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Found 16 results

  1. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro T3.2 Lens For Sale Serviced in 2020 Marked in both Imperial and Metric Close Focus: 8' PL mount No case included This beautiful and very rare lens covers full frame sensors and complements the “Cooke Look” of Series II & III Speed Panchros very well. 152mm Cooke Telepanchro lenses in such clean condition are incredibly rare. Serviced by IndieOptics (a Panavision lens technician) in August 2020 (3 hours labor, receipt available), with no use since then, the glass is in excellent condition for the age, with minimal contamination and just a few (very small/light) marks on the elements. This is an excellent sample for rehousing with True Lens Services, which would also improve close focus (their current wait is approx 16-20 weeks). With that said, this lens is PL-mounted and geared for both focus and iris, and is usable as-is without rehousing. Focus and iris are both smooth, just not as *perfect* as a TLS-rehoused lens. The lens does *not* rotate as you pull focus (so you can use a clip-on matte box), and only telescopes forwards/backwards less than half an inch. It's about a 85mm front diameter with the lens hood, and about 66mm without. The lens has a beautiful 16-bladed iris for perfectly smooth round bokeh. Pictured both with and without the metal screw-on lens hood. Detailed IndieOptics report with images available. If you'd like to pay for an independent evaluation in NYC or Los Angeles (with shipping), I'm also open to that. Link to TLS's specs, in case you're interested in their rehousing after purchase: https://www.truelens.co.uk/telepanchro-152/t3.2 I owned another one of these very rare 152mm Telepanchros (but TLS-rehoused, see picture of the two next to each other), which I sold for $16K in 2022. I'm asking US $9,000 for this lens, providing an opportunity to save a few thousand dollars even if you do decide to rehouse it with TLS. I'd prefer a local (NYC) or Los Angeles (via family/friend) sale. I will consider domestic shipping after that, and potentially international shipping after that. High resolution images available: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjB5oJE
  2. This lens is in excellent optical condition: it's rare to find such a clean 25mm Series III lens with high serial number starting with a 7, making it among the last made, since you won't find any Panchro serial numbers starting with an 8. I'd say this is an excellent candidate for rehousing (ex. TLS). While it has a *tiny* amount of contamination (barely visible), that would be cleaned out during a rehousing. There's only the lightest/smallest cleaning marks (light scratches in the coatings) in the front/rear elements. No haze, no fungus, no yellowing, no oil on the iris blades, no scratches or cracks or pits that I can see. Mechanically, focus and iris are reasonably smooth, but I would always recommend rehousing. I shot a project on a set of freshly serviced (but unrehoused) CSP lenses years ago and they all exhibited some image shift when pulling focus - and I'd guess this lens would be the same. I ended up planning all my shots without focus pulls. This lens is Arri Standard Mount. TLS makes a very nice Arri Standard to PL adapter (Duclos Lenses sell it in the US). But as I said, I always recommend rehousing. In my experience, the PL mount adapters only make the focus movement less smooth, and they sometimes collide with internal baffles on cameras, like Alexas. This lens has been kept in a lens dry box (electronic humidity controlled) since I bought it in mid-2019, and I never got to actually use it besides a quick test. The previous owner clearly had it serviced with fresh yellow paint and focus gear added, but I don't know what year that was, and I noticed there's a bit of a gap where the gear screws together (it may just needs tightening). Front and rear lens caps included. I'd prefer an in-person NYC sale. I can also ship within the U.S. (2nd preference) or abroad (3rd preference) if you pay the PayPal fees and shipping with insurance. I may also be able to coordinate an in-person sale in Los Angeles through a friend. Pictures: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmXbqKyb
  3. Selling very rare Angenieux 24 Type R2 f2.2 in Arri/s mount. Covers S35, famously known as a longer focal length of the Angenieux 18.5; Orson Welles' favourite lens. Ideally looking to swap for 25mm Cooke Speed Panchro S3 in Arri/s mount—preferably locally in Australia. This lens is very rarely found in Arri/s mount; which means you can easily adapt to PL. Most copies of this lens are Cameflex which need rehousing for modern cinema cameras. Lens is in great condition, glass is clean (a rarity for Angenieux primes which often have lots of micro scratches on the front element). Has a small scratch mark on rear element that doesn't affect image. Will send with a specialised step-up ring made specifically for this lens by Rafcamera.
