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  1. Contact me with any questions and/or to receive pictures. Aaton 35-3 Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - Aaton 35-3 Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - Adjustable Mirror Shutter - ACAD + TVTRANS + TV Safe Ground Glass - PL Mount - PV Mount - Top Handle - Pitch & Mirror Shutter Adjusting Tools - NTSC Video Sync Assist - Aaton Code - OriginCplus Controller - Aaton Eyepiece - Aaton Eyepiece Extension - (4) 400-ft. Magazine - Handgrip w/Mini-Rod Bracket - Set of Threaded Front Mini-Rods (15mm) - Wooden Handgrip - Arriflex Bridge Plate (15mm) - Arriflex Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods (15mm) - (3) 12v Ni-Cad On-Board Battery - NEED TO BE RECELLED - PAG Micromaster Fast Charger w/AC Cable - Battery Charger Cable - (4) Camera Power Cables - BNC Video Power Cables - Raincover - Flight Cases Arriflex 535B Camera Package = $10,000 Includes: - 535B Camera Body - 4/Perf Movement - NTSC Color Video Assist - Camera Handle Grip System - Arriflex F-2 Swing-Over Finder - Wide Angle Eyepiece - Wide Angle Eyecup - Arriflex FE-3 Finder Extension - Arriflex EL-3 Eyepiece Leveler - (2) 400-ft M-11 Magazine - (3) 1000-ft M-10 Magazine - (5) Magazine Loop Protector - Arriflex BP-3 Bridge Plate (15mm) - Sliding Base Plate - Set of Long Iris Rods - (2) IVS Power Cable - (2) Camera Power Cable - Flight Cases
  2. Hey peeps, Has anyone experience to rig/setup an Arri SR3 on a DJI Ronin2? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!
  3. I've been a commercial photographer for 25 years, started DP and directing a decade ago, broadcast and streaming commercials, documentary and docu-series working with Arri Alexa, Amira, Red, Sony. A friend picked up this SR2 in Iraq in 2003 from a Brit filmmaker, my friend was there for NatGeo filming. He has a terminal illness and gave me the Arri SR2 w/Angenieux 10-150 and an additional high speed magazine. The SR2 is serial # 63831. I'm planning on filming with it and getting it set up (it needs a new cell or replacement battery - the casing is there but empty inside, just 2 wires). Ideal would be to convert to a V-Mount if possible. And down the road convert to Ultra16 (DeMarco/Aranofsky). I'm curious it has a High Speed magazine, How do I tell if the camera is a High Speed version (10-150fps)? If not can I use the high speed magazine as a standard mag? iPhone snaps attached.
  4. I'm asking $600 USD for both mags with the case. I just had these two mags checked/serviced by Andree Martin of AM Camera last month, so you know they're good to go. Invoice from AM Camera is included with the images of the mags. I also just had Innerspace install new foam, since the old foam had gotten sticky/melty. I bought these from one of the big Otto Nemenz auctions around mid-2012. Available for local pick up in Brooklyn, NYC (preferred in-person sale). I can also ship at buyer's cost. I won't sell just one mag, or just the case. Besides working on the Arri 35-3 (AKA the "Arri 3"), these are also compatible with the Arriflex 2C and 3C. You can even use these on the 235 and 435, but if you want to go faster than what they were designed for (120 fps), you'd want to use a 435-style mag on your 435, like if you want to go up to 150 fps. Feel free to DM me with any questions.
  5. Set includes: 9.5mm 12mm 16mm 25mm All lenses have high quality Arri-PL adapters (with brass inserts), front and rear caps. The set also includes the rare Zeiss Aspheron and attachment rings for 9.5 and 12mm. The 12mm has a removable front ring to allow you to use threaded filters. The 25mm has a custom step-up frontage, which does not allow the use of thread filters. Also included is a plastic follow focus gear that was fitted to the 12mm. There are some minor cleaning marks to some of the front optics. No scratches, haze, fungus or contamination. Price: £7500 Lenses ship worldwide in Pelicase. Buyer pays all costs, shipping and necessary insurance.
  6. Hello, I'm thinking about getting a 35mm motion picture film camera to rent in my area as no one else is, but I don't want to spend that much on it as truth be told I'm not that passionate about the look nowadays as I am with super 16 because it lacks the texture I like in film but I otherwise I like the look of it in terms of lenses vs super 16 so in order to get a feel for it I thought of getting a 2c as for it's price on the market it rents out well and has so many accessories to customize but it's an mos camera, meaning it's loud and that would work against me but I really want it, so I ask, is there any way to make the 2c work with the dedicated blimp that makes it as big as an imax camera? Are there any parts I can get that's not the 2c blimp that I could use to shoot sync sound with this camera like say the georg jenson motor for the 16s allowed that to shoot sync sound or is it not that simple?
