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Cameras available, Demo units, less then 10 hours, full warranty contact for details bvw@vidgear.com 760-200-3634
  17. Email For Pricing : sales@broadcastsolutions.com Used On One Project. Director Film Scanner Base 4K & 2K 35mm Pinless Fast Shuttling Module Kodak Digital ICE (DICE) Dustusting System CineDirector Software, 2K 35mm CCD Sensor, LED Light Source, KeyKode Reader, TimeCode, EDL Import, KeyKode EDL Import, Custom Film Transport for gentle film handling, Host Computer with Windows 7 64-bit, Pinless film transport, Lasergraphics Optical registration System, HEPA Filter Positive Air Pressure System, Modular design for fast/easy maintenance, Scanning Speed of 11fps full aperture 2k and HD (8fps when running Kodak DICE). Up to 100 fps shuttling plus thumbnail preview
  18. For sale Ki Pro Quad 4K recorder Used but in perfect working condition Comes with 2 x 512 GB SSD cards and reader. 5000.00 canadian dollars http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/857190-REG/AJA_KI_PRO_QUAD_Ki_Pro_Quad.html I live in Montreal, can ship anywhere.
  19. We have a Phantom Flex 4K package with a year warranty left on the package $115,900 Phanton Flex 4K Ultra Bundle One year warranty left on package 64GB Flex4K 2x2TB CM + CS - 1 Phantom Flex, 64GB Color Camera W/ PL Mount 2-2TB CineMag IV 1-CineStation IV Power supply and cable - PL lens mount Ethernet connection cable - 5 Meters 1 year warranty on parts and labor Vision Research Camera Control Software Glue Tools Software License Pelican Camera Case - Printed Manual Viewfinders VRI-VF-WBUNDLE* Phantom Viewfinder, OLED, with Bundle Purchase (Includes Bracket) Camera Support 1-AB-PFL-C400 2 Cine-Style Riser for Phantom Flex Basic Accessories 1 VRI-TRIG-PIC* Trigger Pickle Switch 1 AB-PWR-SUPPLY -221W-24V Power Supply 2-CO-BBD1505F-25B Premium Belden 1505F Digital Video BNC Cable w. Canare Conn. - 25' sdi 1-VRI-CBL-ETH-FIS -10M* 10 Meter CAT 5 Ethernet Cable for Phantom HD, 65, Miro 1-IC-3097-Flex 4K Hard Case w/wheels and handle Necessary Accessory 1-VRI-PWR-CORDOPT-US VRI Power Plug (US) ADDITIONALS 1-AR-339860 Arri BP-8 435 Bridgeplate w. 19mm Rods (18” long) & 12” Dovetail 1-VRI-CBL-YPRPBP65-0R8* Phantom YPRPB Component Cable (as spare) -.8 Meters 2-AB-P4K-XLR3-24V Phantom Flex 4K 24V Pigtail 2-275.00 AB-P4K-XLR3-12V 2-AB-XLR3-10 XLR3 to XLR3 Power Cable - 10' 2-AB-XLR4-10 XLR3 to XLR4 Power Cable - 10' 2-Arri ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S 2-CC-TVL-ALEXA CineCoil 12' Coiled TVLogic to 2 pin Lemo 70.00 ea. 1-AN-QR-HOTSWAPAR* Anton Bauer QR HOTSWAP-AR Camera Mounted Gold Mount Accessory Hot Swap for Alexa 1-VRI-BATT-MNT-AB* Battery Mount, Standard Anton Bauer Gold Mount for Flex4K bvw@vidgear.com
  20. BURBANK, Calif. (March 10, 2015) - FotoKem's restoration of Twentieth Century Fox's The Sound of Music will kick off the sixth annual TCM Classic Film Festival on March 26 in Hollywood. Originally released in 1965, the re-mastered version of this cinematic treasure will grace the screen of the TCL Chinese Theater IMAX as the fest's Opening Night Film, as previously announced by TCM. The movie's stars - Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer - will be on hand to introduce the film, along with Turner Classic Movies host Robert Osborne. Directed by Robert Wise and photographed by Ted D. McCord, ASC, The Sound of Music earned five Oscars® for Best Picture, Director, Sound, Editing and Score. The Rodgers & Hammerstein musical tells the true story of a nun (Andrews) who leaves the convent to serve as governess at the nearby Von Trapp household, where she falls in love with Captain Von Trapp (Plummer) and the family encounters dangers and eventual triumph in Nazi-era Austria. This marks the second consecutive year that a movie restored by FotoKem has opened the TCM Classic Film Festival. Last year, Twentieth Century Fox's Oklahoma! was unveiled for attendees. FotoKem completed the restoration of both 65mm classics through 8K scans from large-format film elements, down-sampled to 4K for restoration and digital cinema mastering. "The popularity of The Sound of Music is in part a testament to the power of 65mm capture," says Schawn Belston, Executive Vice President, Media and Library Services at Twentieth Century Fox, who supervised the restoration. "FotoKem's 8K scanning and complimentary digital post resulted in a stunning digital version of this timeless classic, and made our new 4K restorations of The Sound of Music and Oklahoma! a perfect fit for the opening night screening slot at a festival as prestigious as TCM's." FotoKem, which