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  1. Whatever happened to your lens, Patrick? I saw one of these for sale on Ebay about a year ago, dogleg finder but specifically for a BNCR, it said.
  2. This is a more illustrative picture of the Nato rail. It needs to have that slot in it, for the screws that hold it into the Bolex mount.
  3. Just to chime in here; the official Bolex rails are sometimes hard to come by. I figured out how to rig normal lens support rods to a Bolex without using a cheese plate. The key was a Nato rail, attached to the Bolex with M6 metric screws. All cheap SmallRig components. The Nato rail I got was 7cm long, but I would go for a slightly longer one.
  4. I picked up a Super 110 (cheap!) after someone recommended it and it's a fantastic camera, I'm surprised they don't get mentioned more often. Simon, are all Europeans known for being open and direct? Surely not the British, right? I mean, when a Brit says the lovely-sounding phrase, "With all due respect"; he's about to lob a huge insult at you.
  5. I just used Google translate. I have a good friend over in Germany who could translate it, if you want - I'll put you in touch with him.
  6. All the information is there, thank you! Indeed, it's odd that the black anodized turret is so weakly mounted.
  7. I just got my hands on a GIC and I'm happy with the 16fps - but I'm just now doing my first test shoot with it. I am guesstimating that the exposure time will be about 1/30th, but I think the shutter angle is smaller than 180 so maybe it's shorter?
  8. Hi Phillip, I sent you a message, please check your inbox. - Webster
  9. I'm curious about the mount on this Canon 12-120MM C-16? Any idea what this is?
  10. There's very little info on the Super 8 wiki about them: http://super8wiki.com/index.php/Pentacon_Pentaflex_8 But the brilliant Marco Kroger posted this video https://youtu.be/HKN97YfmtAc ...and there's a link to a super informative page which is where the reflex diagram appears to have come from: https://zeissikonveb.de/start/kameras/schmalfilmkameras/pentaflex 8.html
  11. He also posted a diagram of the reflex system.
  12. Attached is an image of the Pentacon from Chosei.
  13. Erren, I'm close to you in the San Francisco area. Would love to know where you're sourcing your film stock - 8mm is rather hard to find. Here's an image of an H8 RX4, a beautiful machine. But something I didn't know until Chosei Funahara pointed out recently on a Facebook post, there's one 8mm camera with a spinning mirror reflex - the Pentacon Pentaflex. They made a 16mm version that can be found rather inexpensively on eBay, but I'm not sure how rare the 8mm version is or if it's the only spinning mirror reflex 8mm camera.
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