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  1. Simon, the CP-16 movement is the Auricon movement, correct? Actually manufactured by Auricon and I think unchanged throughout its history except for model CM-74 which had Sapphire inserts in the gate?
  2. Fox has put up the first 10 minutes of the film on Facebook for free viewing: https://www.facebook.com/theoldmanandthegun/videos/595555740887525/
  3. 25K is not a huge number to hit if it were a crowdfunded enterprise... Kickstarters that offer an actual product seem to fund very quickly. What worries me is the Product Manager's note that, "the cost per foot would be at least 20% higher than the list price of the closest stocked film". I'm not great with math but here goes... Ektachrome Super 8 is $40 per 50ft. roll = $.80/ft Multiply that by 2 for the double width, add 20% = $1.92 25k divided by $1.92 = 13,020 ft of film. That would give you about 130 spools @ 100ft each, cost per spool would be about $192.!!! Argh
  4. Hi Bernhard, I sent you a personal message - want to hook you up with a friend who has been looking for 320T.
  5. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    Sorry Frank, I missed that! I'm curious about the serial numbers though...
  6. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    Wow, and the research into who put that camera together is lost? It is quite a feat of engineering and machining. I would hazard to guess that the Mitchell-like movement in the 2709 body was there before the animation motor and Nikon mount were added; that the work to add those was done later. I see that there's a serial number on the movement, it would be interesting to know if there's a matching serial number somewhere on the body or if it's a miss-match. Has it always been on the East Coast or was it shipped out from California?
  7. Doh! I made a mistake posting that... it turns out that I don't have it any more but I couldn't delete my posting for some reason. Sorry!
  8. I have some 16mm tourist footage that was shot in Paris from a similar venue. A bit less production value than that program shows. I have to get it properly scanned, color corrected and retimed - looks like it was shot at 18fps. But here's a 24fps telecine that I had made of it years ago: https://vimeo.com/126567894/eaf06ad07f
  9. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    Here's some pictures of the backside of the cameras, opposite the film chamber. The first is heavily modified with an animation motor, the second one has its original (I think) wiring for live action.
  10. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    Thanks Frank, that's great information! I have seen some pictures of the Wall set up with the optical sound attachment, and I thought that you had to thread it thru an additional set of rollers so that the distance would be the standard. Good to know that it's different. This is off-topic, but I had heard about a shorter sound-to-picture displacement on some 16mm mag sound cameras.
  11. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    Here's a couple close-ups of the movement, out of the camera body. In the first picture the registration pins are retracted and the pulldown claws are in the middle of their arc, in the second picture the pins are engaged and the pulldowns have retracted and moved back up into position to pulldown the next frame of film.
  12. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    I think that they came out after the Bell & Howell 2709, but pre-Mitchell. Hopefully someone here knows more about the history. They utilize B&H mags, and the design of the movement is really clever - it seems as though Arri was influenced by the design when they were making the Arri BL. The dual registration pins and pulldowns are all self-contained along with the gate in a little module that easily slides right out of the camera and is driven by one cam on the backside.
  13. Webster C

    Wall 35mm camera

    I was helping an old animator-pal of mine out this last weekend in Seattle, and in a closet he had two immaculate Wall cameras (35mm). The Wall was the first proper 35mm camera that I purchased many years ago for animation and I have always loved this seldom-seen beast. I believe that they were made by Western Electric, newsreel cameras, sometimes with an optical sound attachment. There was also a 16mm version. One of the two that my friend had came with very nice Baltar lenses.
  14. I love the LOCPRO! I have seen them at a number of the VFX studios where I have worked, and I once owned the medical version. Here's a photo of my son when he was about 8, looking at film of himself when he was about 1. The medical version unfortunately ran at 30fps and was bigger, it could both project (with a little arc lamp) or view on the screen (halogen lamp). One of these days I'm going to buy one of the proper LOCPRO units.
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