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  1. Selling heavy duty spring package (35lbs) for an Actioncam Raptor Rig. These are a replacement upgrade from the original "standard" springs that came with the Actioncam Raptor arm. Lets you fly a 35lbs rig maybe more. Selling ONLY the springs. (These are a spare set, never used) Asking: 925$ us + Shipping email: martin@odicifilms.com IMG_7104.jp2
  2. How do you deal with the drastic change in lighting when doing an interior to exterior shot (handheld, Steadicam, gimbal etc) without riding the iris so depth of field remains constant (Example)? Are there any good professional variable ND filters out there besides the Cinefade VariND and maybe the PV LCND?
  3. Curious if anyone has seen a solution that allows a WCU4 or Preston to run/stop an XTR Prod. Would be great to have for steadicam builds/in general.
  4. Selling a complete GPI/PRO Steadicam package. Ready to shoot. Ready to travel with. All accessories. Plenty of cables. 1x PRO2 Sled (with DB3, VZ Gimbal) 1x PRO Arm (8 canisters: 4 blue, 4 black) 1x PRO Vest 1x Transvideo 6inch SuperBright HD/SD Monitor 1x XCS Telescoping Monitor Bracket 10x Anton/Bauer Dionic 90 Batteries (plus a few more that need recell) 2x Anton/Bauer Titan T2A Dual Simultaneous Fast Chargers 1x Anton/Bauer Twin Dual Charger 1x 8.4inch Panasonic HD/SD Director's Monitor 1x Redbyte Decimator 2 HD/SD Downconverter 1x Bartech Focus Device 1x M-
  5. Up for sale , a Moviecam 400ft /122m Steadicam Magazine. Works well without any problems. Normal signs of usage. Send a PM with your offer.
  6. Selling my Steadicam AERO 30 package (Gold Mount). Includes Pelican Storm iM2975 Case and two additional balancing weights. Purchased from B&H back in March 2018 and used with my RED Weapon/Zeiss CP.2 lenses on a couple projects. Absolutely love it and still in excellent condition, but I'm cleaning out the gear closet. All pictures below are of the actual gear (Pictured C-stand and Gold Mount battery NOT included). PURCHASED PRICE (MARCH 2018): $5,750+ $5,250 - AERO 30 Arm, Vest, and Gold Mount plate $250 - Pelican Storm iM2975 Case $250 - Custom Foam ASKING PRICE:
  7. I sold my Steadicam and later found my Canatrans. Two anntenia with cables for a PRO Steadicam power and BNC. Perefct condition. No issues. $400.00
  8. Selling my Steadicam Zephyr with Compact Vest. Powered by Gold plate and comes with a V-lock adapter. Steadicam Zephyr kit: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1348635-REG/steadicam_zebahmbczz_zephyr_camera_stabilizer_with.html Local Pickup in Toronto. $8500 CAD / $6800 USD
  9. Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself. My Name is Alan Rencher, and I am a Steadicam owner-operator & camera operator, and I own Media Blackout (http://mediablackout.net). I make custom cables, bracket, and other widgets for camera department. I specialize in one-offs, short runs, and custom designing. I do 3D CAD design for sheet metal, CNC Milling and lathing, and injection molding. I run a web store for many of the common cables requests I get, as well as some custom designed gear. Here are a few of my designs: http://mediablackout.net/product/lemo-to-p-tap-multi
  10. Hey all, I'm looking for examples of a "follow" type of shot -- in which the camera seems to stalk or hunt. Not so much a POV shot but instead something that follows a person as they move through a scene or landscape. Let me know if anything comes to mind! Most likely would be steadicam, but also looking into Movi or handheld. Thank you!
  11. Like New condition other than a few minor cosmetic blemishes. Makes a surprisingly good dolly too! Includes: Echo 48 Disc Brake System 5/8 Baby Pin - Master Riser System Camera Mount System - Mitchell 100mm Ball Mount C-stand storage clamps Tripod Holder 3" Cable Hooks Local Pick-up in LA or deliverable in Texas $5K
  12. [Complete Steadicam System] The time has come for me to part ways with my starter steadicam rig! I bought the system about 2.5 years ago and it has done me well. The arm was recently serviced by Tiffen. The sled recently serviced electronically and mechanically by Terry West and Robert Luna so it is up to specs! This is a fantastic starter package for someone looking to get started with a pro rig. Sled, monitor yoke, dock, and various bits and pieces come in a standard production hard case. Included is a universal mounting plate. The sled is all upgraded internal HD and 24/12v inte
  13. New PRICE: 8500$USD I sold a Steadicam Ultra 2 Sled with Transvideo 8" Monitor. The equipments are in perfect condition and come in the steadicam case. 8500$USD. Please note it sell without batteries and Alexa of course. Shipping not included.