  7. Hi all! I'm selling my fully functioning Arriflex 16BL with its original lens (Angenieux 12-120mm) and plenty of original accessories. Quite a unique collection of items that include: - 3 400ft magazines (two functioning - one untested) - 1 1000ft coax magazine - Blimp for prime lenses - Minilock for crystal sync (untested - motor in the camera is different) - Two motors (untested, one is 42v for use with power supply) - Camera top handle - Multitude of filters (can provide more details by email) - Plenty of magazine cores for the 400ft plastic cores - Remote control for camera - 4-pin XLR to D-tap for power - Original box - Power supply for 42v motor - Periscope viewfinder for when operating with a shoulder rig Most recently used for a short film that was shot in 2022 and 2023, no issues at all with the camera. Very stable gate, great image. I can ship to UK and maybe EU but collection in London is preferred. This is the eBay link for the camera: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/374789398236 There are some pictures on the eBay listing too. Happy to receive offers through eBay or directly on here if you prefer. Sad to see this one go because I really love shooting on the 16BL, but I'm selling it to finance my next short film!
  8. Hi I wonder if you can help me. I have the original Arriflex shoulder rig for my Arriflex SB 16mm camera, but it's missing the pistol grip that allows the camera to attach to it. Any ideas what I could use as an alternative? Those original pistol grips are very difficult to come by but maybe there's a modern equivalent I could use instead? Any suggestions much appreciated. Here's an example of the shoulder rig with pistol grip attached: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325520570202?hash=item4bca89b75a:g:cAQAAOSweBlj22bg&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoJUg8RoNr0CWLuMmY%2BKA7vzslBLbAtGykJI7EZS%2FkMMivYiFf2TApXx6R1Lkwju61PtPmE1HkGS9INUxaDEBI96m9SHeLhH3hFz9husxVGOAVDEj6HrBxLFhxrxKjmGT5ULn62yjfQKaoLKezA%2FXbb2PoYUkiJRVmfqX7drl2m5jTcIajaFvdh9HKR3xcnMEn4NUrfFi8ktxfTHwLlNVgCU%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR7Lop-fNYQ
  9. Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Package..... $79K USD Here is a link to the product on our website : https://broadcastsolutions.com/product/arri-416-plus-s16mm-camera-kit/ 1x ARRI 416 Plus Body (WHITE CODE Antenna) 1x ARRI 416 IVS PAL 4x 400ft Magazine 1x ELOKUVAKNOEPAJA Gold Mount Battery Plate w/ Built In Wicam Analog – HD Video Converter 2x Arri OBB-2 416 Batteries And Charger 1x Arri UMC Antenna 1x Arri Rubber Eyecup 1x Arri Heated Eyecup 1x Eyepiece Extension 1x Duvetail 1x ARRI LWS-5 1x ARRI BP-10 1x SRB-2 1 LRB-2 1x Steadicam Plate 2x 15mm Rods 1x ARRI 416 Shutter Tool 1 1x Ground Glass 1.78 1x Rolling Pelican
  10. Two ground glasses for sale. For use with an Arri 2C, 3C, 35-3 film cameras or Kish UDF or other Dir/Find that uses this type of ground glass. $200 for both OR: $150 for the one with the metal handle (in slightly nicer condition) with Academy 1.85 and what looks like Academy 4x3 (common sides). In blue ARRI jewel case. $100 for the one without handle (a couple of tiny blemishes, visible in photos), marked with Academy 1.85 and a "TV" that is not common sides or top/bottom. The 1.85 marking is the dominant marking on this one. Both have tiny chips outside of the picture area. Both have center cross-hair. Located in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks for looking.
