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Found 19 results

  1. As title states, I'm having problems with infinity focus on my 18mm Cooke Speed Panchro f1.7 (Arri-S mount, no rehoused) on my RED DRAGON 6K (WEAPON), and there could be a number of factors in play I was hoping someone could shed a light on the most likely issue. The "symptom" (or issue) I'm facing is when turned to infinity, the image is currently out of focus (it's not soft like focusing past infinity, it's actually out of focus - not totally so, but it seems to be focused on a plane before infinity). There are a few things in play here which I will state below (which I think any of which could be causing the issue). (1) I have a RafCamera Arri-S to Arri PL adapter fit on. I'm not new to this adapter, and I'm using 2 of these for my Cooke Speed Panchro 32mm and Cooke Kinetal 50mm respectively on RED GEMINI and RED KOMODO and they work okay, no issue at all. They focus fine to infinity, and focus ring is smooth. However, with this newest lens and adapter I got, without the adapter on, the focus turns quite fine as well; once the adapter is on, the focus ring is noticeably a little bit more resistant to turning (but still turn-able with a follow focus unit). (2) The 18mm CSP seems mechanically different to my existing 32mm CSP and 50mm Cooke Kinetal. The 18mm I noticed has 2 rings, one for focus, one for aperture. The 32mm CSP and 50mm Kinetal does not have a seperate ring for Aperture, and aperture is adjusted by turning the front of the lens. (I'm not sure if this is even a factor, I'm simply stating an observation). (3) My RED DRAGON 6K has a Low Light Optimized OLPF (filter) fit on. I just took over this unit, and it comes with Low Light Optimized OLPF - I'm in the midst of getting the Skin Tone Highlight OLPF instead (because I don't shoot Low Light), and I've kinda read that Low Light generally can affect infinity focus, though again, I'm not sure if it actually causes inifnity focus to go off this much. (4) I'm not sure if my RED DRAGON 6K has had its backfocus adjusted. The backfocus may have been adjusted for the previous lenses it housed, but I'm not sure and I can't really check because the seller was a production house that has clocked over 3.3K hours on the unit, and they've used it with other cameras for multiple productions and shoots - they don't really remember if they did adjust the backfocus on the unit. Although, does backfocus affect infinity focus? That one, I'm not sure. (5) My RED DRAGON 6K uses the older Titanium PL Mount. I'm not sure if this is even a consideration, but it simply is an observation against my RED GEMINI which uses the (newer) Magnesium PL Mount - as far as I know, the difference between the two PL mounts is only in terms of make and weight, but I'm not sure. I'm not looking for the one solution at this stage, but I was hoping to save some time hopefully if I could get help and eyes from more experienced shooters on what might be the most likely culprit as to what's happening here. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello, I'm looking to buy a cinema camera in this range of price and the 2 options I have come to are between the new red vraptor, and a old used red dragon 8k vv, which would be the better bet? could I get decent money renting the dragon vv? I'm in the DMV area of the US btw. Now why these cameras? Well it's because I actually like the look of red cameras (it just appeals to me more) and for my workflow I like having the 8k (personally speaking, I know I will get some up my ass for this tho), and I can use Leica m mount lenses so that kinda alot of other options are out of the running. I know the vraptor absolutely has a technical advantage over the dragon in every way and it has great image quality, but I like the gritty look and aesthetic of the dragon sensor with the legacy color science, to me it exemplifies what I associate with the look of red cameras the most and I'd have to do some work in post to get that out of the vraptor since you can't choose legacy color when shooting but can only work on that through selecting legacy color in redcine-x (not the end of the world I realize, but prefer to go with something I know will give me the aesthetic I want as I haven't seen any footage matching the dragon from the vraptor), and I also have no option for hdrx or any resolution options besides whole numbers on the vraptor. Basically I'm dealing with the age old conundrum of practicality vs aesthetics and I don't know where to go. If anyone has some advice, please give it to me, also if you have also pondered how to make the vraptor look like the older red cameras and succeeded in matching them based on the dragon, please tell me your ipp2 settings.
