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Found 22 results

  1. We currently have a Nikon Nikkor 300mm T2.2 Lens available for purchase! INCLUDES: - (1) Nikon Nikkor 300mm T2.2 Lens - (1) 2x3 Rotatable Rear Filter Stage - (4) 2x3 Filters (Clear, ND3, ND6, ND9) - (1) Nikon HE-4 Lens Shade - (1) Front Lens Hood - (1) Rear Lens Cap - (1) Fitted Case - Focus & Iris gears have been installed PRICED AT: $9,395 This single-owner Nikon Nikkor 300mm T2.2 Lens is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. The Nikon Nikkor 300mm f/2 ED IF is one of the sharpest and fastest telephoto lenses ever manufactured by Nikon. It was ma
  2. Does anybody have this brochure? Thank you so much!
  3. Selling my Nikon F mount that fits Alexas (not Studio or Mini) manufactured by P+S Technik. Great condition with some minor cosmetic wear and tear from normal use. New mount is 800 EUR plus VAT. Asking £450 ex VAT & shipping.
  4. Hey guys, I'm putting my Optitek Nikon Prolock adapter for Sony F5/F55/F3 cameras up for sale. It's hands-down THE Nikon mount adapter for these cameras, it's got a positive-locking mechanism (just like a PL-mount) so that your lenses can't shift or wobble while you're shooting, and it gives you actual iris markings for modern Nikon G lenses (which don't have manual iris rings) so that you can choose your aperture with precision. It's in pristine condition as I simply haven't been able to bring myself to shoot without PL lenses, so I've only put it on the camera about three times.
  5. Hi guys, Selling off my set of four Rokinon Nikon-Mount lenses as I simply never use them (literally none of these lenses have been on the camera more than two or three times each). For a cheap and cheerful set of fully-manual primes, I think they do quite well. But as I'm nearly always working with Assistants, and I'm arguably far-too kind to them - my Zeiss CZ.2s stay on the camera, so these have to go! :p Looking for a quick sale, so selling for 40% off what I paid for them retail. Price is $1,245 USD / $1,665 AUD (plus GST if purchased in Australia) Located in Melbourne
  6. This came off a Nikon from the late 50s. Can't figure out. Anyone know? Any guesses?
  7. I just got a Nikon 8.5 -25 with a strange mount. I have looked everywhere but can't identify it. Any help would be awesome thanks.
  8. Hey guys, my company, ShareGrid, teamed up with Duclos Lenses and Old Fast Glass to build an incredibly large lens test. 8 sets of lenses, 40 lenses, 79 test videos. All under the same control, same lighting, same set up. And you can watch up to 4 test videos side-by-side at any time! Check it out! http://blog.sharegrid.com/ultimate-vintage-cinema-lens-test ARRI / Zeiss Master Primes (as our benchmark) Canon K-35s (TLS Rehoused) Cooke Speed Panchros Kowa Cine Prominars Leica Rs (G.L Optics Cine-Mod) Lomo Round-Front Anamorphics Nikon AI-S (Duclos Cine-Mod) Zeiss Super Speeds MK
  9. Hey guys! My company, ShareGrid, collaborated with Duclos Lenses and other independent DP's to build one of the largest vintage lens test library. Set to release next month, you can check out our teaser below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJZWUT1q3Vs We'll have side-by-side players so you can view almost an focal length of any set of lens and really see the differences. As well as stats, testimonials and R3D files to download. Here are the lenses we tested: VINTAGE -Canon K35s -Cooke Panchros -Kowas -Leica Rs -Lomos -Nikon AI-S (Duclos Cine-mod) -Zeiss Super Speeds MKIII
  10. Hello, I have a lens that I like, it's Tokina 28-70mm f/2.6. The lens focus ring is both auto and manual, I want to leave it at manual at all times. Is there a way to adjust it to stay on manual?