  11. I am trying to find out which battery adaptor this is in the photo attached. I know there is the Elokuvakonepaja gold mount option....but, I am worried about weight with the added SDI/HD convertor. I need this to stay as simple and as light as possible. I also like the fact that it looks like there is a brace that holds this adaptor in place. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Hey, im selling my Arriflex 16SR T-Bar with B&W SD Videoassist CEI VP III B&W (NTSC). Also i´ll add an 5" Transvideo SD Rainbow (PAL/SECAM/NTSC comp.) Monitor with sunshade. Tested, cleaned & working! And in good condition! The Videoassist covers the S16 Mattescreen only around 90% but if you squeeze it it can Cover a squeezed 98% of Super16 1.66 Mattescreen. All together as a Set- 1000€. Pick up preffered. (Berlin) But can ship it as well! Best, Philip
  13. For sale here is one of Tobin's last (newest) crystal motors ever made for the Arri 16S or 16M. Runs forwards only. Crystal speeds: 12, 20, 24, 25, 30, 40, 50 fps. This was bought new directly from Tobin and has only been run to test a few of times. More information from the Tobin website (a pdf download link) http://www.tobincinemasystems.com/TCS_Public_PDF/TXM22A.pdf Please see my other listings, I'm moving and selling a bunch of gear. Available for $600 O.B.O! Available for pick up in West Hollywood through this Saturday. For convenience, preference will be given if there is a buyer in the LA area who will pick up in person and pay cash. Pictures! http://www.flickr.com/photos/95212445@N02/sets/72157633331298455/ Send me a PM if interested. Thanks for looking! Rich
  14. Selling very rare Angenieux 24 Type R2 f2.2 in Arri/s mount. Covers S35, famously known as a longer focal length of the Angenieux 18.5; Orson Welles' favourite lens. Ideally looking to swap for 25mm Cooke Speed Panchro S3 in Arri/s mount—preferably locally in Australia. This lens is very rarely found in Arri/s mount; which means you can easily adapt to PL. Most copies of this lens are Cameflex which need rehousing for modern cinema cameras. Lens is in great condition, glass is clean (a rarity for Angenieux primes which often have lots of micro scratches on the front element). Has a small scratch mark on rear element that doesn't affect image. Will send with a specialised step-up ring made specifically for this lens by Rafcamera.
  15. ARRIFLEX 416 Plus Camera Package Condition Used - like new omar@raw-entertainment.com $99,000 Excellent Condition 1 x Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Package 1x Arri Plus Camera Body 1 x 416 Integrated Video System (IVS-2) 3 x 416 - 400ft Magazine 1 x Arri Heated Eyepiece 1 x On/ Off Pistol Grip 1 x Arri 416 Antenna 1 x Arri Clip On Shoulder Pad 1 x 416 Left Rod Bracket 1 x 416 Base Plate 1 x 416 Base Plate Sled 1 x 416 Low Mode Support Set 1 x Handle 1 x 416 On-Board Battery Charger 3 x Power Cable 1 x Changing Bag 2 x 300mm x 19mm Rods 1 x Transvideo Rainbow II Monitor 1 x Hirose 6 to Fisher 4 - Power & Video For Mini Monitor Arri x 100mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 200mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 300mm x 15mm Rods 1 x Tilta Universal Handgrip System 1 x Large Custom Pelican Case wheels 1 x Medium Custom Metal Case
  16. Does anyone have a video or audio clip of an SR3 (non-highspeed) running? The SR3 Advanced I just got sounds a bit odd, running at 24fps without film. I’ve only ever been around SR3s while shooting MOS, so I never really paid attention to the noise. Does it sound like this camera needs a service? Is it typically the body or the mags that need servicing when the noise is too much? Video of it running at 24fps without film: https://imgur.com/a/R8Gdkbn I’m going to test with film soon—don’t have any short ends at the moment. It sounds about the same with any of the three mags I have.
  17. Hi, I need to let go of the best camera I've ever handled. Since I have access to another 416 I can't motivate keeping it no matter how much I'd like to :) Complete list of what's included can be sent, it's a nice big kit with three mags, three batteries, all important accessories like shoulder support and hand grip etc (it's a lot) and two cases that fit it all. There's more stuff then in the attached picture. Runs like a charm, was just out shooting with it tonight without any problems. I've never had any camera related issues with it (only user error before I learnt to load it correctly…). Price is 8000€ + shipping and I'm not taking any offers at the moment, so please only contact me if you're seriously interested. EU-sale preferred. I'm based in Stockholm, Sweden. Pick up would be great, coffee/tea included if you come :) Please contact me here or with the contact info on my website linked in my profile. Take care/Kalle