  3. Hello, I'm in the pre-production of a feature film and would like some feedback on equipment. The film has many references of gay porn movies of the 70s and 80s, I believe that the majority filmed in 16mm, are films that I admire quite a lot for the vintage look and camera movement quite free, with camera in hand and zoom lenses. Wondering how to get this freedom of movement working with a Red Scarlet Dragon and a good zoom lens, could you tell me some lenses that are light? And how to work with them? Using only my hands could I get these results or would it be necessary to use some other equipment to control the zoom? Another issue, regarding the look, despite the references, I think the film would only approximate this vintage look, but not a complete copy, I believe it is important to think the image also about a contemporary look. Thinking about it, I got a lot of attention as the highlights and the flares behave in this movie Scorpion Rising, I'm in doubt as to how close to the result and how much post-production it would be if I wanted to have a similar look. I edited a few excerpts from the films so that you can see better, thank you. Sorry for google translator
  4. Hi guys, Just wanted to share with ye all the trailer of a short-film I shot early in 2016, thanks to it I started shooting commercials. Directed by Daniel Corcoran, we shot Miah during 5 days in February 2016 in a town called Allihies in West Cork, Ireland. Everything was shot with natural and available light with an Epic Dragon from Panavision. We chose spherical Schneider Kreuznach Cine Xenon Vintage for the interiors and Lomo Anamorphics for the exteriors plus a couple of shots with Panavision Primos where I wanted to give the image a bit more of contrast. The way we decided to work was to shoot wide static shots and let the actors play within the frame, sometimes doing things off frame because both, Daniel and myself, love the way that spaces can tell a story too with some close ups IF the scene needed them. We both love Russian and Eastern European cinema and the work of Bela Tarr, Zvyagintsev, Paddy Considine, Ceylan and many others which I think that it shows in the short-film. The whole budget was around €5000 if I remember correctly and we were a total of 6 people including the actor :) so a super passion project! :) Without further ado, here you go, the trailer for the short-film and some png frames. Miah https://vimeo.com/203587956 If somebody is curious and wants to watch the whole short-film (it is about 15 minutes) the link is below: Miah - Short film https://vimeo.com/185510929 Pass: Miah Have a lovely day!
  5. Camera Essentials will be discontinuing our Weather Protector line of raincovers. We have the following items on sale! These prices are 40% off retail. RED Dragon/Weapon Weather Protector $228 each Phantom Flex 4K Weather Protector $216 each Alexa Mini Weather Protector $216 Alexa Studio Weather Protector $238 each Please contact me if you are interested in getting a quote that includes shipping. While supplies last! Alexa Classic Weather Protector has sold out. Patti Harrison Camera Essentials cameraessentials@gmail.com 626-844-3722
  6. This professional package includes everything cinematographers need to start shooting, including lens, media, batteries, software and more. RED Digital Cinema® announced today that its RED RAVEN® Camera Kit is now available exclusively through Apple.com and available to demo at select Apple Retail Stores. This complete handheld camera package features a diverse assortment of components from some of the industry’s top brands, including: RED RAVEN 4.5K camera BRAIN RED DSMC2® Touch LCD 4.7” Monitor RED DSMC2 Outrigger Handle RED V-Lock I/O Expander RED 120 GB RED MINI-MAG® Two IDX DUO-C98 batteries with VL-2X charger G-Technology ev Series RED MINI-MAG Reader Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM | Art Nanuk heavy-duty camera case Final Cut Pro X foolcontrol iOS app for RAVEN Camera Kit The RED RAVEN Camera Kit is