  4. Need to purchase a Cooke Panchro TLS Rehoused Lens Set . Please email sales@broadcastsolutions.com with pricing and details.
  5. 32mm Cooke Speed Panchro (T2.3) For Sale. Arri Standard Mount. Serial Number starts with a 5. I also have a 75mm CSP that I'm selling, listed here separately. I'm asking USD $2,200 for this lens. Preference will be given if there's a buyer who wants to buy both lenses together. I popped it on my Panasonic S1H and unsurprisingly, it doesn't cover Full Frame (see portholing picture in the photo album). This is a Super 35 lens, although there's a bit of darkening at the edges noticeable on these S35 4:3 aspect ratio shots, but it's *barely* noticeable in 16:9, especially if you're not shooting white walls, and certainly not noticeable in anything wider like 2:1 or 2.35:1. Typical of Cooke Speed Panchros of this vintage, it has some light coating scratches in the front and rear elements, (including one deeper scratch near the edge of the front element, see pictures) but nothing that would affect the image. Duclos told me there's some haze and contamination (see picture) in the optics, and some oil on the iris blades as well. It could use a service, or rehousing somewhere like P+S or TLS. I've included a few shots (of the camera operator figurine from a low angle), shot at T2.3 (Wide Open), T2.8, T4, and T5.6. If you're close enough in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, I can deliver by Uber. Or I can ship. Uploaded file size limits here are pretty small, so I'm going to see if linking to a photo album works: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPk26hi
  6. For sale is a rare 75mm in excellent condition. Arri Standard Mount. It doesn't say "Series II" on it, so I'm pretty sure it's a Series I. Serial Number starts with a 5. I also have a 32mm Series II CSP that I'm selling - I think I'll make a separate post for that. I popped this on my Panasonic S1H and unsurprisingly, it covers Full Frame (two pictures attached). Typical of Cooke Speed Panchros of this vintage, it has some very light coating scratches in the front and rear elements, but nothing that would affect the image in any way. This is a very good candidate for rehousing at TLS. If you're close enough in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Queens, I can deliver by Uber. Or I can ship. Uploaded file size limits here are pretty small, so I'm going to see if linking to a photo album works: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmPjYQy9
  7. I am selling 150mm/3,8 Cooke Kinetal in the best rehousing on the market so far. Lens match well with Cooke panchros... glass is super clean, no scratches, no marks, no fungus. Lens have been used a few days only. case is not incuded, will be sold separately. Lens covers RED Mostro VISTA VISION sensor! Price 4990 EUR + shipping.Located in Prague, Europe
  8. Hello , I sure hope you; your family and friends have been able to stay healthy and safe these last few months and ready to work I know many of us are ready to get back working. I do have to share the good news from the conversations I am having with clients, the emails I am receiving and posts of various social media platforms that they are starting to get calls and production getting put back on schedule. Slowly but surely. One thing I did notice there was not a huge influx of used equipment coming in for sale. What I found was most were holding on waiting for business to get back on schedule and no interest in selling out. Very Encouraging! Below you will find some of our newest listings and you will see some Great deals and Great Savings to bring down your cost of doing business. If you see something that you have an interest in or or gear you are looking for not on this list or our website or equipment you would like to sell Call or email Coulton@newprovideo.com 843-554-7811. He is ready to make a deal! We also deal in new equipment and our prices are competitive Sony, Red, Panasonic, Teredek, Newtek, Most of the Vitec Line. Cameras Lenses & Accessories! If you are