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Grain, Grain, More Grain, and Even More Grain. Oh Wait, There's Even More Grain! 5294 Pushed to its Limit. Probably Beyond. Way Beyond.

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In short: A little experiment: Take 5294 Ektachrome, processed as a Neg in ECN-2, pushed 4 stops, basically until completion at this point - for science ;)... I was surprised it yielded a color image after all. Brace for impact with some heavy grain though: 



Kodak 5294 / E.I. 1000 

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7 hours ago, Phillip Mosness said:

It's all in the eye of the beholder. I find the grain level to be rather appealing in the same way I like the see the texture in a pencil drawing.

Do you happen to remember the stop / shutter speed ?

The aperture was defniitely wide open, at 2.8, and I'd say from the blurry finger the time was below 1/30. The next step is to see how it will look in motion ?

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1 hour ago, David Sekanina said:

Just to get an idea of the grain size relative to the negative size, are these full frame 35mm stills or frames from a super 35 motion picture camera , or S16 motion picture camera?

Thank you


Should have clarified. For this first test I used a 35mm stills camera. The resulting neg is 24x36, or in other terms an 8-Perf Vistavision image. 

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