available for $14,999.95. Customers can buy this package or learn more at Apple.com and select Apple Retail Stores. “We are very excited to work with Apple on the launch of the RED RAVEN Camera Kit, available exclusively through Apple.com,” said Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema. “The RED RAVEN Camera Kit is a ready-to-shoot professional package that gives content creators everything they need to capture their vision with RED’s superior image capture technology." The RAVEN 4.5K is RED’s most compact camera BRAIN, weighing in at just 3.5 lbs. This makes it a great choice for a range of applications including documentaries, online content creation, indie filmmaking, and use with drones or gimbals. The RAVEN is equipped with a 4.5K RED DRAGON sensor, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW (R3D) in 4.5K at up to 120 fps and in 2K at up to 240 fps. RED RAVEN also offers incredible dynamic range, RED’s renowned color science, and is capable of recording REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes simultaneously—ensuring shooters get the best image quality possible in any format. The RED RAVEN Camera Kit also includes Final Cut Pro X which features native support for REDCODE RAW video, built-in REDCODE RAW image controls, and the most complete ProRes support of any video editing software. Together with the free RED Apple Workflow software, Final Cut Pro allows professional video editors to work quickly and easily with RED RAVEN footage on MacBook Pro, iMac, and Mac Pro systems. All RED cameras feature a modular design that empowers customers to dial in their ideal configuration for any production environment. Customers looking to outfit their RAVEN with additional accessories should go to www.red.com.
  7. I have some Super Baltars:::: 25mm f2, 2 inch 50mm f2, 3 inch 75mm f2 They are all in Mitchell R-35 mount. All the glass is in great condition. No haze and no scratches. Only the 25m 2 inch has a couple faint cleaning marks on the rear element. Mechanics are good with both the focus and iris. Let me know if you have any questions. Pics here $15900
  8. Surprised to see no one talking about it. This is a new show by The Duffer Brothers (who directed an indie thriller Hidden, and wrote a couple of episodes of the first season of Wayward Pines) on Netflix. It starts Winona Ryder, David Harbour (who's everywhere these days ^^), Matthew Modine and a bunch of wonderful kid actors y'all be hearing about soon enough. It's set in the 80's, and basically, it's a mashup of everything you love if you're into that stuff, meaning it has elements of sci-fi mode Spielberg, ala E.T, Super 8, Stephen King, you got a group of kids, one of them disappearing, a weird girl in a hospital gown that runs into them and is special, you got the kids on bikes, you got the heavy sci-fi element, the mystery element, the supernatural element, the great soundtrack with a heavy synth score, wonderful cinematography and you get a not to miss show. Tim Ives (Mr Robot pilot) shot the hell out of it, it's basically a series that looks like it cost much more than it probably did, extremely high production values, fantastic cinematography, shot on Red Dragon and Leica lenses (confirmed to me by Tim Ives). Binge it, embrace it, love it.
  9. Irvine, CA - September 7, 2016. RED Digital Cinema is heading to IBC (booth #12.C71) in Amsterdam from September 9-13. Those visiting RED's booth can interact with RED's entire line of DSMC2TM cameras - RED RAVEN™ 4.5K, SCARLET-W 5K, WEAPON® 6K and WEAPON 8K VV, as well as the limited edition white WEAPON 8K S35 featuring RED's newest sensor, HELIUM™. This creates a unique opportunity for visitors to experience two industry-leading 8K sensors, RED DRAGON® VV and HELIUM S35, side-by-side. All of RED's DSMC2 cameras offer superior image quality, incredible dynamic range, and are capable of shooting simultaneously in REDCODE® RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR. WEAPON cameras upgraded to a RED DRAGON 8K VV sensor boast up to 75 fps at 8K resolution, 35 megapixel stills from motion, 300 fps at 2K resolution, and incredibly fast data speeds (up to 300 MB/s). RED will also highlight the flexibility of its cameras' modular design by showcasing a variety of third party accessories and peripherals designed specifically for RED cameras. Companies represented in RED's booth will include: * FOOLCOLOR * OFFHOLLYWOOD * RT Motion * Bright Tangerine * Gates Underwater