looking for Sony PXW FX9's I have those in stock ready to ship! Have a Great & Safe Day! Sincerely, Barbara Cooke T2.3 Anamorphic/i Prime Lens Set (25,32,40,50, 65MACRO 75,100, 135MM) -$154,000 Phase One XF Camera with iQ4 150MP Back -$46,000 Leica Summilux C (16, 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, & 135mm)-$342,000 Arri Master Primes (18, 21, 25, 27, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75, & 100mm)--$186,000 Arri Fujinon Alura 45-250mm--$18,500 Angenieux Optimo 15-40mm T2.6 Zoom Lens--$14,900 Angenieux Optimo 28-76mm T2.6 Zoom Lens--$16,000 Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom Lens--$31,500 Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm T2.8 Zoom Lens-$15,900 Angenieux Optimo Style 16-40mm T2.8 Zoom Lens-$10,750 Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm Cinema Zoom Lens (choose PL or EF mount)--$9,250 Canon CN-E 30-300mm Cinema Zoom Lens (choose PL or EF mount)--$21,000 Canon CN-E 30-105mm Cinema Zoom Lens (choose PL or EF mount)--$7,500 Cooke 18-100mm T3.0 Zoom Lens-$11,500 WE ARE HEARING SERIOUS OFFERS ON THE FOLLOWING LENSES Zeiss CZ.2 Compact Zoom 15-30mm Zoom Lens Angenieux 25-250mm HR Zoom Lens Canon CN7 (17-120m) with Servo Canon Century 150-600mm T6.7 PL Zoom Lens TLS Super Baltars (20, 25, 35, 50, 75, 100) Leica Macrolux Diopter Set +.5, +1, & +2 Panchro/i Classic (18,25,32,40,50,75,100) Zeiss Standard Speed 10mm T2.1 Lens Zeiss Standard Speed 12mm T2.1 Lens Zeiss Standard Speed 14mm T2.1 Lens "Zeiss Super Speed (18,25,35,50,65,85) M2's " Zeiss Super Speed 35mm T1.3 Lens Leica 60mm Macro F2.8 PL Lens Leica Summicron-C Lens Set T2 (15, 18, 21, 25, 29, 35, 40, 50, 75, 100, & 135mm) Leica Thalia Full Prime Lens Set (24, 30, 35, 45, 55, 70, 100, 120, & 180mm) Canon Cinema Prime EF Lens Set (14, 24, 35, 50, 85, & 135mm) Zeiss CP.3 Compact Prime Lens Set (15, 18, 21, 25, 28, 35, 50, 85, 100, & 135mm) GL Optics Leica R Lens Set PL (19, 28, 35, 50, 80, & 135mm) Zeiss Compact Prime 18mm CP.2 Lens (choose PL or EF mount) Zeiss 35mm CP.2 Super Speed Lens (choose PL or EF mount) Zeiss 50mm CP.2 Super Speed Lens (choose PL or EF mount) Zeiss 85mm CP.2 Super Speed Lens (choose PL or EF mount) Nikkor 400mm T2.8 PL Lens Nikkor 200mm T2.0 PL Lens LEICA R 21mm F4.0 EF Mount Lens Tokina 100mm Macro T2.9 Lens Canon 16-35mm EF Zoom Lens Canon 24-105mm EF Zoom Lens Canon 70-200mm EF Zoom Lens F2.8 Canon 28-300mm EF F3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens Canon 17-40mm EF F4 Zoom Lens Sony 18-105mm F4 E-Mount Zoom Lens Sony FE 16-35mm E-Mount Zoom Lens Phase One Schneider Lens (35, 55, 80, 110, 120, & 150mm Lenses) Century Swing & Tilt PL Lens System (18, 24, 35, 55, 90, & 135mm)
  9. I am selling Cooke Panchro 25mm ser. III It is after complete PS technik "care" priced 1200EURO. completely cleaned, repolished and recoated, rear glass also recemented...the lens is like a new. ARRI standart mount. more photos available Price 2990 EUR + shipping. Located in Prague, Europe
  10. WE WERE STOLEN BY FRENCH GUYS!!!! NOUS AVONS ETE VOLE !!!!! Here is the kit stolen: Voici le kit que l'on nous a dérobé: - 1x Kit RED Epic-M Dragon 6K sn:EPIC-M03029 - 2x REDmag 240GB comme suit: Redmag 240GB sn: 750102A4EC9D2 Redmag 240GB sn: 750102A4ECF82 - 1x Kit Cooke Speed Panchro comme suit: Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 18mm sn: 766206 Cooke Panchro SerieIII PS Technik 25mm sn: 747039 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 32mm sn: 769273 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 40mm sn: 752783 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 50mm sn: 701899 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 75mm sn: 768575 Cooke Panchro SerieII PS Technik 100mm sn: 7597932 - 1x Mattebox Redrock - 1x Follow Focus ARRI FF4 - 1x Trépied Miller Arrow 55 - 1x Moniteur TVLogic 17'' avec câbles BNC et valise - 1x Epaulière Wooden Camera - 5x Filtres ND 4x5.6 Schneider de 0.3 à 1.5 - 1x Micro Sennheiser K6P avec câbles XLR Merci de nous faire savoir si vous entendez parler de quoi que ce soit.
