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  1. www.cases4less.com I like the Storm Cases. They're just like Pelican. The foam inside are those little square you shape yourself. Chris
  2. You should also think about equipment check out. While your crew checks the working order of the equipment, they have an opportunity at the rental house to ask questions. This is also the perfect time to color temp your HMI heads as well as build frames (CTO; CTB; -GRN) to correct any that are off. Most Gaffers and DPs won't use a head that has a color temp of 4900k or below. At this point, the bulb is pretty green and would have burned approximately 700-1000 hours and should be swapped for a new one. The reason for the gap is that some bulbs begin their life after settling at either 6000k or 5600k, and if you don't know which, why take the chance. But definitely ask questions at the rental house during check out. Good luck! Chris
  3. Awesome film! This is the stuff that makes me want to go out and shoot more. Can't wait to see your short. Chris
  4. Those will work. As a personal preference, I'd go with 1.2v Ni-Cd. These are 1.5v Ni-MH. Most chargers you find will recharge both. I get mine from here: http://www.megabatteries.com Luck!
  5. I'm trying to recall a class I had on copyright, so this my not be 100% accurate. The 'idea' has been copyrighted by Paul. There are a couple of things that back this up. His 'idea' has reached a tangible medium (be it a piece of paper, word document, or cocktail napkin). In this case, it happens to be this forum. The forum time stamps each entry, so there is a date and time in which the 'idea' has been created. Lastly, members of the forum have recognized Paul as the originator of the 'idea.' Should still go through regular copyright channels, but should someone steal this idea, I think Paul has enough grounds to fight for it. Love the whole concept. I agree with David Sweetman, this project should be shot of film. Hope to see it at a film festival near me.
  6. WOW. The first thing I just read here was "Learning on the Job." I think everyone should read this. It's a short six paragraphs, but I honestly don't think I've ever heard anyone say this so accurately. I think it better explains the "Don't bite off more than you can chew."
  7. I remember using an Angenieux on an Arri SR3 and it had a lens support bracket that fit on the rods and was adjusted by a screw that raised a support that the lens rested on. I thought it was made by Arri, but I didn't see it anywhere on their website. But I did find this: http://www.vfgadgets.com/Lens_Support.htm I hope this helps. Chris
  8. "Was there a mass letter sent out via e-mail?" I received one Chris
  9. Funny. I just built one today too. I'm not sure if this is your first time making one of these, but the dimmer I purchased is a single pole dimmer with three wires. One ground One hot IN One hot OUT The ground (green) will obviously be grounded. The neutrals (white) will just pass through. They don't get connected to the dimmer at all. And it really doesn't matter how you do it; the edison male hot (black) will get connected to one wire of the dimmer, and the female edison hot will get connected to the other wire of the dimmer. If this is how you have it wired and it still only turns on and off, return it and get a new dimmer. Good luck.
  10. I often work with the Honda inverter series of generators. Yes they can strike an HMI. The inverter part of the genny balances the power to accomplish this. However, you do need to read the manuals. 1000w is the max this generator puts out, but it's consistent running output is lower. I can't remember what it is right now. Should whatever you plug into this spike, the genny can continue to run. I've never used the EU1000i, EU2000i, or EU3000is in parallel. I did get to test an Arri 1200 par on the EU2000i and it held. It did suck a lot of fuel due to it running probably close to, if not at, max running output. Curious to see if it will work with the parallel set up. Good luck. Let me know how it works out.
  11. If you go to Home Depot ro Lowe's, look through the bulb isle. You can find screw in floresents that go into a lamp fixture, read the packages, some of the full spectrum bulbs put out 5000°K. They also come in different wattages. Pretty much all of them that I have seen are not dimmable. I like using these in china balls.
  12. Unfortunately, I can't help you with your Leicina solution, I'm a little more curious about your Beaulieu nightmare. I'm looking around right now for a place to get mine serviced and returned to 24fps (currently 25fps from the previous owner). I've contacted by email Pro8mm and IJM. Any info? cblue
  13. As strange as this may sound, a 1200w HMI is not 1200w. In a perfect world and in theory, yes it should work and it most probably will. 1200w/120v=10amps. However, I have seen some that draw 19 amps. Crazy I know. Most will settle around 12 amps while the spiking (on strike) can be between 15~16 amps. Most of this has to do with the ballasts. If you know that you are getting a particular brand (ARRI) contact them and see what they say. In my opinion, know where the breakers are so you can reset them and go for it. Light them up.
  14. Isn't it Bjorn Andersson? I think he's in Sweden though.
  15. That was fun. Flicker? I thought of it more as a ghost sort of effect, seeming to trail in some areas. It was fun though, I liked it.
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