  10. A few days ago, I did my first "real" test on my Raven with a victoria secret-esque beauty shoot as a personal project. Though I'm a director, I also wanted to showcase my DP abilities for hire as well as the slowmo capabilities of the camera. I shot the whole project at 4.5k at 60fps with some at 95 and 120fps, ISOs ranged from 640-1600 (and some at 2000). I really am impressed with the skin tones, lighting started to fall apart in the splashing scenes but the rest of it I'm happy with. Please let me know what you think and if you have critiques! https://vimeo.com/174891932 Please connect with me via Facebook & Instagram! www.facebook.com/AlphaMaleVisuals www.Instagram.com/A_M_Visuals P.S. - off topic, I was not impressed at all with the test video that came from the new 8k helium sensor "Underdog". It didn't look much different from footage I have been getting from the Raven which is the entry level camera of the brand. I would expect the highest level unit of the brand (that costs a million times more) to blow the Raven away but I did not see that at all. Now who's ready to fight me? lol
  11. A few days ago, I did my first "real" test on my Raven with a victoria secret-esque beauty shoot as a personal project. Though I'm a director, I also wanted to showcase my DP abilities for hire as well as the slowmo capabilities of the camera. I shot the whole project at 4.5k at 60fps with some at 95 and 120fps, ISOs ranged from 640-1600 (and some at 2000). I really am impressed with the skin tones, lighting started to fall apart in the splashing scenes but the rest of it I'm happy with. Please let me know what you think and if you have critiques! https://vimeo.com/174891932 Please connect with me via Facebook & Instagram! www.facebook.com/AlphaMaleVisuals www.Instagram.com/A_M_Visuals P.S. - off topic, I was not impressed at all with the test video that came from the new 8k helium sensor "Underdog". It didn't look much different from footage I have been getting from the Raven which is the entry level camera of the brand. I would expect the highest level unit of the brand (that costs a million times more) to blow the Raven away but I did not see that at all. Now who's ready to fight me? lol
  12. I have some Zeiss Super Speeds for sale. Pics here They are:::: Distagon 35mm f 1,2 Planar 50mm f 1,3 Planar 85mm f 1,4 All of them are in Arriflex bayonet mount, and the 35mm Distagon does have the adapter to PL. So it's easy to move the adapter around to either lens. All three lenses are in very nice shape, no issues on the glass, focus and iris are perfect. The 50mm might have some very faint haze or just need a cleaning, but this is very minimal. All the lenses have an 80mm exterior front ring diameter. Price is $15,000
  13. I'm looking to buy a Kowa Anamorphic lens set to PL mount, hopefully. Please let me know if you know of anyone selling. Thanks so much!
  14. I have a couple Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III's for sale. Take a look below and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks so much. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 747441: Front element has scratches. Rear has some fungus. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture ring pretty good and blades have no oil. Focus ring a little loose. Priced to sell at $950. Pics here. Cooke Speed Panchro 18mm III - 688301: Front element has some spots but no scratches. Rear is pretty clean. No yellowing. No haze. Aperture is smooth and blades have small amount of oil. Focus is smooth. $1400. Pics here.
