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  1. Hey y'all, doing a pretty simple lighting setup where the artist wants to emulate / make an homage to Fiona Apple's Criminal BTS where the director actually talks about the cinematography here: They wanted to emulate the red-eye flash look in video, which I understand is easy enough to do with a tiny source coming from the same direction as the lens as possible. Ringlight is too big and soft. You can see in the video reflections the single source, and I believe there's one moment where it's clearly reflected enough to see a bare edison bulb. This is easy enough to do w
  2. Hi everybody, Shooting a 2 1/2 minute shot in slow motion (30 fps or slower) but it's a shot of someone lip syncing an entire song. I'd like to do it on 16 or Super 8 but I'm not sure what the most budget-conscious way of proceeding would be. There's definitely no way of achieving this without crystal sync, right? So any advice on the cheapest camera system that can do slow motion (at 30fps or slower) and keep sync? Thanks so much for the help! - Ez
  3. Just a little montage of my hometown set with the tallest man on earth singing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-3yo6l37Wc this is my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0fwLKSw8Ii8Imsi-xetfaw thanks for watching.
  4. Shot on Canon 5DIII , 24-70 2.8L and 135 2L. Mostly natural/practical for key with subtle bounce for fill/eye pop I appreciate your constructive criticism on composition and movement as it helps me grow in this art. Blessings, hope you enjoy. Glenn "Heebz" Stephen
  5. I'm shooting a music video. The shot is a a low angle slow tracking shot in a pie-wedge sort of shape around Satan sitting on his motorcycle as he puts out the cigarette on a horn. I wanted to have a curtain, set behind Satan, I think of some translucent material, in the bokeh, filling the frame, with a orange or red source shining through the curtain. Imagining moving the curtain to create an effect of an impression of a hellish background. Any ideas ? I'm thinking of placing the lights on the ground illuminating the curtain that way...any thoughts? Shot lasts about 4 seconds.
  6. Hi everyone! Im very excited to join the cinematography community here in order to learn and continue to advance my craft. With that said here is my very first question / post. I've noticed a handful of music videos that are shot in slow motion (my guess here is possibly 60fps?) and the performer is singing and yet the lips appear to be relatively in sync to the music. Now is this a case of simply shooting the performance like you normally would but just at a higher frame rate, or is there more to it that I'm missing ? Below are some examples the first one being the strongest.
  7. Music video looking for cinematographer (as well as anyone else in camera dept.), who has experience shooting super16 and can work locally in central/south Texas. Ideally, looking for someone who owns their own equipment. Pretty tight budget, though me, label, artist are fairly committed to shooting celluloid. It's been kind of difficult finding people who are still shooting film in this part of the country, very much looking for someone I can continue to work with in the future. PM or email (matgerbs16@hotmail.com) for more details. Thanks. Matt
  8. Hi there, Please have a look at a music video I have created for the American singer Carla Bozulich (track 'Gonna Stop Killing', album 'Boy'). It is about a hitman getting ready for his retirement. I have used a Canon 5D Mark III with three Zeiss lenses, 35/1.4, 50/2 and 100/2. Thanks to Magic Lantern, I was able to shoot RAW. Some feedback would be great. Thanks! Martijn Zero Landscape martijn@zerolandscape.com
  9. Hey I hope all is well. I have an upcoming shoot that involves a party scene and I would like to include strobes and lights that pan and pivot. I've recently been looking at the work of Evan Prosofsky, Stuart Winecoff, and Steve Annis who have been producing some amazing work (in particular party/night scene work). Please find attached the links to the videos I'm referencing and some frame still frame grabs. If you guys could point me towards the kinds of lights I'm looking for that would be great. https://vimeo.com/129187816 - Stuart Winecoff (music video for Astronomyy) http
  10. I'm wondering how this effect was created, I need to imitate it for a music video this weekend - You can see the reflection of the light in his sunglasses at 0:07, but I don't recognize it, and it's pretty low res. I'm thinking of using a small or medium chimera without the front diffusion, and blocking the direct source with some foamcore inside it so it bounces around the silver inside, and becomes a big round silver source, just in front and above the subject. It's basically making the incident light under key, but creating white reflections (with the right shiny makeup)
  11. Just recut my reel, this is a good reflection of what I did during 2014 with a few clips from some older projects. Let me know what you think. Thanks! https://vimeo.com/116426560
