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Deadpool 2

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I just watched Deadpool 2 in the cinema, for the second time. (I won't post spoilers)

And it was cropped.

Cropped so badly.

There are intro titles that show funny titles as expected.

These were cut off, people were not laughing because they couldn't get the joke.

There was a scene that scaled so badly, you could not see the character talk.

When they showed a Breaking News TV snippet, the Breaking News title read eaking News.

Guys this was so bad. I remember reading that Tarantino stood up at Cannes and said stop the effing movie or something because they showed the wrong aspect ratio, this is crazy.

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There was a right moving tracking shot that revealed a funny character, this did not appear because of the crop.


People didn't laugh - they didn't see it. I have never seen a cinema experience be executed so poorly. Is this not... breaking the rules somehow?

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I have seen cropping in cinemas where the angle of the projector to the screen is too steep. To avoid sloping sides of the image, they bring the curtains in so the window looks rectangular . This results in cropping the sides quite a bit sometimes.

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I understand that there used to be people actually in cinemas whose job was to get these things right. They were called "projectionists" IIRC. I think they all eventually died of acetate deprivation.
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