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lens mount identification

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Hi, I just got an old Angenieux lens but it does not fit my ACL II (yet). Can I remove a cameflex mount of another broken lens that I have and fit it on this one or do I need another adapter or does the lens not fit at all? I would be thankful for any advice.


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Me too...looks like Arri standard (Arri-S). I'm guessing you don't have an Arri-S or Arri-B/S camera mount "adapter', that screws onto the camera flange. I think the ACL native camera mount is TS (or is that TS-1?) and the camera mount adapter is called TS/Arri-S etc...The B/S one does both, the button on the side retracts the tab that sits in the Arri-S groove. Those two "adapters" are the most common ones around and used to be easy to find, just becoming scarce when prices rose again.

Happy to take notes from Simon if I have muddled a term or got it backwards.

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Thanks for the quick replies, sadly the only Arri S/B - ACL adapter I can find is $350 at Du-All Camera (USA) and I am in Europe. The ACL also has a c-mount but I am not sure if I should adapt the lens to c-mount though because of its size and weight.

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That is actually a fair price in todays market. Prices for 16mm gear have risen. Even at the low point a few years ago one might still have paid $200 or more for that adapter.

You asked about remounting your zoom from Arri-S to cameflex (CA-1). The mounts exist for the zooms (10x12, 10x9.5, 10x15), I'm sure of that. But I don't think its a DIY job, and it will need collimation after. Not a good spend strategy. Better to buy the TS/Arri-B/S adapter, then you have a factory camera mount for all S or B lenses.

I looked at Du-All's page and didn't see that adapter yet, but saw a cheaper option...page down about 6  times...The language can get confusing. i interpret this as what I call a CA-1/Arri-S or Arri-B but maybe it does both S/B.

"Arri Std/ bayo Mt - Eclair CA-1 mt lens adapter $150

Arri Standard or Arri bayonette Mount - Eclair CA-1 mount lens adapter

Works with Eclair NPR or Eclair ACL CA1 Mount cameras

Stainless Steel"

Not sure if you get an adapter that can do both S/B or if you have to choose.

Obviously if its the later,  then the price is $300 if making comparison to the TS/Arri S/B adapter at $350.. 

Most importantly, the TS/Arri-S or B adapter is the best way to keep the flange distance accurate. With the CA-1/Arri-S adapter I found you introduce another source of error...TS/CA-1/Arri-S

Hope you are convinced.

Edited by Gregg MacPherson
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