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200' 35mm Kodak film discontinued_how do I make 200' loads?

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I just learned that Kodak has discontinued making 200' loads of 35mm film. I have an Arri 3C with both 200 and 400' foot mags. However, I would like to continue using my 200' mags.


How can I best make 200' loads from say 400' rolls? I have a set of rewinds. Can the film stock be rolled off and used without rewinding?





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Steven, others might have more practical suggestions, but when I was going through school, and working on a budget, I would shortends (remember when you could get those?) and respool them onto 100ft daylight reels. And to do this I used a rewind table I set up in a photographic dark room. The only rub would be since you would be working with cores you'd need some kind of backplate to ensure it spools properly.


But that's the best I can think of. So it sounds like 400 foot mags aren't an option for you? What do you shoot with, handheld Arriflex?

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