  11. Shot this one a while back and curious what y'all think: Boston Bruins - "In Our Blood" Specs: Arri Amira Vintage Panchro Lenses Filmed in 3 days throughout the Boston area No additional lighting used (except one shot) Fully handheld
  12. If anybody has one of these for sale email price and details to sales@broadcastsolutions.com.
  13. Up for sale are a few beautiful lenses, and other gear. If you see something you like make me an offer and hopefully we can make a deal. Pics in link below... 1. TLS Morpheus Zoom 80-200mm/t2.8 ($8,000) *This lens was bought almost a year ago from fellow reduser. It is in mint condition mechanically and optically. 2. Cooke Zoom Lens 18-100/t3 ($12,000) *Bought off a fellow reduser a few years ago, worked on two feature films, and a few commercials; in pristine condition mechanically and optically. Focus marks are spot on, it is a great lens to work with AC's always enjoy the user friendly, makes beautiful pictures. This is the latest version of this classic lens. Comes with flight case. 3. RED 18-50 ($2,500) *This lens is in great condition mint optics, focus is a little stiff but nothing major. I actually really enjoy this lens especially for documentary work, its light, great range, and matches the TLS 80-200 very closely. I can provide footage from this one specifically, I'd like to think its one of the good ones out there. Email me for picture since it was working when I took the others. 4. Zeiss Jenna MC Biometar 120mm/2.8 (PL mount) ($400) *Great condition telephoto, very sharp, but impressionistic at the same time? , if that makes sense...Beautiful lens. 5. Zeiss Jenna MC Biometar 80mm/2.8 (PL mount) ($270) *Good condition, matches the 120mm, doesn't have delrin focus gear, you can add cheaply. Great lens for single operator, I used it pulling focus from the barrel. 6. Zeiss Planar T*50/1.4 ZF (nikon mount) *Classic little lens. I think this is good copy as well, as a lot of people talk down on this little lens, I love it, even wide open. Stop down , and its very sharp 7. Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f2.8G ED ($1,800) * Great lens, has a little fungus on the middle element, doesn't seem to affect picture, I think its fairly easy to have cleaned. I haven't done it myself because of where I live..If you are interested i can take pictures so you see for yourself. 8. Nikon 2x Teleconverter (fits 300mm sold here) ($70) 9. Panasonic AG LA7200 Anamorphic Adapter ($500) *Great adapter to get aspect ration in 16x9. This includes a step down ring to make it screw in 77mm. I used this with my duclosed Leica R's , the nice thing about this adapter you can use really wide lenses. For nice ECU shots you will need diopters, standard on most anamorphic lenses. 10. SPL Water Housing 7D KIT, Includes Canon 7D camera, Water Housing, Tokina 10-17mm Lens) ($1,000) *no batteries or cf cards included. 11. Samsung NX1 Camera w/Fotodiox Nikon Mount ($900) *Great little camera, fairly used. Lovely colors coming out of the 4k video files. comes with x2 batteries ********************************************************PICS HERE****************************************************** https://www.dropbox.com/sh/8ald0gba35bn7ja/AACfPjWljy2m7CsLfm2IDT_0a?dl=0 Email me if interested- abreojofilms@gmail.com make me on offer on any of the gear. I would also consider trades. I can take better pictures if interested.
  14. Hello, I have 3 Cooke lenses in the Arriflex Standard mount. The lenses are all in good shape with nice optics and smooth movement on focus and aperture rings. Cooke Kinetal 9mm - $600usd + Shipping Cooke Kinetal 25mm - $700usd + Shipping Cooke Speed Panchro Series II 50mm - $3100usd + Shipping The 9mm and 25mm include front caps only, the 50mm includes only a rear cap. I am open to an offer on all 3 together.