  11. Please judge my work. I recently started getting into film making. To be precise about four months ago. I am a 12 and was 11 when I started. Link: https://youtu.be/18nrtGxGx6g
  12. Hello, My names Trevor, I've been getting super into film over the past few years and am by no means an expert in the slightest. I got my first camera a few months ago (Nikon D3300), and I know all about settings, set-up, etc, I run on manual. Anyway I've been doing more and more test videos in different situations and no matter where I am no matter how low the ISO is, the shot always seems to have a TON of noise and be very dark. I put a sample shot below. Camera: Nikon D3300 Lens: Kit 18-55mm Settings: 800 ISO f. 3.5 Any help/advice is extremely appreciated! (Don't know i
  13. Hello all, I was recently lucky enough to acquire a Canon 1014xl-s from my father-in-law (he'd had it since 1981 and only used it once!) and have shot a couple of cartridges on it, which came out great. I'm a bit of a tinkerer though and on having such a good experience with the Canon I decided I'd like a less valuable model that I can afford to be a little more aggressively investigative with. In light of this, last week I bought a Nikon 8x Super Zoom. As I got the Nikon very cheap, I've decided I might like to do the shutterless modification on it that is described on the Super 8 wik
  14. Hi everybody this is my first time on this website and I thought I would share my first serious beginner film that I put together (sorry for the bad grammar). This was filmed in Tempe Arizona for my company Pointblankperformance, all shot on the Nikon D3100! I filmed with the Glide Gear 23inch slider, ePhotoInc Mini Jib, Polaroid Chest Stabilizer, cheap tripod, Ravelli ATD tripod dolly and the Nikon 50mm f/1.8D lens. There were some slight trouble with the editing software (Adobe After Effects) but I thought it came together alright for a small budget film. I would your guy's feedback for my v
  15. Hello everyone, We are conducting a study on ILCs (Interchangeable Lens Cameras) In New York and are looking for people to participate. Currently we need some cinematographers who use DSLR and/or CSC cameras. We especially need CSC users. If you have friends that could also participate please share this information. It will be a 2 hour Focus Group Discussion and if you take part we will compensate your time by $150. A focus group discussion is where we invite a group of people to talk about their experiences with a certain product, in this case ILCs. We would like to speak to you to find o
  16. I just purchased a brand new Sony A7s (body only). There were not much lenses out there for the sony A7s, so i looked around on the internet and found a great deal for a Samyang Cine Lens Kit. The only problem is that the lenses are Nikon F Mount. What's the best lens adaptor for Sony to Nikon F Mount? Preferably, i don't want any vignette, also minimal reflection. Auto focus is not a big issue because most of my work will be film based anyway. Thank You for Reading
  17. Up for sale are (2) Nikkor 200mm T2 lenses at a great price. Both are in excellent condition, converted to universal mount with PL. Normal signs of use, some light cosmetic marks, light dust and cleaning marks but very minor. One is a Century PL conversion and the other is Focus Optics conversion. This is an amazingly sharp lens, one of Nikon's finest. I'm only selling to free up cash for other purchases. $2599 each OBO Please email or PM with questions. Both come with fitted lens gear, hard cases, and accept 40.5mm rear filters. The Focus Optics conversion has a spud to add your lens
  18. Used Arri 35-3 MkII with Nikon mount for sale - $1700 Clean, well maintained, ready to shoot Super 35. I am the owner and operator and have treated it like a baby. Photos and full details at http://www.prairiepictures.com/gear.html Martin
  19. The latest music video I shot for Nause. It's a completely unscripted story/event. Shot on Alexa with Ultra Prime LDS and Optimo 28-76 + three Nikon D800 with nikon-lenses. https://vimeo.com/91797235 Thanks
  20. I thought I'd put this here since I didn't seem to get a response in the other section. I'm currently the DoP on a short film called "Circadium" being shot in Rochester. We're shooting on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. I figured since I learn something new every day on this forum, maybe you would all like to see how this film progresses. We shot the first scene of the film on our first day of shooting, which was this morning and afternoon. I'll try to get more framegrabs of future scenes from my director, I just have 2 for now, but any feedback would be greatly appreciated. T
  21. ... we own a Aaton A-Minima Serial NR: A213 unfortunately we don´t have the Handgrip and the Nikon Mount and we would like to use our Old 70ties Nikon Lenses with it :/ is there anybody out there who could sell us a used Wooden Handgrip & the Nikon Mount and maybe a Top Handle for the A-Minima at a reasonable price? thanx Arthur
  22. For sale over on EBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/171055073886?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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