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Music Video entirely shot on film (Super 35 and Super-8)

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I have shot the music video of "Ellos no pueden" (They can't), a song from Rezuzitaun new album of the chilean Hip Hop band Rezonancia.


This music video, was entirely shot on film (except end credits), in Super 35 and Super-8 formats. Locations were Santiago de Chile, Viña del Mar and Unihue, Maule region.


The stocks were Kodak 5203 (50 ASA daylight Vision3) in 35mm, and 7203 and Double X in Super-8 / Max-8. The XX black and white negative were custom loads of Eastman Kodak 5222; that I did request to Pro8mm.


The cameras were Arriflex 435 Xtreme, a Pro8 Classic Max8 with a permanent PL to C Mount adapter, a Quarz 1x8S-2 and a Zeiss Ikon Moviflex MS8. On the 435 Xtreme we used mainly a Cooke 15-40 zoom and few shots with Carl Zeiss Ultra Prime 50mm and Master Prime 50mm. The Pro8 Classic camera was used with an Ultra Prime lens 50mm and with an Helios58mm (with PL adapter).


All the 35mm footage was developed at FotoKem; whilst the Super-8 color negative was developed at Pro8mm. The super-8 XX black and white negative was hand-developed in Chile, into D-76 or Ilford DD-X (depending on the cartridge). In total around 1200 feet of 35mm color negative and around 190 feet of Super-8 were shot for this project.


All the footage was then scanned to 2K1556 DPX RGB 16-bit Log/flat at the same great Labs in Los Angeles area.


The digital intermediate post-production was done using the 2K DPX files; using a 1920x1080 timeline, within da Vinci Resolve 14 beta software (YRGB color science). Almost all the VFX work was done inside da Vinci Resolve with some auxiliary work done with AFX and Adobe Photoshop. The color grading was done using a Rec 709 monitor.


This Music Video was broadcasted by a free to air TV channel in Santiago de Chile, a month ago and then released to internet via YouTube.



Edited by Daniel Henriquez Ilic
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On 8/13/2017 at 6:10 AM, Chris Burke said:

Your video looks great!! Watching the black and white, I thought, Why not just use 7266 in Super 8?

Thank you James for your comment and apologies for the long delayed answer.  I have been missing the great Plus-X stock (7276 40 ASA) and whilst Tri-X 7266 is still an interesting stock, I wanted to test Double X black and white negative. The film was custom loaded to Super-8 by Pro8mm from Eastman Kodak Double X 5222 400 feet 35mm can.

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On 8/13/2017 at 10:50 AM, James Compton said:

Well done, Daniel !! I am glad to see you are still shooting film in Chile. I was very impressed when I first watched your 'Halengurous' project shot on Super 8, scanned at 2k. You have come a long way. Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much James, and apologies for this very delayed response ?   I will be releasing soon a trailer of a technical short film called "Silver Halides"  (actually the sequel of the research done almost 15 years ago). 

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On 9/27/2017 at 5:18 AM, Freya Black said:

I really like the thought put into the framing and editing in this video.


Could you tell me how you are doing the crane shots though? I thought those look a bit interesting and quirky.



Thank you very much Freya.  And sorry for the late reply ?     The crane shots were done with a Jimmy Jib.

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  • Premium Member

Viva Chile hermano.....me.encanto el video con la mezcla de formatos....bravo a ti y suerte al grupo.....de puta madre!

Great work Daniel really enjoyed the mis of formats and enjoyed the track with its old school did it come out in the 90s vibe like the Molotov viva México cabrones song that was really really catchy 

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