  15. For Sale : CINEMA LENSES: Cooke Optics Speed Panchro Prime Lens Set 18/25/32/40/50/75mm Re-Housed Cooke Mini S4i Lens Set 18/25/32/50/75/100mm Super Baltar Prime Lens Set P&S Rehoused 20/25/35/50/75 &100mm Super Baltar Prime Lens Set 20/25/35/50/75mm PL Mount 110mm Front Zeiss Super Speed MKII 18/25/35/50/85mm Zeiss 35mm CP2 Super Speed Lens Zeiss 18mm CP.2 T3.6 CF 12" Prime Lens Angenieux Optimo 45-120mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 28-76mm T2.6 Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 16-42mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 30-80mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm Zoom Lens Angenieux Optimo 24-290mm Zoom Lens Fujinon Cabrio 19-90 Version 1 Zoom Lens Fujinon Cabrio 85-300 Zoom Lens Canon CN-E 30-300mm Lens Cooke Varotal 18-100mm T3 MKII Zoom Lens Cooke Cine Varotal 25-250mm T3.9 MKII Zoom Lens Arri Ultra Prime 8R 8mm/T2.8 Lens Arri 14mm Ultra Prime Arri/Fuji Alura 30-80 Zoom Lens IBE Optics HDx35 Mark I 16MM LENSES: Optex 5.5mm Super 16 T1.9 Zeiss Variable Lens Set VP-1,VP-2,VP-3 T2.2 2/3” HD ENG LENSES: Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRSE Canon HJ14EX4.3B IRSD PS12 Canon HJ17x7.7B IRSE Canon HJ22ex7.6B IRSE Fujinon HA18x7.6 w/Servo Zoom Fujinon HA23x7.6 BERM-M58 Fujinon HA25x16.5BERD Fujinon ZA12x4.5BERM-M58 Zeiss Digi Prime 70mm Zeiss Digi Prime Lens Sets Available Zeiss Digizoom 6-24mm B4 Mount HD Lens 2 Available Zeiss Classic ZF.2 Distagons in F Mount (Nikon Mount) with Duclos Cine-Mod Angenieux 5.6-61mm Cinema B4 Mount Lens 2 Available CAMERAS: Vision Research Miro Package Vision Research Phantom Flex 2K 32GB Package ARRI Amira Camera Package 2 Available ARRI Alexa-M 4:3 XR Camera Package ARRI Alexa Plus 16:9 Camera Packages ARRI Alexa EV 16:9 Camera Packages Red One MX Package Sony PMW-F55 Camera Package Sony PMW-F5 w/4K Upgrade Camera Packages Low Hours Sony PMW-F5 without 4K Upgrade Low Hours,Extended Warranty Sony F65 Camera Package Sony NEX-FS700U Camera Package (2 Available) Sony PDW-F800 Camera Sony HDW-750P Sony HDW-650P Sony PMW-EX3 Camera Package Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Camera Package Panasonic AJ-HPX 3700 Camera Canon C300 EF Mount Camera Package Sony A7S E Mount Camera CAMERAS / 16mm : Arriflex 16SR3 High Speed Advanced & Accessories Qty.-2 Available Arriflex 16SR3 Silent & Accessories CAMERA/35mm: Moviecam Compact 35mm Film Camera Package CAMERA MISC.: Cam Mate T18’ 2000 series with Dutch Head Vision Research 512GB Cinemag II For Flex 2K,Gold & V Series Cameras Sony CA4000 4K Fiber Optic Triax Camera Adapter NEW Sony SR-D1 Card Reader Sony SR-PC4 w/10GigE Card SRMemory Data Transfer Sony RM-B750 w/Cables (2 Available) Sony HDVF 35W Viewfinder NewTek Tricaster TCXD850, 22-Channel HD/SD Live Production Switcher, Rack Mount Form Factor, 8 External Sources, 8 Virtual/Mix Ch, Removable Storage,Custom Rack Case On Wheels Looking For To Purchase: Preowned Arri 416 Camera Packages Arri Alexa XT Camera Packages Zeiss MKII Super Speed 35mm T1.3 Lens Zeiss Master Primes Set Of 6 Arri Ultra Primes 16,24,32,50,85 & 135mm Zeiss 15.5-45mm T2.6 LWZ.2 Lightweight Zoom Lens Arri Macro 50 &100mm Lens Fujinon WCV-L85 Wide Angle Converters
  16. Selling my Cooke iPanchro/miniS4 Set. $40,000 6 Lenses: 18mm T2.8 25mm T2.8 32mm T2.8 50mm T2.8 75mm T2.8 100mm T2.8 Meticulously maintained by ZGC's Guy Genin ( ZGC owns Cooke so its factory maintenance) Mechanics, and optics like new. Very minor cosmetic wear. some info about these lenses: http://www.timurcivan.blogspot.com/2011/04/examination-of-lenses-part-ii-cooke.html
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