  18. Serviced By Andree @ AM Camera Price : 103K USD Lens not included 1 x Arriflex 416 Plus Camera Package 1x Arri Plus Camera Body 1 x 416 Integrated Video System (IVS-2) 4 x 416 - 400ft Magazine 1 x Arri Heated Eyepiece 1 x On/ Off Pistol Grip 1 x Arri 416 Antenna 1 x Arri clip on Shoulder Pad 1 x 416 Left Rod Bracket 1 x 416 Base plate 1 x 416 Base plate Sled 1 x 416 Low Mode Support Set 1 x Handle 7 x OBB-2 On Board Battery (re-celled and working perfectly) 2 x OBB-2 On Board Battery (older and non functional - if wanted for repair) 3 x 416 On-board Battery Charger 3 x power cable 1 x Changing Bag 2 x 300mm x 19mm Rods 1 x Transvideo Rainbow II Monitor 1 x Hirose6 to Fisher4 - Power & Video for minimonitor Arri 2 x 100mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 200mm x 15mm Rods 2 x 300mm x 15mm Rods 1 x Tilta Universal Handgrip System 1 x Large Custom Peli Case wheels 1 x Medium Custom Peli Case 1 x Medium Custom Metal Case
  19. I'm so sorry to sell my lovely baby but I need some money for a next project. For sale : - 1 Arriflex 16 SR1 PL mount, upgraded in Super 16 by P+S Technik ( Munich). "Evolution Upgrading Program" by P+S Technik was a complete change of electronic mother board, new speed controller with screen ( intervallometer function on ), new mechanics, new viewfinder with better magnification, new black painting on whole camera body and magazines. - 2 Super 16 magazines. - 1 battery ( new cells) - 1 Arri battery charger - 1 VSU speed controller - 2 handgrip-trigger ( one broken, other one is ok) - 1 blimp - 1 matte box - 1 soft foam shoulder pad - 1 changing bag I join also some spare parts : - 2 new and unused lightmeters - 1 Arri SR2 motor - 1 normal 16 gate - 1 normal 16 ground glass Kit located in Europe ( Czech Republic). If you want to visit me for a local pick-up, you are welcome !! price : 3000 euros + shipping taxes. Lens is not included in the package ! Only here for the picture ! High Res pictures, informations and demo videos on demand : dartwiller@yahoo.fr
  20. Ultra Prime Set X7 Price: $45,000 omar@raw-entertainment.com In perfect working condition 10mm 16mm 24mm 32mm 50mm 85mm 135mm Omar Alarian COO / Film Producer IMDB: www.imdb.com/name/nm7440967/ Raw Entertainment www.raw-entertainment.com Gold Sponsor: www.cinematography.net Sponsor: www.cinematography.com Latest Feature Film Trailer Welad Rizk: youtu.be/KbuuzxTxhP4 Youtube Channel: youtube.com/c/RAWegypt Instagram: instagram.com/rawegypt?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Facebook: www.facebook.com/rawegypt Address: 55 Abd El-Haleem Hussein Ad Doqi Dokki Giza, Egypt Cell: +2 010 996 7575 3 USA: +16176104227 omar@raw-entertainment.com
  21. History of Arriflex https://www.arri.com/en/company/about-arri/history/history Cinematographer Anna Foerster with ALEXA Photos: Arri - Fair Use ...Too bad Arri doesn't make an affordable film scanner for archivists. <><><><> Betty Brosmer - The top earning figure model of the 1950s DDTJRAC
  22. Eyemo VS Arriflex 35 WWII cameras test dive in battle AGFA Aviphot pan 200 and USSR Tasma b\w negative films
  23. Hey everyone! I have the BP-7 15mm studio baseplate for my SR3 and am looking to trade it for the 19mm version - the BP-6. Anyone out there interested in that trade? I just accidentally bought 19mm accessories for my SR3 thinking that the baseplate takes 19mm rods and just realized that I made a big mistake 😅
  24. Lot's of great film gear for sale. Everything is well maintained!! Please make an offer and send me a PM! Click here for pictures: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 ARRI SR 3 Refurbished – Complete Kit This camera has been used by Michael Ballhaus for teaching at the Munich Film School until I bought it in 2011. It was then fully refurbished and repainted by former ARRI technician Georg Bogner. This kit runs perfectly and has been serviced since at least once a year by Georg Bogner. I am only selling this because I have a second kit! Set includes: - ARRI SR 3 Super 16 with lightmeter + timecode (SN: 1634) - ARRI IVS (PAL) - 4 SR 3 Timecode 122m Magazines (SN: 1484, 1322, 3502, 1307) - Metal cases for all parts And further accessories: ARRI Viewfinder Extension FE-2 SN:1423 ARRI Eyepiece Leveller EL 3 + mounting plate for tripod ARRI Battery plug-on adaptor ARRI MCL 4 - Timecode machine SN: 32 ARRI ESU-1 - External Sync Unit