provides digital workflow and creative finishing solutions, and continues to operate one of the last motion picture laboratories in the United States, has been providing skillful restoration and preservation services for decades. Their expertise in the entire post production process makes the facility uniquely positioned to restore and deliver 65mm sourced images to today's audiences. "We're honored to have been entrusted with the job of digitizing and restoring the The Sound of Music," says FotoKem's Andrew Oran. "This 50-year-old film comes alive today in a whole new way - with a vividness and emotional impact that arguably exceeds even its original release - because of its 65mm pedigree, and the great care we've taken throughout the post process to honor that unique, ultra-high quality source." For the restoration of The Sound of Music, Oran and his team began by creating the highest quality 65mm intermediate film components possible on the facility's re-engineered 65mm contact printers. Next, those film elements were digitized at 8K on the 65mm IMAGICA scanner. FotoKem colorist Mark Griffith mastered the film from re-scaled 4K files, utilizing powerful digital tools to address quality issues present in the sourced material, such as flicker and variable color fading. "At FotoKem, we employ many of these same restoration tools and techniques on 65mm originated images week in and week out for new Hollywood features, giant screen documentaries, and theme park attractions," adds Oran. "Working with 65mm requires precision, whether the images are new or old. Whatever the vintage, we consider it our duty to retain the intentions of the original filmmakers." FotoKem is a sponsor of the 2015 TCM Classic Film Festival, which runs March 26-29. The golden anniversary of the film's premiere launched March 2 in the UK, and March 10 in the U.S. with the release of the 5-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition 50th Anniversary Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD, which features over 13 hours of bonus content. Additionally, through a Fox partnership with Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies, the restored film will also be shown for two days only, April 19 and 22, in over 500 theatres across the U.S. For more information about FotoKem, visit www.fotokem.com. For details about the TCM Classic Film Festival, go to http://filmfestival.tcm.com.
  21. This is perhaps a stupid question, but I'm not an electrical engineer nor a computer programmer so I was hoping perhaps someone on here can shine some light on this. The new Black Magic Ursa's selling point is that it's going to be upgradable so it will (theoretically) never go obsolete. I know the sensor can be changed out. For example, if some day 6K becomes the next "big thing", many people assume you're just going to be able to purchase a 6k sensor for an upgrade. But is it really that simple? I would imagine if you upgrade the sensor, you would have to upgrade the processing power for the upgraded resolution and I see nothing mentioned about that. Any thoughts? It sounds too good to be true, as It reminds me of another company that promised a modular upgrade system that never ended up that way.
  22. Panasonic has announce a new 4K/2K micro-four-thirds 12-bit progressive scan sensor capable of 30fps but also offers a high speed mode of 240fps / 481fps at an unspecified resolution. Panasonic’s ν Maicovicon also has on-chip down-scaling to 1080 and 720. Perhaps the rumored GH4 will be a GH4K. :) http://www.semicon.panasonic.co.jp/ds8/c3/IS00006AE.pdf
  23. Hello fellow cinematographers and film makers! If I could borrow 3,750 frames at 24fps of your time to review my new reel on my website listed below. It would mean a great deal to me if you could offer some critique afterward. I'm in the middle of a huge push to take my work and career to greater quality and new opportunities. I would be happy to return the favor. Thank you and happy shooting! Alex www.alexfuerst.com
  24. Hello fellow cinematographers and film makers! If I could borrow 3,750 frames at 24fps of your time to review my new reel. It would mean a great deal to me if you could offer some critique afterward. I'm in the middle of a huge push to take my work and career to greater quality and new opportunities. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I would be happy to return the favor. Thank you and happy shooting! Alex www.alexfuerst.com
  25. Looking to buy RED Scarlet-X (in new or pristine condition) would prefer package deals but also will accept just brain as well.
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