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, so I hope the following question does not get marked as spam or anything like that Basically, I make music videos on Youtube. Unfortunately I am down a camera man which means I have to make all the shots as stationary shots and try to spice things up in editing. Here is the link to my latest video: I was hoping I could get some advice on how to improve my cinematography given the current circumstances, can I achieve more interesting shots filming on just my own? or any other suggestions that could improve the production of my videos? Thought
  13. Hello all, I have a question about the ever increasing use of the 2.55:1 aspect ratio and wider on music videos and commercials. To make my question a little clearer here is an example: Toro Y Moi — "So Many Details" This video was shot anamorphically with the LOMO anamorphics. Judging by the final aspect ratio would it be reasonable to guess that it was shot on Super35 with anamorphic lenses and then desqueezed to achieve what appears to be 2.55:1? I was wondering whether if this is the case, they would have needed a custom ground glass to ensure that framing was possible witho
  14. Hi there, Just wanted to share this with you and get some feedback. I shot it as a bit of a challenge to see what results I could get using only natural light. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
  15. The director and I took the concept of B - Horror Films and many horror films from the 80's as an inspiration for the film, and then thought what if we did what Grind House films do (Double Feature), but with music videos instead. We shot on 5219 Pushed a stop for the grim reaper sequences and Canon C300, I wanted to embrace the idea of contrasting the formats within the story. The concept came first and then we asked a variety of bands and ended up with four. In order: White Lies Casket Girls PTA (People's Temple of America) Sleepy Cheese I would love to hear your crit
  16. Hey, I'm Lea. I'm a young filmmaker trying to get my foot in the door. I would love to hear any anecdotes or advice you have on the subject. Here's my reel. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Check out my site! Hope you enjoyed it! All the best, L. Fox
  17. Hi Guys, Pls Check out my new music video. Shot on Canon 5D Mark III, Zeiss lenses, With a very low budget ($ 800) so i Graded myself with DaVinci Resolve Lite.
  18. Latest music video I shot for Candy Says as part of a competition in the Guardian. Not sure if I've won yet but in any case I had fun trying! Enjoy! Candy Says 'Not Kings'
  19. I shot this music video recently for the band Amber States. It's the first thing I've shot with the BMCC and it's also the first time I've used Davinci Resolve. I love the camera (quirks be damned!) I've grown fond of Davinci too even though it had me pulling out my hair with frustration. I'd like to go back and re-grade the video some time because I got some lovely footage but I think I hurt the quality through lack of experience with the software. Anyway enough waffle, here's the video: http://vimeo.com/94791411
  20. I'd love it if someone could give me some feedback on my music video. I'm particularly interested in feedback about the lighting, but I'm also open to criticism about every other aspect as I directed, edited, graded & operated it (basically everything!). Please be harsh as my film school doesn't provide enough specific feedback and it's quite frustrating. https://vimeo.com/92735441
  21. The latest music video I shot for Nause. It's a completely unscripted story/event. Shot on Alexa with Ultra Prime LDS and Optimo 28-76 + three Nikon D800 with nikon-lenses. https://vimeo.com/91797235 Thanks
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vn6b1xeI9wU&list=PLvfmoEMI4m_8xgDQ1GesmEJ0Dt_EMkNv_&index=1 This music video was shot late 2013 in Sydney Australia. Shot on RED epic at 120fps, 4K. We shot in a 4m dive pool and blacked out the sides as well as shooting at night. Enjoy! Feedback welcome! The Year of our War "Nocturne" www.theyearofourwar.com Director Stuart Edgeworth www.chuckedgeworth.com DOP Jon Shaw www.ginclearfilm.com www.soundcloud.com/theyearofourwar www.bandcamp.com/theyearofourwar
  23. Hey all, Just wanted to share a new music video that I directed. The video is for a Seattle band called Iska Dhaaf and features cameos by many current Seattle musicians including Macklemore and members of The Lonely Forest. Entire video was shot with two Blackmagic Cinema Cameras. We used a variety of Nikkor lens from 1970s to get the look. Project was cut in Premiere CC and graded in Resolve. Check it out and let me know what think. Thanks!
  24. Comrades, I have some footage I shot that I would like to add sound too but I am totally baffled as to how to do it. When it comes to Final Cut Pro I am a total neophyte. I shot using a Canon Scoopic MS. I shot it on 24fps. I then got my footage processed and then transferred to HD 1080 @ Pro Res. I recorded audio from the day using a ZOOM H4N but it my stupidity I forgot to put the windscreen on my H4N, so the audio footage has a lot of what I call blow-outs from the wind. I asked my friend to re record all the songs from that day and I have all the songs re-recorded. The problem I am run
  25. Hey guys. This weekend I'm filming a music video for a friend and I was wondering if you had suggestions for a free editing software that still does a decent job? She's covering a Lorde song so the video switches between a party and a peaceful setting that she she keeps having flashbacks to. Thanks.
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