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Y8 camera: C-mount lenses, barrel diameter, flange protrusion

David Sekanina

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Understood, David. But you might be surprised by the hardcore. Rental has deeper pockets but there are a few well heeled Super 8 filmmakers out there. But just look at the number of buyers for current Arri cameras. Where there is a will there is financing. :)

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I agree with Nicholas. Even if you make a limited run, they're sure to sell out. This reminds me a lot of the Logmar S8 camera. The first few where 3500.00 dollars, which seemed expensive, but after seeing that Kodak's new camera at nearly the same price with less features- it may be the best deal. Maybe even best price still when the logmar jumped to the 5,000.00 price.


The other thing your camera has going for it, is the mechanical viewfinder. If I'm going to spend a few thousand on a super8 camera, it's going to be the last camera I ever buy in that format. I have to know the thing's going to last. I've had enough digital screens die out on me to fear a camera where that's the only view finding option, I could probably find a way to re cell the batteries in the next 20 years, but that screen and the internal sensor? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. But your camera seems like a solid idea, limited run or not. To include the Y16.


Speaking of which, I have an Optar Illumina in 25mm, I got the back end protruding 35mm but not 36mm. Yours appears to be in PL mount, mine is in Arri B if that makes a difference.

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