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  1. Here is the short version: Bought a super16 converted Bolex EBM from Mr.Bolex. I get the camera, do a film test and the focus in the captured image is a few feet behind the subject in focus in the viewfinder. Mr.Bolex tells me to adjust the small set screw to the camera-left of the beamsplitter prism. As I understand it that screw only swings the beamsplitter prism on its hinges and does not adjust the focus of the prism/ground glass. So I guess I need to move the prism either backward/forward in relation to the gate or as you said vertically. Could I adjust the prism vertically by just loosening the mount screws? One option is too do this myself with the help of a prismatic focuser. The other alternativ is sending the camera back to the seller. What are your thoughts Simon?
  2. I'll only use the prism once to adjust the beamsplitter prism in my Bolex EBM. But I'll be careful thanks! Please let me know if you see one for sale!
  3. Hi Im looking for a Bolex prismatic focuser prism for checking the focus at the plane of the gate in my Bolex EBM. Thanks! Björn Köling
  4. Hi Im looking for General Scientific or Bell & Howell Militar lenses in Eyemo mount. Mainly 3",4" and 6" focal lengths in black or white/grey Thanks! Björn
  5. Milan, I just bought the narrow shutter from Cinemagear. You can have the 165 degree shutter installed in my eyemo once I get the new one from Cinemagear! Regards Björn
  6. Need a crystal sync motor for my arri s!!! Where can I buy one?! Cheers Björn
  7. Looking for a tobin crystal motor for my arri s Thanks
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