Bildschirm-Sync, alle Kabel, Bedienungsanleitung NN 7" Videomonitor with ARRI plugs ARRI S-3 Shoulder Rig, Geweih ARRI VSU 4, Variable Speed Unit SN: 1114 ARRI Heated eyecup HE 3 ARRI SR 3 Raincape ARRI LWS 15mm rods, with two extensions ARRI Viewfinder Extension FE-4 SN: 1324 ARRI ARRI studio matte box 4x4 / 4x5.65 with sideflags, frenchflag, two rotating filter stage, 19mm rods, custom made. Filters can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. It is well suited to most prime lenses and smaller zooms. ARRI Frenchflag 4x4 ARRI / NN Leather Blimp for 122m magazine ARRI DC DC Converter 24V 12V ARRI Battery plug on adaptor ARRI power distributor ZV4 ARRI 2 Plug on batteries, need to be recelled ARRI Standard charger ARRI Power cable with XLR/Fisher plugs ARRI groundglass 1.33 / 1.66 ARRI groundglass 1.78 / HD (maximum area!) ARRI groundglass 1:2.35 (custom made, maximum area) ARRI ARRI Timecode cable BNC (AUDIO) to Fischer (KAMERA) Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 ARRI 535B - 3perf + 4perf – Complete Kit This set runs perfectly and has been checked and serviced by Georg Bogner (Munich). At the moment the 3-perf-movement is installed. But the set also includes a 4-perf-movement as well. FEATURES OF THE ARRI 535 • Silent Sound Sync camera (under 24 db). • In-camera ARRI Glow for 9 formats (there is no need to physically change the glow mask. It can be done easily in-camera using the CCU-1). • Electronic shutter. The camera uses an electronic shutter and can be programmed to ramp up or down. • Speed ramping from 3fps to 50fps with individual steps of 0.001 frame. The exposure will stay constant as it is being compensated for by the electronic shutter. • Shutter ramping from 11 to 180 degrees. Ramping can be programmed or changed during the shot. • Beam splitter: Options are 10/90, 90/10 or 50/50. The 535 is the only ARRI camera that offers a 50/50 beam splitter. • SMPTE Timecode and ARRI time code system (timecode module is included in this auction). • Swingover Viewfinder System and In-Camera Contrast Filter Kit includes: ARRI ARRI 535 B with IVS (PAL), Tophandle etc. SN 5164 ARRI 3perf movement (mounted) SN 3P97 ARRI 4perf movement (additional) ARRI 2 120m Magazine M-11 with Case SN 4857 + 5161 ARRI 2 300m Magazine M-10 with Case SN 8812 + 9168 ARRI 2 Steadycam-Magazines 122m LM 1 SN 6202 + 6084 And further accessories: ARRI SCU-1 ARRI VCU-1 ARRI groundglass 1.78, ARRI GLOW ARRI groundglass 2.35, ARRI GLOW ARRI Viewfinder Extension FE-3 SN 1064 ARRI Timecode TC Cabel XLR Fischer ARRI Raincape ARRI CCU-1 Computer Control Unit ARRI CCU-Cable 30m ARRI Eyepiece Leveller EL-3 ARRI CCU cable short more cable for SCU and Antiflicker ARRI RCU-1 Remote Control Unite ARRI RCU Cable ARRI RCU Manual ARRI PL Port Cap ARRI 535 Flight Case Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 Canon Zoom Super 16 SC15x11 T2.5 11-165mm Checked and serviced zoom with normal wear but really perfect glass. It’s the most versatile Super16 zoom I have ever worked with, one of the best ever made for Super 16. It's not a converted lens, it was properly designed for Super 16. It’s really sharp! Can be used in crop-mode on all the digital cameras as well. Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 Chrosziel Follow Focus Checked and serviced Follow Focus for 15mm rods, with handles/wheels on both sides, One can be removed if not needed. Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 Chrosziel Matte Box – 15mm rods with Frenchflag, one fixed, one filter stage fixe, one rotating, swing-away, 15mm rods Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 NORRIS Intervalometer ARRI SR3 Complete set for stop motion or special effects photography with ARRI SR 3 cameras. These intervalometers are hard to find. Took me two years to get one. But since I only used it on very few projects it is time to sell it. This Intervalometer kit comes with motors for Arri SR's as well as the large capping shutter with 15mm rod mount to prevent any light pollution/fogging on your film. Includes: SCC-300 Time-lapse Controller Motor For Arri SR (1,2, Or 3) 24V 3 Pin to 4 Pin Power Cable 12V 4 Pin to 4 Pin Power Cable Controller/Remote Cable Case Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 Sachtler tripod (100mm), Video 18 III head It's in good shape, works absolutely smooth and is ready to shoot. Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer: https://www.zonerama.com/Link/Album/5045829 Many more accessories are available. Please check the pictures and make an offer:
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