  15. Narcos - TV Series Trailer IMDB LINK http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2707408/ "A chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar." Directors Jose Padilla Guillermo Navarro Andrés Baiz Fernando Coimbra Cinematographers Lula Carvalho Mauricio Vidal I am not very interested in TV Series because I barely have time to watch a whole season and try to catch up with the missing episodes when I am not at home. Said that a tv series from Netflix caught my attention the moment I heard its name, Narcos. Based in Pablo Escobar's life, Narcos is a fantastic tv show where we see the world from Escobar's point of view. Although there are two "main" characters, Pablo Escobar (the narco) and Steve Murphy (the DEA agent), the whole show spins around Pablo Escobar and why he did what he did, how he went from being a little smuggler to the king of cocaine. The show uses a lot of voice over and it helps enter its world, which is recreated very very well and feels real. Lula Carvalho (the main cinematographer) and Jose Padilla (the creator of the tv show) designed a look which is just splendid, gritty and poetic. It is quite interesting that they decided to bring new directors each 2 episodes (the tv show has 10 episodes), maybe to revitalise the different points of view or to emphasise some other ones which needed to be shown a bit more. The episodes I liked the most were the ones directed by Andrés Baiz, who also directed the last two. I think he got the idea very well and you can see how Escobar's world flips down in those episodes that he directed. If you have time to watch "Narcos" at some stage I would recommend blocking a weekend to watch the 10 episodes straight away, it is very engaging and what worries me the most is that at the end of the day you want to be like Pablo Escobar because you understand why he did what he did! So kudos to the showrunners and the directors! :) Have a good day!
  16. Red EPIC-M Red Dragon Camera Package Low Hours! Hours: 612 $40,500 Comes with an extensive list of accessories - some items never used Red EPIC-M Camera Package upgraded to 6K Dragon sensor Low Hours! Hours: 472 (since upgrade) $35,000 Comes with a $17,000 credit toward a 6K Weapon Dragon Package Call or Email Me! New Pro Video Systems Inc. Barbara@newprovideo.com Tel. 843-554-7811
  17. Straight Outta Compton Trailer IMDB LINK http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1398426/ "The group NWA emerges from the mean streets of Compton in Los Angeles, California, in the mid-1980s and revolutionizes Hip Hop culture with their music and tales about life in the hood." Director F. Gary Gray Cinematographer Matthew Libatique Absolutely amazing movie! Just go to your nearest theater, grab a ticket and enjoy a "biopic" mixed with urban culture, grittiness, music and Matthew Libatique's phenomenal cinematography, the best movie he has photographed ever under my point of view. The production designing is really really mind blowing! Shane Valentino understood how the movie should look like and the approach that he took elevated Libatique's cinematography quite a lot, with all the practicals and designs. The cast is just out of the world and they really believe they are the people who started NWA! There is not too much to say about the movie itself as everything that you might want to know is in the current (September) American Cinematographer's issue, very good article by the way. Very serious Oscar candidate (as every other biopic I suppose), in terms of Cinematography now Chivo has another contender! :) Go to the movies and get a ride! :) Have a good day!
  18. I will be having 2 Epic M Dragons and 1 Alexa Plus with a few months of warranty still left For Sale. If you have an interest please contact me and I will send over the information to you. Barbara@newprovido.com
  19. Would it be a good Idea to pull out my student loans to buy the new red scarlet dragon? Currently I'm in my 4th of year of college( it's going to take me 5 years to graduate). I go to a small school in Missouri with 12,000 students and the film department at the school has been weak and disappointing thus far. So almost everything I know about film making and cinematography has been stuff I've had to learn on my own I started cinematography last year and I'm still learning lots of new things about filming/ color grading weekly. 8 months ago I was shooting all my videos on a gopro, then I decided that I need to upgrade my gear if I want to seriously pursue cinematography so I bought a Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Now I want to upgrade my gear again but this time I am going for the best. So I decided to save up and get the Red Dragon Scarlet. I have the great fortune of having College completely paid for. I am really good at track and field so my athletic scholarship pays all my fees and covers my costs of living. So my plan is to just pull out all my student loans for 2 years so I can get a Red Dragon. Personally I don't like having anything hold me back in life. My mindset from playing sports so long has made me become obsessed with the things I do. For the past 3 years I've been able to jump higher and further than everyone in the state of Missouri and I get mad if anybody beats me or get close. I want to aim to be the best at cinematography also. I get angry and frustrated when things are not perfect or close to perfection on video. Ultimately I want to know if this would be a good way to turbo start and give me a great beginning to a life and journey of being a cinematographer? The last video I shot:
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