  14. Hi everyone, I sold a Steadicam Ultra 2 G-70 arm. Like brand new! Perfect condition. Ask for: $8900.00usd + shipping. Pierre sansoucypierre@yahoo.com 514-800-5374
  15. GLIDECAM V25 with extra accesories for sale. Hello Friends, I have really well preserved Glidecam V25 for sale. Everything is in full working order. Ready to fly. It doesn't have any repairs and you dont have to do anyone. I used it with care because i now how to. In fact this one has upgrades. There is a new 7" HD monitor with HDMI. You can use the serial one like backup monitor. The reason for the sale is my deteriorating health. Stuff list: 1. Pelicase 1650 with foam for the sled 2. trolley bag for the vest and arm (cover for the arm too) 3. New Manfrotto tripod for the Dock
  16. Hi everyone, I sold a Steadicam Ultra 2 Sled with or without Transvideo 8" Monitor. The equipments are in perfect condition and come in the steadicam case. I ask 7900.00USD for the Sled and 3500.00USD for the Transvideo. Accept 11,000USD for complete set. Please note it's sell without batteries and Alexa of course. Here some informations: Sled: Open Ultra-Rigid Stage Programmable "Go-To" Trim Motors Auto-Centering Stage Trim Ultra High-Precision Gimbal Positive Locking New Low-Profile Post Clamps Transvideo monitor: HDSDI Transvideo 8" UltraBRITE2 Color HD Monito
  17. Hi, Here the pics of the Steadicam Ultra 2 for sale. Peter Montreal 514-800-5374 info@funecycle.com
  18. Hello, Steadicam Ultra 2 complete unit for sale. Price: 45,000USD Peter Please write me for pics and details... info@funecycle.com
  19. Hi all i have some gear i don't need and thinking of selling for other investments first up: Steadicam package 1 pelivcase for sled and bag for arm and vest Sachtler Artemis EFP HD 1,5" 2 section post, transvideo monitor, tally system, 4 x blue shape batteries + 2 blue shape 2 slots chargers, Tiffen G50x arm, Tiffen ultra vest, docking bracket and lots of cables and stuff 18000 Euro + shipping second up: Arri 416 plus package - 2 cases camerabody 3 x 400feet mag 3 x batteries 2 x groundglass (2:35 and 16:9) cables and other accessories Price: 9000 Euro + s
  20. This Steadicam was purchased new in 1993. 1. Vest 2. Arm 3. Docking Bracket 4. Sled a. Baseplate is attached to the upper sled b. Electronics connections 5. Three Allen keys 6. Two hard cases a. One for the sled and Allen keys b. Second one for the arm, docking bracket and vest. Accepting offers @ sales@broadcastsolutions.com
  21. Purchased new in 2006. Here's what is included: 1. Vest 2. Sled 3. Baseplate for Sled(Comes with two screws: 1/4" and 3/8") 4. Arm 5. 7" Color Monitor 6. Docking Bracket 7. Allen Wrench 8. Soft sleeve/case for arm. 9. Soft Case for entire steadicam package. Contact sales@broadcastsolutions.com for pricing and more pics.
  22. Selling a Cinema Products Steadicam 3a sled w/ green monitor. Anton Bauer battery mount. In okay condition, lots of use. Fully functioning. Includes case. PRICE: $2100 Please respond to thread if interested or contact: jacobmitchell@c49productions.com
  23. Hello all, Thanks for clicking. I have a complete Steadicam Flyer LE with all original parts and soft case. Gave my efforts in learning, decided it wasn't for me. Asking $4000 for the rig. Free shipping.
  24. I am looking to buy the following Archer2 (V-mount) G-50 or G-50X arm Exovest Cheers Fabian
  25. I didn't want to create an account on the steadicam forums for this one question, so thought I would bring it here to start off with. I'm focus pulling on an Arri 416 super 16mm shoot this month, and the DOP has told me that there will be some low mode steadicam shots. The rental house told me that the camera being upside down wouldn't be a problem, I have read on other sources that the film potentially could get scratched if the camera is held upside down. I'd rather avoid any problems, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a low mode bracket for the 416? Or a general bracket for all camer
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